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Reformed Druids of North America Homepage

Reformed Druids of North America Homepage
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Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship Earth Mysteries: Stonehenge and the Druids, Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire - Earth Mysteries Stonehenge and the Druids, Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire After centuries of neglect in the wake of first Roman and then Christian suppression, the Druids were rediscovered during the Renaissance when the revival of interest in ancient Greek and Latin writers brought attention to the works of Pliny, Tacitus, and Julius Caesar and their descriptions of the Celtic world. First in France in the sixteenth century, and then in England, the ancient Celts (or Gauls as they were known in France) and Druids were claimed as historical ancestors. By the seventeenth century, a new romantic image of Druids began to emerge in French and English literature. In England as early as 1624 the Celtic warrior queen Boudicca is credited by Edmond Bolton with building Stonehenge as her monument. Druids celebrating the summer solstice at Stonehenge Winston Churchill (center) hosts the Ancient Order of Druids at Blenheim Palace on 15 August, 1908

The Henge of Keltria - Druidism for the 21st Century - Welcome Magical Wood Properties and the Magical Properties of Wood by DragonOak Feminine energy. Elder is a sacred tree of Celtic Astrology 25 November to 23 December. The Elder is also said to be the tree used in the crucifixion of Christ. Magical Properties: Elder wands are most often used in Faerie Magic, banishment, magical arts, protection from evil, imagination, change, and healing. Feminine energy. Magical Properties: Use of the Elm wands is strong in magic used concerning endurance, fertility, horticulture, passage thru death and phases of life, rebirth, and invocation of the Goddess. by DragonOak| Masculine energy. Magical Properties: Hawthorn wands open insight, provides psychic protection, encourages creativity, used to make charms, aids in the development of self confidence, purification, develops patience, detects magic since it is deeply magical from outer realms, used in weather working, banishment of evil spirits, concealing magic, chastity, male potency, and fairy magick. by DragonOak| Feminine energy. Masculine energy. Feminine energy.

Noble Order of Tara Noble Order of Tara Fellowship of Isis Foundation-Center Society "pro Dea et Natura" "as an bhean O Tara" (For Goddess and Nature) (all glory to Tara) © Coat of Arms of the Barony of Strathloch Please do not reproduce. "What we think, feel and imagine now, if we act upon it, will make our future." Noble Order of Tara Overview: The Noble Order of Tara (NOT) is a Foundation-Center Society of the Fellowship of Isis. The Noble Order of Tara is an Order of Chivalry that is organized into chapters, called Priories. Olivia Robertson writes in Gaea: "In May 1989, a young American, knocked at our castle door and asked my brother Lawrence to bestow on him the Accolade of Knighthood. "My brother and I considered the idea, and agreed to be Chancellors of Douglas' proposed Noble Order of Tara. © The Welcoming Archangel "Why do many people long in their hearts for Romantic adventure? To join the Noble Order of Tara, you must first be a member of the Fellowship of Isis. Mt. © O. © O. Center Directories

Grey School of Wizardry :: PO Box 758, Cotati CA 94931, USA The Alchemist's Cookbook Fire! Earth! Wind! Water! No, this isn't another bad episode of Captain Planet. These four forces of nature from the Greek were once connected in a system of beliefs and rituals known as alchemy. Alchemy was a philosophy that investigated the mysteries of life, specifically inanimate objects of nature. The substance they believed that would transmute lead into gold was known as The Philosopher's Stone. There were also connections between days of the week, planets, and metals, as follows, The days of the week were named after the planets: Sunday for the Sun, Monday for "mooneday" (old English), Tuesday for Tyr (Mars), Wednesday for Woden (or Odin, Mercury), Thursday for Thor (Jupiter), Friday for Frigga (wife of Mercury), and Saturday for Saturn. Accordingly, different chemicals processes were associated with the 12 signs of the zodiac, Alchemists also used images of serpents. A three-headed serpent represented the Philosopher's Stone. References: 1. TAlC/bc

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