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New cost estimating tool available for organic waste management Organic waste management – such as composting and anaerobic digestion – represents a key opportunity to reduce short-lived climate pollutants from the municipal solid waste sector. Planning and developing such projects requires a detailed understanding of the costs involved in constructing and operating organic waste management facilities. The Climate and Clean Air Coalition’s (CCAC) Municipal Solid Waste Initiative is therefore pleased to announce the availability of a new cost estimating tool for managing source separated organics, called “OrganEcs”.

Taurus Female Taurus females are placid and sensuous. They are among the loveliest in the Zodiac, but you better have your act together when you come courting. Taurus women have a no-nonsense policy when it comes to personal entanglements. LoveIf you love her, give her nice things. 13 Ideas for Samhain article Let's face it; Halloween is a major commercialized holiday. So how do you find something meaningful to pull out of all the mainstream commercialism for your Sabbat celebrations? What do you do when most of the people around your family don't understand the ancient traditions they unconsciously uphold? Take a close look at the history behind the holiday, then create new traditions for your family to enjoy year after year. You don't have to reject the mainstream; just teach your children why modern practices exist.

20 May - 16 June: Compact of Mayors E-Learning Webinar Series Starting on 20 May, the Compact of Mayors will host a series of webinars - both regional and language-specific - on the newly launched e-learning tool. This e-learning course will show cities how to work through the various phases of Compact compliance in a self-paced virtual environment. The tool will also support local leaders to help them better understand the key requirements for the Compact as well as guide them through their respective city’s journey towards achieving compliance.

Earthlore Explorations Harbor of Journeys - Main Directory of Cultural and Historical Content Earthlore Entrance | Introduction | Ireland | Mysteries | Cathedrals | Astrology | Symbolism | E-mail Content Copyrights: ©1995-2012- Exclusive rights reserved. Individual use of enclosed material is encouraged for the purposes of education and enjoyment. The republication of content, without license is an infringement of Copyright laws. The Book of Shadows Here you will find one of the largest online Book of Shadows. This page may seem a bit unorganized but I can't think of any other way to do it and I would hate to have a bunch of links for you to have to click on to get to the information you are looking for. So check back often for more items. Preparatory Committee Code of Conduct We want all members of Habitat-III to have a exciting, friendly and safe experience. Accordingly, all site users and any contributions they make must comply with this Code of Conduct. By engaging with Habitat-III you accept and agree to abide by this Code of Conduct. Within this Code of Conduct, "contribution" means any material posted or uploaded to our websites by a member of the public, including any text, photographs, graphics, video or audio material. General Rules:Users must not:

Internet Book of Shadows Index This is a large (+9Mb) collection of articles related to Neo-Paganism which can be found archived at a number of FTP sites (for instance, here). This is a collection of posts to bulletin boards from the late eighties to the mid nineties, essentially predating the modern Internet. According to a recent communication, the original editor of this archive was Durwydd mac Tara at PODS net. We acknowledge Durwydd's hard work to preserve this archive. For ease of access, we have converted this archive to HTML using a C program.