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Spiral Goddess Grove - A Goddess Temple Wicca Online Community For Pagans and Wiccans 13 Ideas for Samhain article Let's face it; Halloween is a major commercialized holiday. So how do you find something meaningful to pull out of all the mainstream commercialism for your Sabbat celebrations? What do you do when most of the people around your family don't understand the ancient traditions they unconsciously uphold? Take a close look at the history behind the holiday, then create new traditions for your family to enjoy year after year. You don't have to reject the mainstream; just teach your children why modern practices exist. Samhain (also known as the Festival of the Dead or All Hallows' Eve) is a time for us to release the spirits of those who have died during the previous year and for us to honor our ancestors. Volunteer to talk to your child's class about the origins of Halloween and how Wiccans really celebrate Samhain. Together as a family, create an altar honoring your family's beloved dead (including pets). Put candles in the windows to guide spirit travelers on their way.

Magickal Wicca Wonderland Witches' Voice Inc. - 01 January, 2012 - 10:52:09 PM Welcome to the Book of Shadows - The Book of Shadows The Book of Shadows Here you will find one of the largest online Book of Shadows. This page may seem a bit unorganized but I can't think of any other way to do it and I would hate to have a bunch of links for you to have to click on to get to the information you are looking for. So check back often for more items. Magick is the art of causing change to occur in accordance with one's desires. Table of Contents Please choose one of the following: Tips For The Solitatry Practitioner A Book Blesssing | Beliefs | Wiccan Rede | Pagan Terminology| What is Magick? God and Goddess DirectoryCharge of the Goddess | Charge of the God | Charge of the Dark Goddess | Charge of the Dark God The Pentagram | Creation Myths | Pagan Humor | Pagan Traditions | Pagan Parenting Circle Casting | The Wheel of the Year | Misc. Full Moon Rituals | Dark Moon Rituals | New Moon Rituals | Solitary Moon Ritual | Herbs | Writing Spells & Rituals | Basic Spell Construction | Candle Magick Witches Bottles| Dream Spells| House Protection

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