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Hack your solar garden lights.

Hack your solar garden lights.
Solar garden lights.... How on earth do they manage to sell something with a solar panel, rechargeable battery, step-up converter, LED and the plastic and metal casing for a dollar/pound. You can't even buy the bare components for anywhere near that, in fact the solar panel alone would probably cost you five times the cost of the whole light! This project is about hacking your solar lights to make them different colours and potentially increasing the battery life too.Solar lights are great to hack. They're cheap enough not to worry if you mess up, and very gratifying because they are effectively free to run due to being powered by sunlight. Here's the test subject for this project. Inside is a small NiMh cell and a PCB with the LED, a small inductor, a switch and a COB (Chip On Board) which is basically a bare integrated circuit which is stuck to the board, connected and then covered with a blob of black resin. Now put in your new LED noting the polarity (long lead is positive).

LICENSE PLATES OF THE WORLD Europlate# 701 If you do not see this page with frames click here Buddhas Brain: Neuroplasticity and Meditation Ninja Remote Stealth Television Gadget Author: Gadget Mania Filed under: Gadgets, News, Spy and Security Date: Mar 11,2012 On. Off. Volume Up. Places you could use the Ninja Remote (not that we’re encouraging you): At home (we are not responsible for your couples therapy bills)At school (c’mon teen geeks, you know you’re tired of those boring history videos)In the doctor or dentist’s waiting room (if they’re going to waste half your day…)At friends’ houses (leave it there for a few days, then come back later to retrieve it)On photography trips (as a super long range shutter remote) The Ninja Remote is here to give you real ultimate power. Product Specifications Prank device allows you to control virtually any TV or digital cameraWorks up to 400 feet away (a good ninja is never seen!)

Giant asteroid will zoom past Earth, averting apocalypse By Lisa M. Krieger Posted: 02/07/2013 04:05:02 PM PST0 Comments|Updated: about a year ago An asteroid the size of a 15-story building will zoom past the Earth next week, the closest such flyby in a century and a reminder of the persistent risk of collision. In a different orbit from outer space, the spinning rock, dubbed DA14, could have struck the Earth with a force equivalent to more than 2 million tons of TNT. But instead, it will continue on eight times as fast as a speeding bullet back into deep space, averting calamity and thrilling scientists. "It is a record-close approach for an asteroid of this size," said Donald Yeomans, manager of the Near-Earth Objects Office at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, in a Thursday morning news conference. This image provided by NASA/JPL-Caltech shows a simulation of asteroid 2012 DA14 approaching from the south as it passes through the Earth-moon system Feb. 15, 2013.

How Animals See the World The human eye is pretty amazing, but there are some things it cannot do such as see ultraviolet light or detect images at a great distance. The visual capabilities on non-human creatures can help to open our eyes to the possibilities beyond our limited sight. This infographic, published by Mezzmer, looks at vision from some animal’s point of view. [Click here for full size version] Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below): <div style="clear:both"><a href=" src=" alt="How Animals See the World" border="0" /></a></div><div>Courtesy of: <a href=" Journal</a></div> About the Author (Author Profile)

FABtotum - Microwave-sized 3D Copier in $1,000 - A Multi-purpose Personal Fabrication Device The FABtotum is a multipurpose "personal fabrication device" — about to crush its goal on Indiegogo — that combines the technology of a 3D printer, a 3D scanner, and a CNC milling machine all in one microwave-sized package. Wondering what that means? Well, basically it's like having a hyper-efficient mini manufacturing facility on your countertop. Not only can it turn out plastic objects seemingly from thin air (like any other desktop 3D printer currently on the market), but it can make perfect digital copies — and subsequent printed plastic duplicates — of any relatively small object, much like the Photon 3D Scanner. Want something "printed" in a material other than plastic?

Asteroid 2012 DA14 – Earth Flyby Reality Check Update Feb. 15, 2013 NASA's Near-Earth Object Program Office can accurately predict the path of the small near-Earth asteroid 2012 DA14. There is no chance that the asteroid might be on a collision course with Earth. This small near-Earth asteroid is passing very close to Earth on February 15, so close that it will pass inside the ring of geosynchronous weather and communications satellites. The flyby will provide a unique opportunity for researchers to study a near-Earth object up close. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS VIDEOS TRAJECTORY DIAGRAMS Graphic depicts the trajectory of asteroid 2012 DA14 on Feb 15, 2013. Graphic depicts the trajectory of asteroid 2012 DA14 during its close approach, as seen edge-on to Earth's equatorial plane.

How To Mix Chalkboard Paint in Any Color We love using chalkboards as backdrops for displays and parties (like this one here!). So we were super excited to learn that you can create your own custom colors-and it's really easy! We first learned how from Martha Stewart whose tutorial you can read here. Supplies: 1/2 cup acrylic paint (choose any color you like, or mix colors together to make the perfect shade!) 1. 2. Once your chalkboard has fully dried be sure to slate the surface before using it for the first time. Have fun creating any color combination you like!!

New diode promises to uncork optical computing bottleneck When it comes to speed, photons leave electrons for dead, which means optical computers will be much faster than their current electron-based cousins. While diodes for use in optical information processing systems already exist, these require external assistance to transmit signals so cannot be readily integrated into computer chips. Now researchers at Purdue University have developed a "passive optical diode" that not only doesn't require any outside help to transmit signals, but is also so small that millions would fit on a computer chip, potentially leading to faster, more powerful information processing and supercomputers. While massive amounts of data are transmitted around the globe through fiber optic cables, the optical signals must be converted into electronic signals when they arrive at their destination for use in computers - and vice versa.

Microsoft Surface Pro Review: The Weirdest Mainstream Laptop You Can Buy The Microsoft Surface Pro is easily the most interesting laptop to cross my desk in the past few years. Not the best, but certainly the ballsiest and most unusual. And it is a laptop; this isn't a tablet, like its confusing sibling, the Surface RT, which looks nearly identical and was released late last year for half the price of this one. Instead it's an experimental ultraportable, like Lenovo's Yoga 13 (our favorite early Windows 8 laptop), which innovates with form and aesthetics while remaining, distinctly, a laptop. What's Good The size, shape, and build quality are all great. The screen is fantastic--not quite as sharp as a retina display on a MacBook Pro, but remember that this machine starts at $900, and the cheapest retina MacBook starts at $1,700. It has minimal ports, but I didn't find that a problem--if you're buying what's probably the smallest and most portable full-figured computer out there, you can't expect it to have six USB ports and five ways to output video.

What causes the smell after rain?" Most people notice a distinctive smell in the air after it rains. It's frequently linked with spring, as the smell of fresh cut grass is associated with summer. You'll find it in a lot of poetry and also on many inspirational lists of things to be happy about. But what causes it? As it turns out, the smells people associate with rainstorms can be caused by a number of things. Another sort of smell is caused by the acidity of rain. Another after-the-rain smell comes from volatile oils that plants and trees release. These are a few common rain smells, but there are also all sorts of other scents after it rains. incompetech | Custom Production Music and also Graph Paper Lessons Drawspace Pro Lessons are designed for artists of all levels and educators, and are logically organized into resources and activities. Eventually, all lessons and E-books authored by Brenda Hoddinott will be available here: four to eight brand new lessons and newly-revised older lessons are being added every month! Upgrade Now: Download all 310 lessons and 4 e-books! Try for Free: Download lessons marked as "Free"! 1.1.R1 Glossary Of Art Terms Definitions of art-related terms used in the resources and activities of Drawspace Curriculum (updated February 2013) $3.99or Upgradeto access all files 1.1.R2 Travelling Back in Time with Graphite A few fun tidbits of information about the history of graphite $0.99or Upgradeto access all files 1.1.R3 Examining Graphite and Grades Understanding the differences between H and B grades of graphite $0.99or Upgradeto access all files 1.1.R4 Seeing Grades in Drawings Graphite drawings demonstrate the visual qualities of H and B grades of pencils Download Download

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