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ExoMagic » Choose your destination - The future of magic. Theories of Poker. Cardistry. Black Playing Cards. AOM, AOM Killer and many more sites - Magic Unlimited. A lot of people think James L Clark is being tough on Duane Lundgren and the others who run magic torrent sites.

AOM, AOM Killer and many more sites - Magic Unlimited

Let's take a moment to look at what these guys are doing to magic. Art of Misdirection (AOM) is a "torrent site", which means it invites members to join and upload copies of magic DVDs that they have purchased, and add them to the pool. Then they can download as many copies of other DVDs from that pool as they like. ExoMagic was doing this too, until James L Clark intervened. He has also closed down half a dozen similar sites since then.Unsurprisingly, some members of ExoMagic still don't think "file-sharing" is doing anything wrong. While discussing the difference between AOM and another torrent site, AOM Killer, people said "well, i'm not a member in any of them but AOM is the original tracker and is older than the other one which means it should be have more stuff.

Both AOM and AOM Killer are the same type of sites. They have their own set of rules: You can help too. A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Magic Tricks - IMAGINE possessing the power to perform MIRACLES.

A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Magic Tricks -

Imagine being able to perform magic for anyone, at any time, and having them remember you for days, weeks, months and years to come. Imagine that power. Get ready to have it. The first thing you want to do is pick what kind of magic you want to do. Coin tricks, card tricks, stage magic, they're all very different animals. Magic Tricks at Penguin Magic Shop. Mentalism. Theatrical poster for a mind-reading performance, 1900 Mentalism is a performing art in which its practitioners, known as mentalists, appear to demonstrate highly developed mental or intuitive abilities.


Performances may appear to include telepathy, clairvoyance, divination, precognition, psychokinesis, mediumship, mind control, memory feats and rapid mathematics. Hypnosis may also be used as a stage tool. Mentalists are sometimes referred to as psychic entertainers. Background[edit] Much of what the modern mentalist performs in his or her act can be traced back directly to tests of supernatural power that were carried out by mediums, spiritualists and psychics in the 19th Century. Performance approaches[edit] Styles of presentation can vary greatly.

Mentalist or magician[edit] Mentalists generally do not mix "standard" magic tricks with their mental feats. Notable mentalists[edit] Historical figures[edit] Mentalism in television[edit] 10 Popular Sites Like Theory11 (Updated: Nov 16th, 2011) How to Knuckle-Roll a Coin Like Doc Holliday. If anyone who is still breathing has not seen the movie Tombstone this may come as a surprise, but you can, indeed, roll a coin down the knuckles of your hand.

How to Knuckle-Roll a Coin Like Doc Holliday

It's very simple to learn, but takes a bit of patience and practice. This instructable will teach you how to do it. Card Throwing - The simple "trick" to do this right. All you need to get started is a deck of cards and somewhere to throw them.

Card Throwing - The simple "trick" to do this right

I would suggest somewhere indoors where you won't knock stuff over and break it. Any cards will do, I used cheap crappy paper ones and expensive plastic coated ones and didn't notice a lot of difference. The main things to keep in mind are: *Don't try to throw the card! This sounds silly but this is exactly the mistake I was making. Infinity Playing Cards. Get 7 points Ellusionist Recognition Points Ellusionist Recognition Points are free and you are automatically earning them when you place an order with us.

Infinity Playing Cards

You must be logged in to your customer account before placing your order to earn points. Why is earning points awesome? Because you can use them for Ellusionist store credit, or even exclusive reward items that cannot be purchased from Ellusionist! Even better, the lifetime value of points you earn could enter you into a specialized member bracket that rewards you with LIFETIME discounts with us. Something changes when you pick up a deck of truly incredible playing cards. There is a visceral energy that flows through anyone who comes in contact with Infinity, an energy that inspired its own cinematic story. If you choose to stare into Infinity, do not be surprised when Infinity stares back. Full Overview. Shuffle and cut a deck of cards one-handed. Bicycle® Playing Cards - Card Games and Rules, Games and Family Fun from Bicycle.

The World Wide Website of Ricky Jay. Card Magic Tricks Revealed - Cool Card Trick Secrets. Learn magician misdirection sleights and have fun as you discover some cool dealer secrets and handling skills.

Card Magic Tricks Revealed - Cool Card Trick Secrets

Top training tips revealed to help impress and entertain your audience every time with our step by step photo instruction and easy card trick tutorial videos. The most beneficial start you can give yourself when starting to learn card magic is to familiarise yourself with a few basic sleights such as the double lift, the elmsley count. a false shuffle and how to force a card as these basic moves will be used over and over again as the mechanics of hundreds of card tricks. Learn how an ordinary pack of playing cards can become an important piece of kit in every street magician such as Dynamo's props. Whether a poker playing wizard or an occasional gin rummy player, card magician magic has universal appeal. Theory11 - Learn Magic Tricks, Card Tricks & Cardistry - - The Expert at the Card Table: The Classic Treatise on Card Manipulation (9780486285979): S. W. Erdnase.

What To Read by Jason England - Fancyband by Chris Kenner - About Reviews We reserve our right to approve or decline any review at any time, subject to moderation by theory11 based on our Terms of Use and the following criteria: The review is professionally written with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Fancyband by Chris Kenner -

Whether positive or negative, the review is respectful to the artist or creator. The review provides meaningful insight on the product in reference and is factually accurate, not misleading or confusing. 5Ray • USA • Oct 25th, 2013 Awesome trick 5Darian • United States • Aug 9th, 2013 A really nifty trick that can be done with just a simple rubber band; plus, it's free! 5Luke • U.S.A • Jul 22nd, 2013. Recommended books for beginners. Magic Tricks - Learn Card Tricks and Street Magic. HOW TO CHEAT AT EVERYTHING. Over lunch with Simon Lovell, a fascinating former card shark, Allison Schrager learns all sorts of things about how swindlers operate ...


Special to MORE INTELLIGENT LIFE "I can spot someone's weakness a mile away. In any room I can pick out the best target," says Simon Lovell, reformed con artist and famed magician, when asked over lunch about the root of his talents. "Take that woman over there. " He motions across the room towards a lady speaking to a man engrossed in his menu--"vulnerable, needy, looking for attention from the man she is with, but he won't give it to her. Ultraviolet Playing Cards. Mark Mason's JB Magic, Official USA Website, Including a wide range of quality magic tricks including coin tricks and card tricks.