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Living The Wheel of The Year home page Centre For Pagan Studies - A Resource for Pagans Everywhere Paintings from the Heart ~~ Galleries by Roslyne Sophia Breillat "Throughout all early and indigenous cultures, the female spirit was honoured for her divine creative power and her spiraling transformations of birth, death and renewal"… from Spirit of Earth ~ The Way of the Goddess These images emanate the ancient primal mystery resting within the heart and womb of every contemporary woman… Embodying the inherent wildness of the female essence, each one tells a unique story within a rich profusion of vibrant joy, glowing colour and intricate detail… Embracing woman’s innate union with Mother Earth’s loving wisdom, they are a mythical offering that touches the spirit and opens the heart… Click on individual images to reveal larger image with accompanying poem… Each painting is created with mixed media on canvas... Prints and original paintings are for sale... Please visit the price list for prices... I am available for creating beautiful illustrations and commissioned paintings... Enquiries: Please click Contact for my e-mail address...

Pagan Federation East Midlands - Glastonbury - the Isle of Avalon Welcome to the PAGAN PRIDE website… | Dedicated to positive promotion and raising awareness of Paganism and its associated beliefs & practices. Online Rune Readings, Pendants talisman for Asatru, Pagan, SCA, Norse, Druid, Fae, Faerie, Goddess, Celtic and Wicca Welcome to the Chalice Well - Chalice Well Trust A Unique Personal Development Course and Private Online Community for Women ~ Be the Woman You were Born to Be... Guru Kaur - The Lady with the White Turban - Guru Kaur's Website and Personal Blog Urasenke: Activities The London Branch of the Urasenke Foundation is open to all who have an interest in Chado, The Way of Tea. It is our aim to disseminate the Way of Tea in the United Kingdom through lectures, demonstrations, training and Tea gatherings. For those who are interested in learning more about this important part of Japanese culture and to experience at first hand its special values, participation in the activities of the Branch are possible at several levels. For those who are totally new to the Way of Tea. home : we are : activities : calendar : members : find us : contact us

Real freedom | Meditationguru Photo credit: kudumomo This moment, you are reading this post and THIS is the most precious moment in your life because YOU ARE ALIVE, this moment is the reality and this moment is the truth. I believe you are AWARE and you are feeling your PRESENCE. THIS is life. Everything else is just thought and imagination. Thought is not life. Thinking and imagination is the root of all evil and sorrow. This is what enlightenment is. You don’t need to go through all meditation and practicing virtue. I’m living it since last 15 years without getting bored or suffering so can you. You can not suffer if you live moment to moment but if you live in ‘time’, if you live in the ‘past or future’, if you live in your ‘personal story’ then there is no way out from endless suffering. All your wealth, power, success, achievements, love affairs, relationships and marriages are root of your suffering. And the shortest possible way to freedom is to AWAKE… HERE and NOW! Nobody can help you and there is no technique!

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