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InfoQ: Software Development News, Videos & Books

InfoQ: Software Development News, Videos & Books
Robert Benefield on Business and Operations Collaboration Robert Benefield explains the importance of business and operations understanding each other better and how they can kickstart that understanding through collaboration. He talks about the need to find meaningful metrics for business. He discusses how methodologies for operations (ITIL, COBIT) and development (Scrum, Kanban) differ and what can be learned from both.

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Data Platform Not only open-source, but built in the open. HDP demonstrates our commitment to growing Hadoop and it’s sub-projects with the community and completely in the open. HDP is assembled entirely of projects built through the Apache Software Foundation. How is this different from open-source, and why is it so important? Proprietary Hadoop extensions can be made open-source simply by publishing to github. But compatability issues will creep in, and as the extensions diverge from the trunk, so too does reliance on the extension’s vendor. Free Books A lot of people keep asking about a good list of programming books. Hence, we are building this list to save your time and to spread the knowledge. Some of these books will definitely help us to evolve our coding skills and thought processes for developing better solutions.

Expresso Typo-Cube This is a new dynamic typographic intro project, made with After Effects CS4 . It can be used for your advertising, presentations, slogan and anything else you can imagine. There are nine placeholder for texts (sentences) and 2 for logos. Just put your logo, type texts (change colors if you want) and you’ll be ready to render! Main features: Full HD native resolution (1920×1080).

BlackBerry Internet - MSN/chat/web/telnet/TCPIP - No BES! With reference to the tip below and my , my TCP APN configured as "internet" for Singtel here in Singapore (details of singtel can be seen in the compatibility international guide somewhere here in the forum) but still my black berry 7730 with OS4.0 latest version wont allow me to browse the net or use the Instant Messaging, ICQ, MSN (Verichat, WebMessenger, IM+, etc.)..The little green arrows on the top right hand corners flickers for a while and that is it. Anyone have any ideas why i cant logon to the net. (i've even entered the correct WAP APN as required by Reqwireless IM+WAP or Emailviewer but to no avail.. the simplest is Verichat but yet nothing works.. My phone works though and i do hv GPRS connectivity. Singtel tech support tried it on their own Blackberry but also couldnt get Reqwireless or any of the 3rd party sw to work. any help greatly appreciated.

Latest As I mentioned in my previous post, our collaboration with the Sabeti Lab is aimed at creating new visual exploration tools to help researchers, doctors, and clinicians discover patterns and associations in large health and epidemiological datasets. These tools will be the first step in a hypothesis-generation process, combining intuition from expert users with visualization techniques and automated algorithms, allowing users to quickly test hypothesis that are “suggested” by the data itself. Researchers and doctors have a deep familiarity with their data and often can tell immediately when a new pattern is potentially interesting or simply the result of noise. Visualization techniques will help articulate their knowledge to a wider audience. This time around I will describe a quantitative measure of statistical independence called mutual information, which is used to rank associations in the data. -log 1/1000 = log 1000 = 6.9

Cross-Platform Mobile Visual Development – a Tool Comparison « Technology Trend Analysis Cross-Platform Mobile Visual Development – a Tool Comparison Posted by Udayan Banerjee on January 23, 2012 · 17 Comments Mobile development tools are changing rapidly. I had started work on comparing cross-platform mobile tools about a month back. I had initially started with a list of 26 tools. Few got added on the way. Infographic Of The Day: Bloomberg And Frog Turn Raw Data Into Branding Bloomberg is a sprawling, multi billion-dollar enterprise, which creates a distinct problem if you’re trying to explain what the company actually does. They do lots of things, ranging from law research to sports research for team managers to, of course, stock-market data crunching. "Many people have a single association with Bloomberg, as a wire service or a market-data provider," says Jen Walsh, Bloomberg’s head of digital marketing. "We wanted our website to shine a light on other aspects of the business." Walsh sounds like she’s describing a typical corporate homepage, but she tapped frog to create something altogether different: A vast, infinitely scrolling wall of real-time data. The idea is that Bloomberg, in all of its businesses, provides data and information.

Ten Things To Think About When Designing Your iPad App Advertisement Like most well-designed things, the magic of an iPad app comes from a union of usefulness, usability and meaning. Games aside, the app must be useful by solving a problem that people actually have through the right set of functionality at the right time. An Annual Report on One Man's Life Nick Bilton/The New York TimesNicholas Felton and his 2008 annual report. At the end of 2005, Nicholas Felton decided to publish a report that would chronicle his life over the previous year. He looked through his music archives to see how many songs he had listened to. He checked his airline ticket stubs to see how many miles he had flown. He aggregated the number of books read and photos taken.

Mobicents Search The Open Source Cloud Communications Platform Mobicents Mobicents Mobicents is the leading Open Source Cloud Communications Platform. It provides a runtime environment and comprehensive suite of tools for development, deployment and management of services integrating voice, video and messaging across a range of communications networks. Working with content types and fields (Drupal 7 and later) In Drupal, a Content Type is a pre-defined collection of data types (Fields) which relate to one another by an informational context. In this sense, "context" means "parts that should be considered as a correlated whole." Content Types define default fields for editors to add content on a Drupal site and are the building blocks for structured authoring and content.

Feature/Platform Support Our platform support and feature/capability tables show you where we have implemented MoSync JavaScript functions, C++ classes, C syscall functions and IOCTLs, and widget constants across the major mobile platforms. : First find your function, class, syscall, etc. in the "Feature/Capability Support" table. For each "Yes", check the "Platform Support" table to see which platform versions are supported. For example, the function has a "Yes" against it for Android, and the "Platform Support" table shows that it we currently support versions 1.5 to 2.3.3 of that platform. The function may also work on 3.x (thanks to backwards compatibility), but we haven't tested that yet.

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