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Electronic Literature Organization

Electronic Literature Organization

Collaborative Writing Tools - At Your Fingertips Locating the Text About technical editing – Technical Editors’ Eyrie Technical editing today covers far more than printed materials. Technical editors may be required to deal with: Printed materials (for example, books, pamphlets, quick reference cards, reports)Electronic materials (for example, online documentation, online help, web pages)Video scriptsComputer-based training materials In most cases, the audience for the material being edited is not composed of other technical people, and the editor is not the person responsible for ensuring the technical accuracy of the material. In some cases, the technical editor is responsible for some technical accuracy. Technical editors work in a variety of fields, including: Computer software and hardwareEngineeringMedicineSciencesLegal, banking and brokerage servicesWebsite development for any business or activity This section of the website includes the following pages. Technical writing and technical editing Working with a technical editor Who needs a technical editor? Who needs a technical writer? Telecommuting

The Book Lady's Blog The World's Leading Source of eBooks ELO 2014 - Milwaukee - Call Submission Deadline: December 6, 2013 The 2014 Electronic Literature Organization Conference will be held June 19-21, 2014 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with sessions on the campus of the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. In conjunction with the three-day conference, there will be a juried Media Arts Show, with exhibits at UWM. The conference theme is "Hold the Light: Identity, Change, Commitment," focusing on the meaning of electronic literature in a time when nearly every form of communication is inflected by computation and networks. How do we distinguish what we do? What’s the nature of our particular cultural work? For the Conference we welcome contributions that address identity, purpose, and future development, along with other concerns including, but not limited to, history, critique, theory, reception, and social situation. Proposers must attend the conference. Proposals will be reviewed by a Program Committee appointed by the Program Co- Chairs. Program Committee Chairs

David Farbey: Questions every technical writer needs to ask! Our expert guest blogger series continues with tech comms expert, lecturer and consultant David Farbey, who lists the kind of questions a technical writer should ask analysts, managers and engineers in order to create clear, useful support materials for users. As a technical writer – of user guides, tutorials, online help systems, reference manuals, policy and procedure guides or other business document – you need to give your readers the answers they need so that they can use your company’s products to do their jobs. To get those answers, you need to ask the right questions of the right people. Easy, right? Who to ask? A typical product development team includes analysts and managers as well as engineers. Technical writers need to know which questions to address to which people. Questions for analysts The business analyst is the person who is responsible for originating or developing the requirements for any product. What does this feature do, in simple terms? Questions for managers

Better Book Titles Home ISEA2014 20th International Symposium on Electronic Art October 30 to November 8, 2014 New Program: Call for Public Space: Papers, Posters and Workshops As the ISEA2014 Organizing Committee gears up to begin putting together the program for November, this new call is in response to Dubai’s winning bid for EXPO2020, the UAE Pavilion’s presentation at the Architecture Biennale in Venice (whose team includes Zayed University faculty), and the many new media exhibitions appearing in public places. Proposals are being accepted from institutions to present their activities and/or research in the context of electronic or emerging art. The ISEA2014 Organizing Committee welcomed Art Dubai VIP guests and ISEA2014 partners to enjoy and discuss the upcoming events related to ISEA2014 and expected programming. On Wednesday March 19 Steve Tarantal, Dean of the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises, Zayed University, welcomed guests to the ISEA2014 presentation.

Technical Writing Careers Technical Writing Career Guide To some people, any job with the word "writer" in the title looks like it must be a blast -- the next best thing to working on episodes of "Mad Men." If spotting the job title technical writer in your job search whets your appetite to learn more, here's a guide to the profession. Is Technical Writing for You? "If your goal is to write a novel, this is not the job," says Saul Carliner, a former president of the Society for Technical Communication (STC), an organization for technical writers and editors with 14,000 members in the field. Contrary to what many assume, working as a technical writer involves much more than sitting alone at your PC. If you're considering a job as a technical writer, one way to learn if it's for you is to spend several hours reading and reviewing computer manuals and online help systems, like those for your operating system and assorted applications. And the pay? What Background Do You Need? Do You Need to Know Specific Programs?