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ELO Hold the Light Conference Registration March 27, 2014 in Conference, ELO Registration is now open for ELO’s 2014 international conference Hold the Light (June 19-21) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Early registration continues until April 15. After that, prices increase by $25. There is also an early registration discount for the Workshop Pass, which offers full access to the pre-conference workshops.

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How Machines Write Poetry As a teenager in Vermont, Sarah Harmon used Java to create a computer program that wrote poetry. She named it OGDEN. Then she submitted one of its poems in 2008 to her high-school literary magazine under the pen name Dan Goshen, an anagram of Ogden Nash. “They accepted it,” Harmon laughs, “although they did say all these funny things about how abstract it was.” OGDEN was nothing fancy, she says. It followed predefined rules of grammar and structure to compose poetical-sounding snippets. Microsoft Comic Chat Microsoft Comic Chat (later Microsoft Chat, but not to be confused with Windows Chat, or WinChat) is a graphical IRC client created by Microsoft, first released with Internet Explorer 3.0 in 1996. Comic Chat was developed by Microsoft Researcher David Kurlander, with Microsoft Research's Virtual Worlds Group and later a group he managed in Microsoft's Internet Division.[2] Comic Chat started out as a research project, and a paper describing the technology was published at SIGGRAPH '96.[4] It was an experiment in automatic illustration construction and layout. The algorithms used in Comic Chat attempted to mimic some basic illustration techniques of comic artists (particularly Jim Woodring). Character placement, the choice of gestures and expressions, and word balloon construction and layout, were all chosen automatically.

Why Handwriting Must Die Associate professor Anne Trubek argues that handwriting will soon be history, because writing words by hand is a technology that’s just too slow for our times, and our minds. A copy-paste summary from her essay: “Handwriting has been around for just 6,000 of humanity’s some 200,000 years. Its effects have been enormous, of course: It alters the brain, changes with civilizations, cultures and factions, and plays a role in religious and political battles.” “Most of us know, but often forget, that handwriting is not natural. We are not born to do it.

Computational humor - Wikipedia It is a relatively new area, with the first dedicated conference organized in 1996.[1] Joke generators[edit] Pun generation[edit] An approach to analysis of humor is classification of jokes. Generated Detective #1 Generated Detective #1 by Greg Borenstein next Generated from a series of fragments of public domain detective books on 11/6/2014 for NaNoGenMo About Escape Pod is the premier science fiction podcast magazine. Every week we bring you short stories from some of today’s best science fiction stories, in convenient audio format for your computer or MP3 player. We pay our authors, but we will always be 100% free.

Academic publishers make Murdoch look like a socialist Who are the most ruthless capitalists in the western world? Whose monopolistic practices make Walmart look like a corner shop and Rupert Murdoch a socialist? You won't guess the answer in a month of Sundays. While there are plenty of candidates, my vote goes not to the banks, the oil companies or the health insurers, but – wait for it – to academic publishers. Parody generator - Wikipedia Their purpose is often satirical, intending to show that there is little difference between the generated text and real examples. Many work by using techniques such as Markov chains to reprocess real text examples; alternatively, they may be hand-coded, like Chomskybot. Examples[edit] Dissociated press, an implementation of a Markov chaining algorithmPostmodernism Generator, generates essays in the style of post-structuralismSCIgen, generates nonsensical computer science research papersSubredditSimulator, a fully automated subreddit that generates random submissions and comments using Markov chains. See also[edit] References[edit]

How to make a Twitter Bot with Google Spreadsheets (version 0.4) – Zach Whalen Do you like Twitter bots? I know I sure do. I like following them, and I like making them. I also like introducing my students to bots as one way to do creative things in a networked digital context. That’s way, back in 2013, I cobbled together a simple tool built on a Google Spreadsheets that lets anyone create a simple bot without having to write any code. About DBpedia is a crowd-sourced community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia and make this information available on the Web. DBpedia allows you to ask sophisticated queries against Wikipedia, and to link the different data sets on the Web to Wikipedia data.

Home - CLOCKSS A Trusted Community-Governed Archive Our Mission CLOCKSS (Controlled LOCKSS) is a not-for-profit joint venture between the world’s leading academic publishers and research libraries whose mission is to build a sustainable, geographically distributed dark archive with which to ensure the long-term survival of Web-based scholarly publications for the benefit of the greater global research community.

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