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Mind Fees in Your Withdrawal Rate Retirees should be aware of how costs can eat into their portfolio balances, and consider making withdrawal adjustments every year, says Morningstar's David Blanchett. How to set a sustainable withdrawal rate is a crucial topic for retirees. With bond yields as low as they are, a recent study by David Blanchett, Michael Finke, and Wade Pfau suggests that a 3% withdrawal rate--rather than the so-called 4% rule--will help improve retirees' probability of success. Click here to read the paper in its entirety. Christine Benz: Hi, I’m Christine Benz for I'm here at the Morningstar Ibbotson Conference, and I had the opportunity to sit down with David Blanchett.

Recommended Stock Market and Swing Trading Blogs Like reading blogs? I do. The blogosphere is jam-packed with stock market and swing trading bloggers pumping out some exceptional articles and news stories. So, on this page, I have listed a few of the ones that I especially enjoy reading. Got a favorite blog that you read? Suze Orman Savings Advice - How to Save More Money Photo: Robert Trachtenberg Suze Orman, author of The Money Class: How to Stand in Your Truth and Create the Future You Deserve {*style:<i>

Buying bank-owned properties - Trulia Voices If a lender takes ownership of a property, either through an agreement with the owner during pre-foreclosure or at public auction, the lender will usually want to re-sell the property to recover the unpaid loan amount. Check out the tips below to find out how you can navigate a bank-owned purchase. Find and file properties It's important to get up-to-date bank-owned property information and act on it as quickly as possible. If there's no redemption period mandated by state law, the bank may re-sell repossessed property quickly. What would a disruptive bank look like? A while back, I got into a to-and-fro on Twitter with Marc Andreessen and Chris Dixon about banking, which garnered a fair amount of interest and commentary1234, after Marc declared that he is “dying to fund a disruptive bank“. So far, finance startups have shied away getting their own banking licence, opting to use an existing bank instead. Movenbank and BankSimple talked up their plans to shake up banking but, in the end, both dropped “bank” from their name and partnered with CBW Bank and Bancorp respectively (Simple was subsequently acquired by BBVA). In effect, they built a presentation layer on top of an existing bank. I don’t think that’s the path to the future of banking. Even if you ignore the downsides of building a business on someone else’s platform, I believe that you can’t be truly disruptive unless you build the full stack.

Why You’re Paying Too Much in Fees Image Credit: Christophe Vorlet By Jason Zweig | 1:01 pm ET June 19, 2015 The way financial advisors charge for their advice often makes no sense, and it needs to change. The typical advisor charges absurdly high fees to manage your money, often with mediocre results—but next to nothing to provide financial-planning expertise, which can be hugely valuable. According to survey data gathered from more than 7,000 advisors by Cerulli Associates, a financial-research firm in Boston, 79% of advisors’ compensation comes from asset-based fees—which may bear little relationship to the services the clients use. The 22 Rules of Trading The 22 Rules of Trading We give you Master Trader Dennis Gartman's 22 Rules of Trading, many of which you can apply to all sorts of life situations, as well as the markets. Every day, Dennis Gartman gets up at bout 2:30 AM and writes an information packed 4 page newsletter on the world markets, oil, currencies, commodities political happenings and much more. He is read by the major trading houses and traders all over the world, as they stumble bleary eyed into work, grabbing the Gartman Report to find out what happened as they slept and to get insight as to what the issues of the day will be, and suggestions on how to trade. Dennis puts his trades on public display and talks you through his logic. It is a most remarkable work, and I find it a key part of my struggle in trying to keep up with what is going on.

56 Things To Do Instead of Spending Money - And Then We Saved Not spending money? No need to worry there’s lots to do! 56 Things To Do Instead of Spending Money… 1. Read the archives of your favorite blogs We all have our favorite blogs and websites; see what the beginning was like by digging through the archives. Everything I Learned Studying Physics, And Still Use Every Single Day. — Life Tips. Everything I Learned Studying Physics, And Still Use Every Single Day. When I turned 18, I still had the naive ambition to understand everything, so I ended up studying physics as this is most logic place to start this journey. It took me a few years to figure out what physics is all about, this is my best definition. Physics studies nature by creating a mathematical model that can make predictions, always doing experiments to test those predictions and use those results to improve the model.

How to Tell How Your Investments are Really Doing Q: How can I tell how my investments actually did, factoring in reinvested dividends and gains and periodic contributions? And can I trust Morningstar and fund prospectuses to be correct? A: “These are really good questions, with multiple answers,” says Thomas McGuigan, a certified financial planner with Exencial Wealth Advisors in Old Lyme, Conn. Let’s start with the easy one first: Can you trust return data published by mutual fund companies and made available by fund trackers such as Morningstar and Lipper?

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