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Unhappy Hipsters

Unhappy Hipsters
Another passive aggressive retaliation in the paint wars. (Photo: Dwell) Filed under Case Study 187: Noosen Up Textbook Freudian craft-slip: the Oedipal macrame. (Photo: Floto + Warner; Dwell) Filed under Case Study 58008: Breast Friends Forever

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silver&silver streetsick: Larry Sultan Mike Mandel 1977 oldtimefriend: It's Complicated How To Save A Life - The Fray 7381 plays ❝ Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly Free Tutorials This list of free 3ds Max and V-Ray Tutorials is going to be updated as I add more content to the site, so check back from time to time! Latest Tutorial Color Correcting textures directly in 3ds max No need for photoshop :) Marvelous Designer Tutorials Modeling a complete Bedding set in Marvelous Designer Learn how to model pillows, bedsheets and blankets

A bit late Today is the last day of my 100 Day Project, #picframeaday. Check them all out on my other Tumblr. Fun with the Inkwell filter at Paul Rudolph’s Government Center complex in Boston. New website the world we live in the world we live in Loading… by Arkadiusz Jankowski (via The Planet on Photography Served) Man in field with cattle (by World Bank Photo Collection) The 20 Best Architecture Tumblrs With its emphasis on all things visual, Tumblr has emerged as one of the most engaging platforms for observing architecture, ranging from the historic to the surreal. The upload-based social network is a haven for image-hoarders everywhere, with each Tumblr carefully curated to indulge a very specific craving, be it endangered Brutalism or decadent interior design. For architectural history fetishists, Tumblr has proven an unending boon.

Film & Video The following films are presented for educational and non-commercial use only. All copyrights belong to the artists. About UbuWeb Film & Video UbuWeb is pleased to present hundreds of avant-garde films & videos for your viewing pleasure. However, it is important to us that you realize that what you will see is in no way comparable to the experience of seeing these gems as they were intended to be seen: in a dark room, on a large screen, with a good sound system and, most importantly, with a roomful of warm, like-minded bodies. However, we realize that the real thing isn't very easy to get to.

C.C Earlier this year I was commissioned to create the film campaign for exciting Australian Horror/Thriller Lemon Tree Passage. In true horror fashion, one early morning I received a call that said I had 7 days to create the artwork. 7 days to cast, clothe & make up a group of disheveled teenage victims & shoot the several elements needed for the end composite, locate & shoot a beautiful vintage car with an inspiring dashboard, composite & retouch the whole artwork in both Quad, Onesheet & TwoSheet format, create the title designs, as well as 2 days of solid file transferring ready for Berlinale festival. A challenge? Definitely. Dimitris Polychroniadis Inspiration Blog / architecture that looks like art / art that looks like architecture / no credits claimed 11 notesReblog 10 notesReblog 37 notesReblog 140 notesReblog

11 Dirty TV Moments That Slipped Past the Censors As long as there have been censors, writers have reveled in circumventing them. ... ––– –– ––– ––––– ––– –– ––––––––– –––––––––––– –––––– ––– –– ––––– –– –––– ––––– –––––––––– –– ––– ––––––– ––––– –– ––––––––––––– ––––– Ask The Dust Many people prefer personal computer pcs above notebooks, and even for good explanation. They tend to be reliable and will do issues notebook computers are not able to. Nonetheless, as a way to truly take full advantage of everything that a desktop has to offer, there are certain things you ought to know. Tumblr 3D 3D Flintlock Pistol by Yuri Sakaly Nightcrawler by Victor Hugo Queiroz from Brazil Video for 3Ds Max’s users. Watch! Absolutely new plugin! Inspiring Ethan It's my birthday today!!I have to say 24 was damn good to me, but I have a feeling 25 will be even better! CLOCK A cleaver and elegantly simple clock design.

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