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We Find Wildness

We Find Wildness
Pane pane pane vino canale di scoloexhibition view at Galleria Umberto Di Marino, Napoli Farmer I, II, 2014 iron, cotton, milkmachine, each 180 x 30 x 50 cm circa fish, dried abramis brama, resin fish, dried carassius, resin Capo, 2014 machined steel, vegetable, 70 x 35 x 5 cm, Cafone, 2014 machined steel, vegetable, 50 x 25 x 5 cm

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Art “That Heartbreaking Invisible Place” “She makes visible that heartbreaking invisible place between the appearance and the disappearance of things,” wrote Richard Avedon about photographer Lillian Bassman, who died at 94 in her home at Manhattan last week. Like her contemporary Irving Penn, who passed away last year at age 92, Bassman worked on her art until the very end of her life. The photo above, titled “It’s a Cinch,” was taken for Harper’s Bazaar in 1951. At that time, model Stella Tennant, who appears in the shot below (part of this shoot for Vogue Germany), wasn’t even born yet – and wouldn’t be born for another 19 years.

silver&silver streetsick: Larry Sultan Mike Mandel 1977 oldtimefriend: Chelsea Art Ball, London, 1958-1959, Sergio Larrain (Source: secretcinema1) adreciclarte: Creative Uses of Stickers in Advertising The use of stickers in advertising is not only an innovative way to attract attention, it is also an extremely cost-effective way to create a lasting impression. Many companies, whose only form of advertising is stickers, have seen an increase in business by as much as 550%. The great thing about these stickers is that they can be easily customized and this is probably one of the main reasons why they have become so popular. In this post, we’ve collected some of the most striking and creative examples of stickers in advertising. What do you think of these type of adverts? Please feel free to share other examples that you may know of in the comments’ section below.

les miscellanées de miss B.Ell M. Sewing Kit Archive About Syndex Theme by Marc Kremers egomim: Compai: Junky Market Mondays: Paper goods @ The Longbeach Flea + GIVEAWAY! Happy Monday Guys!So, yesterday I had a blast at the Long Beach flea Market hunting for art for some of my interior design clients (- and YOU!) Here pictured are some of my faves. I want to do a give away to show our love for you guys so . . .The last image is an old school (dated 1879) sign from the Mississippi Riverboat. I was lucky enough to come up on 2 of them.

Film & Video The following films are presented for educational and non-commercial use only. All copyrights belong to the artists. About UbuWeb Film & Video UbuWeb is pleased to present hundreds of avant-garde films & videos for your viewing pleasure. However, it is important to us that you realize that what you will see is in no way comparable to the experience of seeing these gems as they were intended to be seen: in a dark room, on a large screen, with a good sound system and, most importantly, with a roomful of warm, like-minded bodies.

FREEBIE: 'Peace, Love and Reindeer Hugs' Gift Tags I've personally never hugged a reindeer before but I imagine the experience would be warm and snuggly and definitely worthy of wishing upon loved ones during the holiday season. So with this concept in mind, I've created these little tags for you to download and use for your holiday gifting. I've printed the designs on white card stock. If you have any issues with downloading this PDF, try right-clicking ('Ctrl' and click for the mac) on the download button and saving directly to your computer. The downloadable pdfs in this article (and across my entire site) are free for personal use only.

Ask The Dust Many people prefer personal computer pcs above notebooks, and even for good explanation. They tend to be reliable and will do issues notebook computers are not able to. Nonetheless, as a way to truly take full advantage of everything that a desktop has to offer, there are certain things you ought to know. You will definately get that information and facts within this item. Join an online group for those who find out about personal computers. They can assist you locate a desktop computer that meets your requirements.

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