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Contemporary Art Daily Arduino Cantafora - A.A.M. Galleria Roma Teatro, 1978,Olio su tavola, 30x20 cm. Studio per portici, 1979,Penna su foglio di block-notes, 21x15 cm, incollato su cartoncino 30x21 cm. Recto: Assonometria per la casa dell'Acqua, 1979,Verso: Piante per la casa del Sole nascente, 1979. Recto: Pianta di due portici contigui, 1979,Verso: 4° Studio per un piccolo atrio, 1979. Recto: Vari studi per la casa dell'acqua, 1979,Verso: Studio per un locale, 1979. Pianta per un ospedale, 1979,Penna su foglio di block-notes, 17x22,5 cm, incollato su cartoncino 21x30 cm. Pianta per un'Arena, 1979,Penna su foglio di block-notes, 17x23 cm, incollato su cartoncino 21x30 cm. Spaccato dell'Arena, 1979,Penna e pennarelli su foglio di block-notes, 17,3x22,7 cm, incollato su cartoncino 21x30 cm. Casa del Sole nascente + Casa dell'Acqua, 1979,Penna e pennarelli su foglio di block-notes, 17,2x22,9 cm, incollato su cartoncino 21x30 cm. 1° studio per un portico, 1979,Penna e pennarelli su foglio di block-notes, 15,6x21,4 cm, incollato su cartoncino 30x21 cm.

Ask The Dust Many people prefer personal computer pcs above notebooks, and even for good explanation. They tend to be reliable and will do issues notebook computers are not able to. Nonetheless, as a way to truly take full advantage of everything that a desktop has to offer, there are certain things you ought to know. You will definately get that information and facts within this item. Join an online group for those who find out about personal computers. They can assist you locate a desktop computer that meets your requirements. If you intend on storing lots of songs or video lessons, get a tough generate that will protect your requirements. Make sure you look at the online before spending dollars in a traditional tech store. Prior to buying a fresh desktop computer, compose a list of all of the issues you would like to make use of your laptop or computer for. Reconditioned personal computers are a good option when evaluating an inexpensive equipment. Will support be supplied with your obtain?

Celebration Of Vintage and Retro Design - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Retro and vintage designs are often considered as being outdated, looking old, unattractive and dull. That’s not true. Although compared to modern design, retro is mostly a completely different realm, it has a large variety of benefits modern graphic designers often tend to overlook. And that’s a pity. Because we, as designers, can learn a lot from it. Nostalgic designs arise feelings, awake memories and better manage to involve broad range of readers even although they don’t really realize it. Below you’ll find the celebration of retro and vintage design — ads, illustrations, book covers, pins and posters from 1920-1980s. Please notice: if after reading this post you’ll experience some need for buying ice cream, chewing gum or eating sausages, it’s not our fault. Retro Cosmic Retro Cosmic1Designs by James White. Robot Rock! Yopta project3Evgeniy Kiselev’s design project. Andy Gilmore4Playful colors in the retro-look. Packaging and Advertisement Knitting and spool kit7 Remarkable!

Disturber – New Photography Magazine 500 Photographers Daily Icon We Find Wildness Daily Fiction Fiction 247:Chaque année… chaque année ça arrive. Après le 12 vient le 13 et après le 13, immanquablement, le 14 : 14 septembre, date unique. Unique en son genre, vraiment. D’abord, et pour commencer tranquillement, c’est l’anniversaire de Zoe qui, elle, est ma petite amie, ou tout comme, depuis un peu plus de deux ans. Par un hasard du calendrier, Zoe et moi nous sommes rencontré un 14, un jeudi si je me souviens bien, mais c’était en mars. Mais quand donc est-elle morte cette pauvre petite me demanderez-vous ? Alors voilà, nous sommes le 14 septembre et je m’apprête à supporter une nouvelle fois le poids écrasant de cette journée unique entre toutes en me rappelant qu’en 1983, ce jour-là, Amy Winehouse venait au monde.

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