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A la recherche des sons perdus - Blog

A la recherche des sons perdus - Blog
"Aujourd’hui, la musique change très vite, la technologie et les idées des gamins aussi, et leur accès à la technologie évolue tous les jours. Les trois prochaines années vont être dingues, je le sens. On va vivre en dehors des labels, en dehors des modes. Ça va être un retour violent à la créativité. Je crois que le monde qui m’a toujours excité est en train de se mettre en place, c’est génial." - Diplo, pas toujours un bon interview, in Les Inrocks

PopMatters-Reviews Wednesday, April 16 2014 Woods: With Light and With Love With Light and With Love is Woods' most cleanly produced record to date, and the brittle edges of their sound now melt around bright, bittersweet songs. Nerdy Hip Hop Songs (That Are Actually Pretty Good!) (Nerdcore hip hop illustration by Chris Whetzel) Some of the nerdiest hip hop songs are actually some of the best hip hop, period. “What?!” you I can hear you exclaim, incredulously.

News - Advertisement Top story On Saturday 7th June at the magnificent City Hall the 21st Sheffield Doc/Fest will officially open with the European Premiere of PULP. Delicieuse Musique Undressed Reviews The Fairy Mini Mini provided for review by My Pleasure Mimi I’ve been using a Hitachi Magic Wand for a few years now and although I am completely satisfied with it, I recognize that it has weaknesses, for some women more than others. It’s very large. Yair Yona: Remember Acoustic guitarist from Tel Aviv makes a statement Yair Yona is an Israeli guitar player whose album Remember is a collection of instrumental guitar tunes that showcase his impressive skills. “Remember” kicks off the album with a gently swaying slide guitar riff, while “Are You Smarter than a 35 Year Old TV Host?” sounds like an undiscovered gem from the Bert Jansch songbook, notwithstanding its jokey title. “Russian Dance” channels a faintly Slavic vibe—no surprise there—in a pure acoustic-guitar tune. The lively “Struggled So Hard” features a dancing melody over a thrumming down-tuned bass D string.

The Antville Music Video Awards... brigs, December 20, 2011 3:46:27 AM CETThe Antville Music Video Awards 2011 The Winners! After much debating, nominating, voting, stuffing, etc. here are the true magnificient winners of The Antville Music Video Awards 2011: Most Fun Duck Sauce "Big Bad Wolf" - Dir. Dance music vinyl and CDs from the world s largest dance music store L’Electrophone Dithyrambique Delta-Slider MusicActu - Toute l'actualité musicale - Actu musique - Albums CD - Interviews - Biographies - MP3 Comme une image La musique à papa The Magazine of Rock

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