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Grow a Living Wall

Grow a Living Wall
Do-it-yourself decorating allows you to customize your home, apartment, condo, or room with DIY accents that transform your space on a budget without completing a full-scale remodel. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, we guide you with instructions, tutorials, and step-by-step photos for indoor and outdoor projects and room makeovers. We have tips, techniques, and tools to get you started on paint projects, the easiest way to freshen up a space or decor item. But it doesn't stop there! We'll demonstrate how to make over furniture with paint, reupholster cushions with fabric, update garage sale items with wallet-friendly crafts tutorials using fabric and paper, and create DIY wall art for any space using a variety of materials and techniques. If you want to tackle bigger DIY projects, rethink your kitchen with remodeling ideas you can complete yourself (such as tiling a backsplash and creating a kitchen island) and browse our best bathroom makeovers.

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How To Build A Vertical Garden & DIY Guides Urbanization has robbed Mother Nature of space to place her beautiful brood of plants and flowers. Known also as a living wall, green wall or sky farm, vertical gardens are well-suited for an urban environment where space is limited. So if you can’t go wide, what do you do? You go up! Cinc Sentits "Cinc Sentits" is a Barcelona restaurant with a Michelin star award. Their cuisine is a sophisticated one but with the traditional country component. "This packaging is designed to envelope a dessert created by the restaurant crew and sold in gourmet shops during christmas season. The use of cardboard with a toasted brown colour and a garnet coloured rope are reminiscent to the base ingredients, coffee and chocolate. The pack does not envelope every corner of the product, we wanted the end consumer to see the final product, admire it from the first moment.

Martha Stewart Crafts This unique costume idea -- mustache on a stick -- is not only affordable, but also easy to make and fun to wear. Tools and Materials Wire hangerWire cutters and pliersSeam bindingFabric glueMustache templatesChipboardCraft knifeQuarter yard of fake fur in black, brown, or reddish blondeScissorsHair pasteToothbrushHair spray Mustache on a Stick How-To 1. Using wire cutters, create an L-shape from a wire hanger that has a 13-inch long segment and 3-inch short segment. Tokyo’s “Small House” is a Super Narrow Tower That's Only 13 Ft. Wide! Unemori Architects have totally defied the limitations of space with their "Small House" - a very narrow tower in Tokyo that is only 13 ft wide! Joining a long legacy of efficient Japanese architecture programs including super-skinny houses, houses shaped like pie, and homes with climbing walls inside, this 30-foot-tall tower was designed for a married couple and their one child who live in a built up neighborhood of Japan's bustling capital. Inside, the three floors are separated by thin, simple floorboards, all of which are then connected with a spiral staircase that creates a flow between each level. In order to further cool and lighten the home, Unemori put strategically-placed large windows and hinged doors in each room that open out into the better part of the neighborhood. The base may only be 13 square feet, but bringing so much daylighting and natural ventilation into the home has given it a genuine sense of expansiveness that only the Japanese can achieve! + Unemori Architects

Gladiolus: How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Gladiolus Botanical name: Gladiolus Plant type: Flower USDA Hardiness Zones: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Sun exposure: Full Sun Soil type: Any Gardens go vertical with Atlantis Gro-Wall® With the Atlantis Gro-Wall® modules you can create lush, beautiful vertical gardens, indoor or outdoor. Vertical gardens are created with ease utilising natural soil mixes to retain nutrients. This modular system enables localised moisture retention and access to individual plants, creating optimum conditions for a successful vertical garden. Atlantis Gro-Wall? vertical garden system is truly modular with individual plant access, and both vertical and horizontal system expansion. Gro-Wall® modules are easy to install and can be quickly fixed to any structural wall including brick, concrete, wood, sheet metal, drywall and other surfaces. - All About PaperCrafts and Origami December 29th, 2008 | Posted in Box This origami box is created using a total of 8 square pieces of paper, 4 for the lid and 4 for the base. It is recommended to use different colors to fold this box so the box will form a nice pattern for the lid and the base. Below are the pictures for the different views of the Bow Knot Origami Box. Top view untitled interesting build... I have a Jotto desk I bought for about $300 a few years ago and I mounted it in my Trans-Am convertible... it is WONDERFUL... now, to the naysayers... there are very good, practical purposes to having this... I can name a few that I use... Microsoft MapPoint with GPS which records all my mileage, gas used, etc. on-the-go, and dumps it into an Excel sheet I created (need accurate data for work) all with no interaction on my part other than mounting up the laptop and booting up... the GPS capability on a large screen (with sound 'on') ALONE is worth it... also, I have a server set up at my house with my entire music library on it... I can stream anything in my library to the laptop over the 'net, and connected through bluetooth to my stereo, the sound goes to my car's speakers...

Holy Hideaway Beds! Best-Kept Bedroom Design Secrets People seem to have an aversion to the idea of a hidden fold-out wall bed, perhaps dating back to the infamous classic: the built-in Murphy Bed. These days, however, there are amazing high-tech beds designed by companies like BonBon around bedroom design ideas of high style and ideals of space-saving multifunctionality. Some of the best of these hideaway beds are like secret rooms that blend invisibly into an interior design scheme and others add as much space as they displace. One of the most clever fold-out bed innovation is increased storage integration – from beds hidden behind shelves that rotate out of the way to ones that fold down with the shelves still in place by below the extended bed, such as those in the pictures above.

17 Apart: Growing Celery Indoors: Never Buy Celery Again Remember when we tested and shared how to grow onions indefinitely last week? Well, at the same time, we've been testing out another little indoor gardening project first gleaned from Pinterest that we're excited to share the successes of today — regrowing celery from it's base. We've figured out how to literally re-grow organic celery from the base of the bunch we bought from the store a couple weeks ago. I swear, we must have been living under a rock all these years or just not be that resourceful when it comes to food, but we're having more fun learning all these new little tips and tricks as we dive deeper into trying to grow more of our own food. This project is almost as simple as the onion growing project — simply chop the celery stalks from the base of the celery you bought from the store and use as you normally would.

Los Gatos Atrium’s living walls Landscape designers from Living Green of San Francisco created living walls in the courtyard of thier clients home in Los Gatos using two custom-sized Floraframe living wall systems . They used small plant starts to build living tapestries within the compact sun-filled atrium. Shortlist for 2011 Brit Insurance Design Awards London's Design Museum today announced the nominees for the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year 2011. The nominated designs are listed in seven award categories: Architecture, Fashion, Furniture, Graphics, Interactive, Product, and Transport. An exhibition of all shortlisted entries is taking place from February 16 – August 7, 2011. The winner will be announced at the awards dinner on March 15, 2011.

Wedding Hankie/Baby Bonnet Gift Set - OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS I get inspired by so many great projects on here that I want to get in the habit of posting my projects. So here's my latest project This weekend was my friend's wedding shower/batchlorette party. She's really picky about clothing so I didn't want to get her lingere and she's kind of a prude so I didn't want to get her the normal "box o' x-rated fun" that I usually give my friends when they get married. Then my mom remembered knowing someone that got a wedding hankie that you could later turn into a baby bonnet.

Modular Home Additions in rustic style Like this article? Share it: To bring modular home additions to great outdoors, Danish studio Onen and Swedish company Add-A-Room have put their heads together to bring rustic cottage style and additional living space.

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