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Organic Farming Stuffs

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Seaweed? Fisherman discovers 'underwater field of marijuana' in Chile - The Single Seed Centre. It has been reported that a fisherman has discovered an 'underwater field of marijuana' off the Chilean coast whilst fishing last week. This 'seaweed' has never been seen before in nature. The fisherman is believed to have been fishing for turbot when he caught unidentified vegetation in his net, which was later identified by marine biologists at the Chilean Aquaculture Centre as a strain of cannabis sativa. The strain has been affectionately named 'Amigo de pescador' by locals, which roughly translates to Fisherman's Friend in English. Research suggests that a naturally occurring genetic defect in the plant, coupled with small hydrothermal vents in the proximity and epipelagic location, have created serendipitous growing conditions that you wouldn't find anywhere in nature and would be difficult to reproduce artificially. Camila Rojas, a marine biologist, told us this: "It's a very unusual occurrence.

Read our new story: Does marijuana give you psychic abilities? Seaweed? Fisherman discovers 'underwater field of marijuana' in Chile - The Single Seed Centre. Organic lawn care. Soil Ammendment. Indoor farm. Emergency Space Heater. Hydronic. Aquaponic fishes. Vertical Hydroponics. Edible Flower. Medicinal Herbs Technique. Benefits and Uses for Epsom Salt. Epsom salts are one of those things I’d always heard about and seen at the drug store, but never really bothered to look into for some reason. But once I became pregnant with our first baby, I quickly learned about and really appreciated the benefits of a healing, relaxing bath with epsom salts (both during pregnancy and for postpartum care!). Since then I’ve come across so many other wonderful uses for epsom salt!

What Is Epsom Salt? Epsom salt isn’t really a salt at all; it’s actually a mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate and is named after a spring in Epsom, England, where it occurs naturally. Magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral in our bodies, but we’re also chronically deficient in it for a number of reasons. Benefits of Epsom Salt Some of the many healing benefits of epsom salt include: Uses for Epsom Salt I’m quickly realizing that the uses for epsom salt are seemingly endless. Detox Bath Body Scrub/Polish Face Mask. Programs | Tryon Life Community Farm. Tryon Life Community Farm extends a special invitation to all communities of faith: Come share your unique wisdom here at TLC farm.

We welcome all efforts to inspire dialogue, generate workshops, and spawn ceremonies that inter-activate our highest spiritual potential. How does your community root itself in its relationship to the earth? How do the lessons and teachings of your community connect us deeper with the web of life? How can we learn and work together for a healthier, wiser world? A transformation towards just and sustainable economies requires a sea-change in values -- a dynamic necessarily founded in the ways of spirit.

In the past, TLC Farm has hosted blessings from Rabbis, Monks, and indigenous spiritual leaders. Please contact us to discuss possibilities for occasional or regular engagement with this land and the networks connected through it. TLC Farm provides common ground where a diversity of movements, communities and individuals in the metropolitan Portland region may: 47th Avenue Farm. 47th Avenue Farm. Cnrg. Farm and Food Jobs | connecting people, farms, and food. FarmsNext Internship Description. FarmsNext is a full season farm internship program combining hands-on training and skill-based education in sustainable agriculture for aspiring farmers and ranchers.

Through an innovative and cooperative model, FarmsNext combines up to 1500 hours of field training with a mentor farmer, 75 hours of classroom learning with agricultural professionals and expert farmers, 15 tours of local farms, and opportunities for farm-based independent study on a diverse network of commercial family farms across Oregon’s agricultural communities. Chapter locations include the Rogue Valley, South Willamette, Portland and Central Oregon.

FarmsNext is an immersive experience that will leave students with a deeper understanding of sustainable agriculture, a foundation of entrepreneurial skills, and practical knowledge to plan for and start their own farming operation. Students will live and work full-time on a host farm, receive ongoing training, and learn in-depth skills from their mentor farmer. 1. 2. 3. FarmsNOW Program Description. FarmsNOW is a two-year, advanced farmer-in-training program designed for those seeking mastery in the art and business of farming. This full-immersion program is directed towards those who have completed the FarmsNext program, or have two years of on-farm experience. FarmsNOW will dig deep into planning, designing and running integrated farming systems by combining 2,400-3,000 hours of on-farm training with a mentor farmer and 50-60 hours of classroom learning. FarmsNOW is an immersive experience that will leave students with a deeper understanding of sustainable agriculture, a foundation of entrepreneurial skills, and practical knowledge to plan for and start their own farming operation.

Students will live and work full-time on a host farm, receive ongoing training, and learn in-depth skills from their mentor farmer. Education Components: 1. Over time, the student will be expected to share responsibilities with the farmers. 2. Classroom/seminar topics may include: 3. Program Details: Zenger Farm. Organic Farm School | Greenbank Farm. The Organic Farm School Come learn the skills you need to become an organic farmer! Intro page | Student Testimonials | Photos | Staff/Contact | Organic Seed Project | Apply Becoming a successful organic farmer today takes a wide variety of skills… from tillage and harvesting to marketing and business planning. At the Organic Farm School (OFS), our goal is to give you a strong foundation in the broad range of skills and topics you need to achieve your small-farm goals. Download the OFS Booklet for Prospective Students Organic Farm School Overview This full-time, 7.5-month long expe­ri­en­tial pro­gram is for aspir­ing farm­ers seek­ing to learn and prac­tice the skills needed to run a small-scale organic farm.

Program Instruction An edu­ca­tional proverb states,“Hear and For­get, See and Remem­ber, Do and Under­stand”. In addi­tion to time spent on the farm and in the class­room, par­tic­i­pants work inde­pen­dently on their personal busi­ness plan and a group farm-based research project. Western SARE Farm Internship Handbook | Western Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE) Farm Internship Curriculum and Handbook | ATTRA | National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service. Home > Master Publication List > Western Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE) Farm Internship Curriculum and Handbook > Western SARE Farm Internship Handbook It is the responsibility of prospective interns to take all necessary precautions when interviewing for or accepting positions, and any intern is solely responsible for obtaining necessary information concerning host farms, using caution and common sense.

It is the responsibility of host farms to be aware of federal and state labor laws related to securing interns or apprentices. NCAT hosts the following information only as a public service, and statements do not imply any recommendation by NCAT, its ATTRA project, or USDA. Table of Contents Introduction - Why Have Interns? Farm internships provide quality on-farm opportunities for hopeful future organic farmers. The number of small farmers in the United States is declining and that population is aging, making attracting young people to sustainable agriculture vital.

Rogue Farm Corps. Selected NESFI Publications - Bookstore : Publications. Zenger Farm. From tending crops to teaching kids, volunteers are essential members of our team. Learn about volunteers accomplishments and read volunteer spotlights here. Then take a look at the opportunities below and complete our Volunteer Application form. We'll contact you within two weeks.

Questions? Current volunteer needs and internships are also listed on our Open Positions page. Children's Gardens Volunteers Assist with Children’s Gardens maintenance and facilitate garden activities with youth. Community Livestock Project Volunteers Chickens, Bees, and Worms: Learn more about getting involved with Livestock on the Farm. Cooking & Nutrition Education Volunteers Help Zenger Farm empower families to access and prepare healthy food by assisting our Healthy Eating on a Budget Program. Corporate & Organizational Volunteer Groups Contact Laura Cerny to learn about team building and service learning visits for your group. Development & Event Volunteers Field Trip Leaders Lents International Farmers Market. OFS Booklet 2014. Farm Intern Guide FINAL w covers. Community College :: Programs and Certificates. Home Page | ATTRA | National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service. Beginning Farmer Business Planning, Marketing, and Sheep and Goat Resources | ATTRA | National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service.

Home > Beginning Farmer Business Planning, Marketing, and Sheep, Goat & Poultry Resources Are you a beginning farmer? Do you want to expand your markets? Do you want to add sheep, goats, or poultry to your operation? The resources on this page will help you develop a business plan, marketing plan and provide you with information and worksheets to help you meet your farm goals. Many of the resources have been developed as narrated presentations. To listen to them on your computer, click on the title and wait for the presentation to load on your computer. Funded by USDA's Outreach and Assistance to Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers (OASDFR) program (Project # 2009-00705), part of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Do you have any questions or comments about this project? Please contact: Rex Dufour (Project Coordinator) NCAT, The National Center for Appropriate Technology P.O. Back to top. College of Agricultural Sciences -Publication search. AgNIC Home. Resources : Women's Agricultural Network. Start Farming. Skip to content Skip to navigation Site Navigation Start Farming Learn More... Courses and Workshops Upcoming Events Start Farming Blog Opportunities Start Farming Team Contact Us Directory Subscribe to our Blog Supporting the Next Generation of Farmers Start Farming Courses, workshops, and resources for aspiring and beginning farmers in production, marketing, financial management, as well as land and other resource acquisition.

Latest Blog Posts Identifying Markets for Hispanic Produce Growers January 6, 2015 Penn State Extension is offering a new series of discussion groups in Spanish for next generation growers made possible by a Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Specialty Crop Block Grant. An Agricultural Nonprofit Still Has to Make a Profit A farm can provide benefits to a community that are not always easy to measure in economic terms. MAFVC Lunch and Learn for Young Specialty Crop Growers! December 16, 2014 Profits: Choosing Your Marketing Methods Workshop November 28, 2014 Spotlight Animals Dairy. New Farmer Q&A - For New Farmers : New Farmer Q and A. Plan Your Farm | Northeast Beginning Farmer Project. New to Farming | Getting Started in Farming. Become a Farmer at Natural Harvest Farm.

We are looking for one or two young growers who want to run their own operation here at Natural Harvest Farm. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to begin their own farm, but who doesn’t have the money to buy or lease a farm. This is a long-term opportunity (perhaps a lifetime), and we want to find people who are committed to sustainable agriculture and respect for the land. The following is an example of the agreement between grower and the life tenants on the farm: Time period for agreement: This is an on-going agreement without an expiration date. A review of this agreement will be conducted annually in December.Purpose of agreement: This agreement sets out the terms of… Research and Education Responsibilities Land Access and Usage Water Lease Terms, Changes to Agreement and Termination Dispute Resolution Installation, Acquisition, Repair and Maintenance Additional items Natural Harvest Farm Rules Research and Education Responsibilities 1.

Land Access and Usage 1. Water 1. Tilth Producers of Washington. Internship Application Packet 1.