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Five reasons for vertical gardening Plants have certain requirements of their own such as sunlight, nutrients and support. So, while planting pots and plants, all this have to be taken care of. Vertical gardening is a kind of trend that first started up in large cities where yard space is very little. med mans personal mfts (medical film tables) day 28 bloom - medical master kush - day 38 - uniformity is the key to the highest yeiled and quality day 28 bloom - medical master kush - day 38 - this should be a bumper crop with the equivalent of 9.5 1000 watt bulbs day 28 bloom - bc bubba kush - day 38 - both strains leafs and buda are already coated in trichomes day 21 bloom - medical master kush kush - day 31 - all the buds are exposed to the same light, co2 and air flow, meaning they will all grow a perfect canopy of monster colas day 21 bloom - medical master kush kush - day 31 - by next week they should completley fill up all the empty spaces day 21 bloom - medical master kush kush - day 31 - they smell so different compared to the bc bubba, but equally mouth watering

Vertical Gardens Permaculture Courses by Frank Gapinski Making use of vertical wall space located in a sunny spot is a great way to grow your garden. In fact you don’t need pumps or complicated equipment to start growing your own vegetable garden. As long as you have a consistent amount of sunshine of around 6 hours per day and a collection of plastic drink containers and some ingenuity you can create a mini vegetable garden and have it self-water the system.

10-14 Flowering Shedule Hi everyone! Ok, I've told you about the 12-1 Veg schedule,(see the link above) and a lot of members here are courageously making the switch and saving themselves a LOT in power bills during the vegetative cycles, and growing bigger, happier, and healthier plants with less troubles, using less power and less nutrients... The results have definitely exceeded all expectations in everyone's trials. The 12-1 thread has had more hits than all but two threads have in the entire time the site has been here, and its rocketed to the #1 thread on the entire forums in only the last 10 months. Many growers who are growing on a rotation or choose to rotate plants through their flower room will find a diminishing light schedule difficult to use. I recently discovered the 10-14 flowering schedule when I noticed my Sativas wouldn't finish.

Lia Leendertz on sedum roofs and tiny gardens My summerhouse is strong enough for a sedum roof, and I thought of using mushroom boxes to sow the sedum into - but where can I find a light growing medium? How else can I stop plants drifting downwards? You'll need to build a wooden containment frame all the way around the edge (make plenty of holes so water can drain out into the gutters), and an inner grid to hold the mats in place. For the growing medium, I'd use a thin layer of topsoil mixed with vermiculite, to lighten things up. But you could make your life easier and buy the whole get-up from McLaw Living Roofs (

The Trichome by Matt Rize - Medical Marijuana The Trichome by Matt Rize Cannabis has special trichomes to say the least. The resin within these trichomes has encouraged our ancestors to work with this plant for millennia, spreading the seeds world wide. Cannabis resin contains strong smelling medicinal compounds that glisten in the sun to call extra attention. Trichomes, the resin gland heads, protect the cannabis plant from insects and predation by being sticky and intoxicating. Trichomes also protect growing seeds from the sun and wind by reflecting solar radiation and creating a physical barrier.

LAN - PRACTICE LAN LAN (Local Architecture Network) was created by Benoît Jallon and Umberto Napolitano in 2002, with the idea of exploring architecture as an area of activity at the intersection of several disciplines. This attitude has developed into a methodology enabling LAN to explore new territories and forge a vision encompassing social, urban, functional and formal questions. LAN’s projects seek to find elegant, contemporary answers to creative and pragmatic concerns.

Green Walls: Integrating Nature into Buildings In recent years, green roof technology has become an accepted sustainable design strategy as the benefits and advantages have become better known and proven design options have become more available. A corresponding interest is emerging among designers and owners who are also considering installing vegetated green walls on the outsides of their buildings or on interior walls. There have been a number of historical or traditional strategies to add vegetation to walls, such as installing a trellis system, but recently the option of truly living walls has become viable.

Conditions of Use : Tio Semillas Cannabis Seeds and Clones, The Best Marijuana Seeds & Clones Tio SEMillas specialises in the trade of medical hemp seed. Importing, stocking and supplying hemp seed is exempted from regulation under the 1961 u.n. Single Convention on narcotic drugs and affiliated international treaties. In countries such as Spain, freedom to trade hemp seed is clearly written into the laws in 2004. Section 28 allows us to send worldwide.

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