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New Orleans CAJUN FOOD RECIPES! Gumbo,Jambalaya,Crwfish,Sausage,Crabmeat,Beignets Here’s a collection of our favorite New Orleans recipes. The list includes Cajun food recipes passed down from generation to generation, recipes for popular New Orleans dishes and many other great, mouth-watering recipes that your whole family will love. We hope you enjoy these recipes that have been submitted to us by our friends, displaced Cajuns and native New Orleanians. Please send us your favorite recipes and we’ll add the best to the list. Gumbo Recipes Jambalaya Recipes Jambalaya submitted by Sue Wagnerof of Honey Island Swamp Jambalaya Submitted by Andy Jambalaya Over Rice Submitted by Jessica Bankson Dessert Recipes Praline Sundae submitted by Bread Pudding submitted by Sharon Dooley, a New Orleans teacher Madeline's Cherry Bread Pudding submitted by Pete Grigor, a displaced Cajun Strawberry Beignets taste great! Other Popular New Orleans Recipes Mirliton Dressing submitted by Brenda Marinello, a New Orleans native and teacher at St.

Dragon's Kitchen Mamta's Kitchen Chinese Salt and Pepper Tofu Restaurant Style This vegan salt and pepper tofu recipe is a great dish to entertain with. I either serve it as an appetizer with tooth picks, or I serve it as an entree with some brown rice. All the components of this recipe can be made ahead and put together just before serving. This is a truly fancy, delicious, vegan, Chinese dish and it tastes like something you’d get at a restaurant. To clean leeks, soak sliced leeks in water for a few minutes. There are a few recipes online for salt and pepper tofu, like this Chinese salt and pepper tofu on the post punk kitchen forum, this salt and pepper tofu with five spice or this simple salt and pepper tofu from Rachael Ray magazine. Once you fry the tofu, toss it in sauteed leeks, celery, ginger, garlic and green pepper. For a quick appetizer, skip the sauteeing just served the fried tofu with chili sauce like below. Notes: - you can use this same method and recipe with button mushrooms, parboiled cubed potato, baby corn or paneer. Pat dry the drained tofu.

stonesoup The first time I tried going paleo there was one meal I really struggled with. If you’ve ever had an attempt at eating low carb or going ‘full paleo’, I bet you’ve struggled with this too. Yep. Breakfast. Now I think about it, when I went vegan for a week, breakfast was the most tricky then too. This time, my experiment of eating full paleo for a month, breakfasts have been relatively easy. Since moving to our little farm last year and getting a flock of chooks (that’s chickens for you non-Australians!) There’s something so great about having a proper breakfast of poached eggs and some veggies. I love it. But even I can’t have eggs for breakfast every single day, so I thought I’d share my fave breakkie ideas for when eggs aren’t an option… 6 Egg-Free Low Carb / Paleo Breakfast Ideas 1. If you’d like a FREE ebook dedicated to vibrant green smoothie recipes, then have a look at the Body Mind Detox Summit which I’m participating in this year. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Need more ideas? Coconut & Almond ‘Cereal’

Fix a Problem - Free Computer Help - Fix Computer Problems Is your computer locking up? Are you getting a weird error message that you can't figure out? Are you having trouble even starting your computer? No matter what kind of problem you're having, big or small, you've come to the right place in your search to find the solution! It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned computer professional, a fix-it novice, or somewhere in between - these resources will help you get your computer back up and running in no time. Common Error Messages Anyone who regularly uses a computer knows all about error messages. Listed below are troubleshooting guides for some of the more common error messages that my readers and clients see on their computers. Reverse Damages and Mistakes Everyone makes mistakes... and Microsoft (and other software makers) know that. Repairing & Reinstalling Windows Microsoft knows that problems happen - which is why it provided tools like Safe Mode, Startup Repair, and Recovery Console. Working Inside Your Computer Testing Hardware & Software

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