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Dinner Concepts

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Tickets — secret supper. Are you ready for an adventurist dining experience where taste, texture, sight and sound uniquely blend in remarkable places?

Tickets — secret supper

Designed to build suspense, you'll only know the general location before buying your ticket, after which, a final hint is provided in the form of nearby lodging recommendations. Its not until 24 hours before that the actual event address is disclosed, everything else still remains a secret. Supper locations are distinct, meticulously styled to transform naturally beautiful surroundings into surreal dinner settings. You'll slowly dine on a locally inspired five course menu crafted to match the season, place and theme, while enjoying wines curated for each course. As the evening extends you'll savor the beautiful flavors, along with the tranquil sounds of nature, soft music and conversation between new found friends.

Locations Glen Mills, PA Glen Mills, PA Events Events Events. As garden season begins, join Gardenista favorite Chef Joshua McFadden for a meal inspired by his new book, Six Seasons.

Locations Glen Mills, PA Glen Mills, PA Events Events Events

The Executive Chef/Owner at Ava Gene’s in Portland, Chef McFadden kindled his love for vegetables as farm manager at Maine’s Four Season Farm. His dishes celebrate the rich vibrancy of vegetables, finding the best seasonal flavors in each ingredient. Reservations are required. $75 per person plus tax and gratuity. Guests are invited to BYO. Reserve your space here. May Kinfolk Gathering – Washington DC. I’m heading out of town for the weekend; my grandparent’s are hosting our annual family reunion and this year we’re having a pig roast!

May Kinfolk Gathering – Washington DC

So very excited for the pig, to see my extended family, to celebrate Zoe’s birthday with family, and generally, to be going “home” (will I ever grow out of calling my mom’s “home”?). For the extended weekend, I’m going to leave you with a few of my favorite photos – all taken by Sweet Root Village – of last month’s l’esprit de la mer Kinfolk Gathering in Washington, DC. L’esprit de la Mer Kinfolk Dinner - Reflect - Huckle & Goose.

Before our Huckle & Goose days, we’d often page through our Kinfolk issues, mug of herbal loose leaf tea in hand, thinking how lovely it would be to have such perfect looking food on our table, daily.

L’esprit de la Mer Kinfolk Dinner - Reflect - Huckle & Goose

Intentional meals that we didn’t have to spend hours planning then scrawling grocery lists in haste, inevitably forgetting to jot down that one thing. Part of the reason we founded this site was to eliminate all that headache, focus on nourishing our loved ones, invite new friends into our homes without making a fuss, and provide a way for all of us to feel like we live inside the pages of a Kinfolk magazine. Disclaimer: big rustic table with mis-matched vintage chairs and linen-clad guests not included. The Secret Supper Club - Furthermore from Equinox.

What is the concept behind the secret supper club?

The Secret Supper Club - Furthermore from Equinox

It is a pop-up dinner series. Pop-up dinners are popular throughout the U.S. but are trending specifically in the Northwest. It’s a new way to get people out of the typical restaurant environment, and maybe connecting more (in our case at least) with the food, the people around them, and with the environment, as most of the dinners are held outside.

We try to bring all those pieces together in each of our dinners. Farm dinners in and around Portland - Travel Portland. While Portland’s restaurants definitely take advantage of the nearby abundance of farms, orchards, and vineyards, many of these farms actually host their own dinners — bringing the table to the farm, as it were.

Farm dinners in and around Portland - Travel Portland

What better way to “eat local” than sitting down, family style, to a long table laden with food grown only steps away from where you sit? Don your sun hat and set out for one (or all!) Of the farm dinners on our list. Field and Vine. Winter's Tiding — secret supper.


A Mid-Autumn Night’s Supper Club – DVEIGHT. Orlando, FL. About - Farm Spirit. Welcome to Farm Spirit.

About - Farm Spirit

Farm Spirit is located in the Buckman neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. We offer a multiple course dinner Wednesday through Saturday. Seatings are pre-sold as tickets and are available by reservation only. You can purchase some tickets by clicking HERE. We offer wine pairings and non-alcoholic pairings. Click HERE to see some nice things people have said about us in the press. Farm Spirit 1414 SE Morrison Street Portland, Oregon 97214 General Inquiries should be sent to Press Inquiries. RECIPE: A DEEPLY EVENING — The Deeply Co. - Collaborator - Our collaborator is our co-host for the evening.


The collaborator is the person/artist/brand we are highlighting & celebrating for the night. Key characteristics: kind, hard working, and actively brings beauty to the world around them. - Secret supper. White Fir — secret supper. Remembering Our Night at the Greenville Drive-In. Preserve and Gather: An Autumn Dinner in Bovina, NY. The past summer was a green and bountiful one, spilling over with farmed produce of plump tomatoes and melons, succulent alliums, and bright herbs.

Preserve and Gather: An Autumn Dinner in Bovina, NY

Careers — - Remembering Our Night at the Greenville Drive-In. Pop-Up Restaurant Holds Dinner Parties in Strangers’ Homes. What do you get if you cross a travelling pop-up restaurant with Airbnb?

Pop-Up Restaurant Holds Dinner Parties in Strangers’ Homes

PlaceInvaders is the pop-up restaurant that quite literally ‘invades’ plush, quirky, and downright fascinating residences across the US – while the owners are away and with their permission of course – to host pop–up dinner parties with the help of top chefs. Grand Surroundings Founded by couple Hagan Blount and Katie Smith-Adair and launched in New York in 2014, PlaceInvaders has thus far visited 12 different US cities, hosting pop–up dinner parties in some quite incredible places, including a Shanghai opium den-inspired loft with black painted walls in a former YMCA in Chelsea, New York City, and, amazingly, the Motown Mansion in Detroit (below), the former home of Motown founder Berry Gordy.

“We had a (selfish) idea to try to design a life full of travel and food and access to the world's most amazing apartments,” says Smith–Adair. Communal Dining Photo: PlaceInvaders. Lizzie & Kathryn Fortunato Bring Their Creative Womens Dinner to Venice Beach. For twin sisters Lizzie and Kathryn Fortunato, creativity and connection is is the key to success. Lizzie’s eponymous line was founded in 2008 “with the intent of creating unique accessories that use unexpected materials and champion handicrafts from a breadth of places and cultures,” and many of her pieces have since been the “must-have” item for fashion-forward women across the globe.

The self-starter and her sister were constantly meeting other female creatives, sharing advice and building friendships, and realizing this connection was what would continue to drive the business forward. They began hosting Creative Womens Dinners in hopes of bringing more entrepreneurs together, first at Lizzie’s Brooklyn home and later expanding to bigger venues. This summer, they brought the event to the West Coast — hosting in the backyard of an old friend, Kate Berg. What is the Creative Womens’ Dinner? What was it like bringing the event to Los Angeles? Tell us about the location.