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Crash Hot Potatoes

Crash Hot Potatoes
Man, do I love Australia. First, my oldest daughter was conceived there on our honeymoon…and while we’re on the subject, have I ever shared with you that we almost named her “Sydney” as a nod to her point of origin? In the end, I chickened out, though—I thought that might be a little corny, and truth be told, I think she was actually conceived in Brisbane. But I’ll stop there. This is a family-friendly website. Anyway, I just love Australia. They’re so simple, it’s terrifying. For now, though, let’s take a chill pill and make Crash Hot Potatoes! The Cast of Characters: New Potatoes (or other small, round potato), Olive Oil, Kosher Salt, Black Pepper, and whatever herb you like. Begin by bringing a pot of salted water to a boil. Add in as many potatoes as you wish to make, and cook them until they’re fork-tender. Oh! Next, generously drizzle olive oil on a sheet pan. This will mean the difference between the potatoes sticking and not sticking, so don’t be shy here. Or something. That’s it!

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Twice-Baked Potatoes with Irish Cheddar Recipe Steak with Friends | Andrews McMeel, 2010 I’ve always found these to be crowd pleasers, whether I’m making dinner for a group of friends or for my wife and our three boys. The potatoes are terrific alongside grilled steak or any other meat, and they can be prepared up to a day ahead of time and refrigerated before the second baking. I like Irish Cheddar with them, but any other Cheddar would be delicious, or even feta or goat cheese. Basic Chicken Fajitas Recipe Difficulty:Easy | Total Time: | Makes:About 8 fajitas Many people equate fajitas with a sizzling-cast-iron-pan experience at the local Tex-Mex restaurant. While dramatic, that’s not necessary for making smoking-hot fajitas at home. A simple marinade for the chicken, some charred veggies, and a few fixin’s make for an easy and healthy weeknight dinner. This recipe was featured as part of our No-Fail Mexican Favorites photo gallery for Cinco de Mayo. Watch Lisa Lavery of the CHOW Test Kitchen make these basic chicken fajitas in an episode of our Easiest Way video series.

Skillet Squash And Potatoes Recipe from CDKitchen recipe at a glance 5 stars 1 review time: 30-60 minutesserves/makes: 4recipe id: 63987cook method: stovetop ingredients 2 medium potatoes, peeled and sliced thinly1/2 cup chopped onions1 tablespoon vegetable oil3 yellow summer squash, sliced1 dash paprika salt and pepper, to taste

Butternut squash and cranberry gratin - Running to the Kitchen This butternut squash and cranberry gratin is creamy, cheesy and perfectly crunchy on top. You’d never guess it’s dairy free! When it comes to Thanksgiving, I’m pretty sure my family might be the only one in country that couldn’t care less if the typical creamy mashed white potatoes weren’t on the table. Crispy Skillet Home Fries with Sweet Onion Ingredients: 1 1/2 pounds Yukon Gold potatoes, cut into 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch cubes1 large sweet onion, rough chopped2 tsp olive oil 2 tsp butter1 tsp smoked paprika Asian Quesadilla with Chicken, Zucchini & Hoisin Sauce Recipe It was a rather eventful weekend, particularly if you are a 7-year old boy (let’s call him T) with leprechauns on the brain. In my last post, I mentioned that while my husband and I were busy snacking on these Asian quesadillas with hoisin sauce, chicken and zucchini, T was busy fashioning a leprechaun trap out of a cardboard box, complete with a door propped open with a toothpick. According to T, leprechauns are not very good rule-followers. In fact, they go out of their way to break the rules (as evidenced by our leprechaun visitor…more on that later). So, T used a little reverse psychology to fool any Irish green-clad little men that might happen upon his trap. Things such as “Do not enter” and “No gold here” were etched with Crayola marker around the perimeter of the box.

Man-Pleasing Chicken I have never gotten so many compliments before, let alone for a piece of chicken. David suggested calling this chicken, “So Good it Can’t Be Described, Explosion on Your Taste Buds Chicken.” Exactly. Cheddar Bacon Potato Packets If I had to choose a favorite vegetable, it would have to be the potato. They are just so versatile (and filling!). I just love to make so much with taters. The possibilities are endless and thankfully I married a tater-lovin' man too. Falafel - Traditional Recipe for Chickpea Falafel In Israel, falafel stands are as numerous and plentiful as McDonalds here in the U.S. Falafel is the unofficial “national snack of Israel.” If only we had half as many falafel stands in the U.S. as we do McDonalds, I’d be a very happy girl. It’s a delicious form of fast food that is much lighter and better for your heart than burgers and fries. Falafel is a traditionally Arab food that has been adopted by Israeli Jews.

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