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Dr. Pepper Barbecue Sauce Recipe at Epicurious

Dr. Pepper Barbecue Sauce Recipe at Epicurious
I too love this bbq sauce but have added my own twists. I only had salted butter so I omitted the salt, then melted the butter and skimmed the butter fats before adding the onions and garlic, so it was essentially clarified butter. I also like a nice cherry flavor so I used a mix of half dr pepper half black cherry soda, but I bet cherry dr pepper would also do the trick. I also didn't have the ancho chili powders, but I did have some scotch bonnet sauce which I used about a teaspoon. My wife doesn't like the spicy bbq sauces, so I gotta keep it on the low, for me, I would probably triple that amount or more.

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The Web’s Best Slider Recipes We never thought a culinary revolution would spawn from a White Castle (even though we think more food should come in Crave Cases), but sliders have become a bit of a trendy food over the last couple of years. If there’s a party that has some passed mini burgers, you better believe you can find us right at the door where the servers come out. When we cook some up for a party/standard afternoon at home, we like to get a bit creative with the shrunken snack. Here are our favorite recipes for sliders: Spicy Whiskey BBQ Sliders

Peter Clifford Online [tweetthis] TIMELINE – 18th JULY 2012 10.14 GMT: In Libya’s first elections since 1965 (but no political parties allowed) and first totally free elections since 1952, a liberal, secular union, the National Forces Alliance, won 39 out of the 80 seats reserved for political parties. A Happy Voter in Libya’s Elections The National Forces Alliance is led by Mahmoud Jibril, who acted as Libya’s first interim Prime Minister after the fall of Gaddafi.

Don't Make Dad Settle for Boring Potatoes: Hasselback Potatoes Dad’s going to remember exactly why he loves steak and potatoes when you serve him these. And you (along with the kids, fingers crossed!) will love them, too. How to Make Greek Yogurt Make your own regular or Greek yogurt at home with this easy method. Next to salad in a jar, homemade fat-free Greek yogurt is one of my most powerful weapons in the war against extra poundage. I eat it a minimum of twice a day–with my breakfast cereal and as an afternoon snack. It’s satisfying. (Similar to milk–see Got Milk?)

Homemade Baked Mozzarella Sticks Mozzarella sticks are a delicious treat, probably one of the most popular appetizers at restaurants, and a fun party food. They tend to be rather fattening, especially considering they are usually fried, but they are so irresistibly tasty. So how do you give in to the temptation that is mozzarella sticks without the guilt? The Web’s Best Sandwich Recipes Few foods allow for such creativity as the humble sandwich. By definition, it’s just bread and . . . stuff. PB & J on white? That’s a sandwich. A mountain of pastrami and a bit of slaw between rye? World powers rush in to rebuild Libya - Africa As the endgame of the Muammar Gaddafi regime plays out in Libya, members of the international community - from world powers to oil companies - are gathering to discuss their respective roles in the country's future. Decades of partial isolation imposed by Gaddafi have left the oil-rich country's economy reeling from a raft of sanctions and its government in a diplomatic no man's land. The rebel government, or National Transitional Council (NTC), has said it intends to change all that.

Recipe 5 - Ham & Cheddar Salad with Wisconsin Aged Cheddar Servings: 4-6 Ingredients: 2 shallots, minced (about 2 tablespoons)4 tablespoons champagne vinegarKosher salt and cracked black pepper1/2 cup walnut oil2 cups fava or baby lima beans, cooked1/2 cup basil leaves, torn and loosely packed1/2 cup watercress leaves, loosely packed3 radishes, thinly sliced1 cup walnuts, toasted and coarsely chopped1 cup (4 ounces) Wisconsin Aged Cheddar Cheese, diced6 thin slices artisanal ham, preferably rosemary ham4-6 slices grilled rustic bread Cooking Directions: Mix shallots and vinegar in mixing bowl.

Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza Dip Become a Fan of Noble Pig Vineyards on Facebook, we’d love to have you. Children love this. Teenagers love it even more. Men really love this. Pepperoni Pizza Puffs If I ask my kids what they want for dinner, there's a ninety percent chance they will say pizza. They love it, as most kids do. I guess I have an affection for it too, but we don't indulge too often. If I had to choose a favorite pizza, it would be the Hawaiian, but no one else in my household appreciates its flavors like I do, too bad for them. So when my kids came home from school and I had this afternoon snack waiting for them, they were pretty excited to be having pizza at 3 PM. Angry Asian Creations: spaghetti-Os with venison meatballs i must confess to a profligacy towards certain canned fast foods. it's a reminder of my childhood, summers spent with cousins, sweaty and always ravenous for quick meals that required a can opener, microwave safe bowl and 3 minutes to nuke. thankfully, i have outgrown this kind of eating, and with dw's encouragement, let go of such reckless indulgences. if i am to partake in such folly, it should at least be nourishing and good in taste. i was recently inspired to recreate a childhood favorite. keep in mind, this pasta bowl is thicker, creamier and meatier than it's distant canned cousin, much more dimensional with specks of kale and the heat of chili pepper. tucking into this, it reminds me of home.

Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread — Joy the Baker - StumbleUpon I’m sorry. I know it’s Monday morning and you probably came here for some pretty pictures of food that you could glance at, and then move on with your day… and here I go thrusting warm, soft cinnamon sugar bread in your face. It’s not fair. I know it’s not fair.

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