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Best-Ever Veggie Burger Recipes from The Kitchn

Best-Ever Veggie Burger Recipes from The Kitchn
Even before I'd been to the Northstar Cafe in Columbus, Ohio, I'd heard about their veggie burgers. "They are unlike any other veggie burger you've ever had," I was promised by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. I'll give you one guess what I ordered when I finally made it to the restaurant myself! This burger definitely lived up to expectations. It had a deep, savory umami flavor that contrasted nicely with a slice of provolone (I think) cheese, bitter greens, and the buttery toasted bun. I could see bits of beet, black bean, and brown rice in the mix, but no single ingredient overpowered the other. They also somehow captured that unique hamburger texture, which is greatly lacking in so very many mushy veggie burgers. The overall effect was, quite simply, a burger. Because my addiction was edging toward the unhealthy, I created this recipe in the spirit of the Northstar veggie burger. → If you're ever in Columbus, Ohio, be sure to visit Northstar Cafe! Testing Notes Recipe Notes:

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Grilled Beet Burgers A while back someone asked me if I missed eating meat. All fellow vegetarians probably recognize this question. It seems to be one of those inevitable questions that you get every now and then. Since I haven’t tried it for the past 17 years, my answer is always the same: “I actually don’t even remember how it tastes. So no, I don’t miss meat. Not the least, actually”.

QUINOA CAULIFLOWER PATTIES Rinse the quinoa. Put the quinoa and 2 cups water in a medium pot. Bring it up to a boil, add a pinch of salt and pepper, turn it down to a simmer and cover and cook for 15 minutes. Fluff with a fork, turn off the heat, set the lid ajar to rest. In a food processor, pulse the cauliflower until it resembles cous cous. Cauliflower Steaks with Ginger, Turmeric, and Cumin Recipes from The Kitchn The humble cauliflower might not seem like the most exciting vegetable, but cut one into thick slabs and roast it with spices, and you can transform it into quite the fine dish. Rich with the colors and flavors of turmeric, ginger, cumin, and cilantro, these cauliflower "steaks" feel fancy enough for a dinner party, yet they're simple enough for an everyday supper as well. Roasting cauliflower turns it into something magical — nutty, sweet, and not boring at all.

Stovetop Steam-Fried Green Beans and Mushrooms — 5 Stovetop Side Dishes for Thanksgiving Green beans have earned their spot as the obligatory Thanksgiving vegetable for good reason — they are delicious, kid-friendly, and easy to prepare. Whether steamed, roasted, or folded into a creamy casserole, chances are they're on your holiday menu. Try a new method this year and steam-fry your green beans with shallots and mushrooms.

How to cook the perfect nut roast If there's such a thing as pariah food – a recipe shunned by mainstream menus, mocked to near extinction and consigned to niche hinterlands for evermore – then the nut roast, a dish whose very name has become a watchword for sawdusty disappointment, is surely a strong contender. One of the darlings of the early vegetarian movement (particularly in its even sadder form, the cutlet), it was on the menu at John Harvey Kellogg's Battle Creek Sanitarium [sic], and has since become the default Sunday option for vegetarians – and a default source of derision for everyone else. It's a shame; not only are nuts quite ridiculously nutritious but, as anyone who's ever shelled out (sorry) for a tiny glass of pistachios in a pub will know, they're a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. But although I happen to have a soft spot for nut roast – an option often preferable to the meat that emerged from the school kitchen – it seems I'm in a cranky minority. Lightening the load

Eatsy: Irresistible Veggie Burgers When I go to burger joints, I hardly ever order the veggie burger; they’re usually processed to the max, loaded with way too much rice and corn, and taste like cardboard — hello, vegetarians love spices, too! I knew veggie burgers could be done better, so I decided to do my own (delicious) take on the genre. I wanted something that was healthy and really, really flavorful. This veggie burger has roughly chopped beets, a mix of garbanzo and black beans, red onion for a nice bite, heirloom brown rice, as well as some of my favorite spices like sumac, thyme, cumin and coriander. My favorite aspect of this burger is the option to make it vegan, as there is no egg that holds this together!

Quick Dinner Recipe: Saucy Sautéed Shrimp over Lemon Quinoa Everyone needs a few quick meals in their weeknight repertoire that feel like cooking cooking. You know, the kind where you pop open a bottle of wine to splash into the pan, and flourish your knife over an onion and some garlic, sautéing and shaking a skillet, cooking up a hot and delicious meal like a boss. The best thing about a dinner like this, however, is when it takes just 20 minutes. Because as fun as cooking can be, it's also good to eat.

Grilled Chipotle Lime Cauliflower Steaks — Recipes from The Kitchn Are you excited for grilling season? Personally, vegetables get me the most excited for grilling — not hamburgers or steak. Vegetables get so sexy and glamorous with a good set of grill marks, a little char around the edges, and that outdoorsy smoky flavor. These cauliflower "steaks" demonstrate that more than almost anything else I've grilled; their tongue-in-cheek name is a good indicator of how satisfying a centerpiece they make on any table, vegetarian or not. They're smoky and spicy, with a squirt of lime and flurry of cilantro.

Baked Quinoa Patties Recipe On the subject of packing food for airplane flights, it appears that a number of you were curious about how I go about it. The specifics. So I thought I'd share a few more photos, and include a more detailed explanation. My lunch-on-the-go is an ever-evolving system which (currently) involves a collapsible container, two thick rubber bands, and a plastic fork/spoon thing. All food goes in one container, and I avoid anything liquid to get through security.

Chicken Tikka Masala Although chicken tikka masala is more British than Indian, you'd be hard-pressed to find an Indian restaurant that doesn't have this creamy, bright-orange dish featured prominently on its menu. But if you do, you're welcome to come to my house, where chicken tikka masala is on our regular monthly meal rotation. It's surprisingly easy to pull together, and I promise it's just as good as anything ordered off the take-out menu. There are probably as many recipes and versions of chicken tikka masala as there are cooks who make it. Even the Wikipedia page on the dish notes that in a survey of 48 recipes, the only common ingredient was chicken. My version probably looks similar — and different — than many other recipes you may have come across, but this is the one that I've made my own.

Braised Coconut Spinach & Chickpeas with Lemon — Recipes from The Kitchn Are you in the mood for some comfort food? Of course you are; it's February. But in the interest of lingering New Year's resolutions, you might, however, be leaning towards something with vegetables — perhaps even a vegetarian dish? Meatless Mondays: Beet, Carrot and Sorghum Burgers I love these burgers and I make them every summer during beet season. I had exactly enough beets and carrots from my modest garden this year to make a batch of these burgers. They went fast.

Appetizer Recipe: Queso Fundido I've got a thing for hot, melty cheese. (I've got a thing for hot, melty anything.) This queso fundido is one of my all-time favorite indulgences.