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Paleo Recipes

Paleo Recipes
Here it is: The master index to all of my free Paleo recipes that have appeared on Nom Nom Paleo over the years! (If you stumbled on this page while looking for Paleo diet recipes but don’t know what Paleo’s all about, read up on it here.) Want my recipes in a super-powerful, insanely flexible meal planner that’ll allow you to choose and filter ingredients and dishes according to your personal preferences? Go check out the Real Plans meal planning tool—it’s a life changer! Hungry for more? Check out my Webby Award-winning iPad cookbook app—it’s packed with new, exclusive recipes as well as updated versions of some of the classic Nom Nom Paleo dishes found here. No iPad? Now let’s get cooking! Coconut Butter Ghee Guacamole Homemade Vanilla Almond Milk Leon’s Caper and Anchovy Miracle Sauce Magic Mushroom Powder Mango + Avocado Salsa Paleo Cran-Cherry Sauce Paleo Herb Gravy Paleo Mayonnaise Paleo Ranch Dressing Paleo Sriracha Spicy Peach Barbecue Sauce (Peachy Pork-A-Bobs) Tonnato Sauce Umami Gravy

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Prosciutto-Wrapped Mini Frittata Muffins Don’t hate me, but this recipe was inspired by Ms. Rachel Ray. Really — this version is “Yum-o.” Yeesh…did that just make you cringe? Bear with me, this mini frittata recipe is worth it. I realize I’m always pushing frittatas, but how can anyone refuse a tasty iteration where the mini egg muffins are wrapped by a crispy prosciutto shell? Sepia: Stretched Beyond Capacity (This article is a part of Interview Series with Dr. Mati Fuller about the Core Issues of Different Medicines) Dr. Mati : Hi Dr Singh, How are you? Dr. Singh : Fine! Creamy Zucchini and Basil Soup While I personally didn’t manage to coax a single squash out of my insect-infested garden this summer, some of you are lucky enough to be reaping in piles of the stuff. So the zucchini part of this recipe is for you. The basil part of it is for me: next to okra, it’s the most prolific crop I managed to grow this year. Combined, the two summery ingredients seem made for each other, the basil lending its pungent pepperiness to the bland zucchini.

Julia Child's Classic Roast Chicken When Julia Child recommends a fool-proof way to roast a chicken, I sit up, shut up, and listen. In celebration of Julia Child’s incredible culinary legacy, this week’s JC100 recipe is the classic roast chicken from Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom. Her techniques and tips for roasting a bird are simple and straightforward, and produce a bird with crispy skin and juicy, succulent meat. Even if — like me — you’re too lazy to baste as often as she recommends, the chicken will taste wonderful. Just make sure to follow this guide for cooking time: 45 minutes + 7 minutes per pound [e.g. 4-pound chicken = 45 + 7(4) = 73 minutes]. Homeopathy Personality Types Twelve Basic Personality Types Homeopathic Archetypes: Six Genotypes, and Six Phenotypes Notes below on Treating Rape, Abuse, Violation | Book on Homeopathic Personality Archetypes See also: Homeopathy Science | Counseling Services | Family Constellation Work | Chronic Miasms affect personality | Chthonic (Fear) Diseases affect personality | Emotions and TCM Homeopathic practitioners have long described their medicines ("remedies") by the "picture" they represent. Most of the literature commonly available about homeopathic remedies presents the negative aspects seen in illness.

Zucchini “Noodles” with Sesame-Peanut Sauce April 19, 2013. It’s been a week full of tragedy and fear. My heart aches for the families of everyone hurt or killed in Boston and Texas, and my reaction to everything that’s happened (and continues to happen) is to plant myself in front of the news in search of the answers to “What?” Raw Cashew Dreamcake Holy Mother of Pete. Why haven’t I done this before?I’m talking about raw cheesecake, and I suppose the reasons I haven’t made one yet now seem like silly excuses. I feel like a frickin’ kitchen magician, people. Join me. Now, I am not pretending I came up with this brilliant idea – I bet making cheesecake out of nuts has been around as long as vegans have tried making meat out of gluten. Cajun chicken burgers with lime mayonnaise For the burgers To a large frying pan on medium-high heat add the olive oil and then the bacon rashers. Fry until golden and crispy, turning halfway through (3-5 minutes). Remove and drain on kitchen paper.

Behind the Masks of the Feminine VII: Sepia Behind the Masks of the Feminine VII By Hwaa Irfan Three Minerals I. Previously, we explored the female connection via the homeopathic remedy Natrum muriaticum, depicting a woman who is very much a product of the Industrial Revolution. Raised in a family where mother bonding is disrupted.

Feasting on Fitness: Pasta Sans Pasta Nothing beats a heaping bowl of spaghetti when you want something filling, simple, and comforting. I have the perfect substitution for pasta that is BETTER than pasta. Here are just a few of the problems with wheat pasta (Disclaimer: this is MY take on the information out there I have gathered through my CrossFit Nutrition Certification by Robb Wolf , my biology and physical anthropology degrees, books on diet and health, and my internet searches. I am NOT a biochemist, but I want to try to explain things as I understand them hopefully in a way YOU understand and can benefit from):