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Spanish Paella Dinner

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Beef Salpicao - kawaling pinoy. Spanish-Style Garlic Shrimp (Gambas al Ajillo) THIS GAZPACHO IS HOT! You probably think gazpacho is “cool”, as in chilled.


But this one is “hot,” as in heated. It still qualifies as gazpacho because it’s made with bread and olive oil, the essential ingredients for gazpacho whether tomato-red or almond-white. (See the recipe for classic gazpacho here.) I’ve got a second crop of tomatoes ripening and green peppers galore. As the days are finally beginning to cool (I hope the change of seasons also brings some rain), cold gazpacho is not as appealing as it was only a couple weeks ago. In my village, where it’s known as gazpacho caliente or sopa de tomate, it is served with slices of ripe figs—also in season—as garnish. The soup can be pureed, if you like, making it more like smooth gazpacho. Hot GazpachoGazpacho Caliente Serves 4. In a soup pan heat half of the oil. Add the remaining oil to the pan and sauté the onion, pepper and garlic until softened, 5 minutes. Immediately before serving place a slice of bread in each bowl. 19 Easy Spanish Recipes to Throw the Best Tapas Party Ever. Throwing a party and you’re the chef?

19 Easy Spanish Recipes to Throw the Best Tapas Party Ever

What host wants to spend the entire night in the kitchen? With tapas, go ahead; mingle with your guests, toss the stylish apron aside and relax! When planning your menu, turn to Spain’s fashionable tapas, small plates of food shared among party guests. To get you started, we’ve got the dish on easy tapas recipes, ranging from casual to eclectic. And don’t forget; shareables are perfectly paired alongside a glass of refreshing sangria. 1. Non-Alcoholic Sangria Recipe. Traditional Sangria Recipe : Emeril Lagasse. Paella + Tapas Party by The Kitchenarium. It is your lucky day!

Paella + Tapas Party by The Kitchenarium

This post has SIX different recipes from dishes I served at my paella + tapas party! Family, friends, food, and fellowship. These things make my heart so happy. I love (love, love, love) hosting dinner parties. When I am cooking and serving food to others I am most in my element. It wasn’t until late Wednesday that I decided what the menu would be. When I went to buy the mussels the fish dude (official name I’m sure) at Whole Foods started bagging up my mussels discovered that they were spawning and didn’t sell them to me. Saffron is the spice used in the paella rice. I also picked up some smoked sweet paprika to add to the rice.

Okay on to the dinner party menu part! As far as the build your own sundae dessert went. I wish I had better photos of the dinner. The endivias valencias is a copy cat recipe from a local tapas restaurant, Espana. Directions1. Directions1. For the spicy tomato sauce Unfortunately I didn’t think to take a picture of the mushrooms. Directions. Spanish Paella Dinner Menu and Recipes, Dinner Party Menus and Recipes, Whats Cooking America. Tapas - What are Spanish Tapas: "Taoeo" is a term used to describe the Spanish tradition of going out before lunch or dinner to mingle with friends while drinking an aperitif, and sharpening the appetite for the main meal ahead by choosing from the myriad of tempting appetizers (tapas) on offer in the bars throughout Spain.

Spanish Paella Dinner Menu and Recipes, Dinner Party Menus and Recipes, Whats Cooking America

The art of tapeo represents the perfect marriage between food and drink, because, unlike the more well known concept of food supplemented by good wine, in the case of the art of tapeo, it is not the wine which lubricated the ingestion of good food, but quite the contrary; it is the food which really acts as an accompaniment to the series of sips of good wine. By Alicia Rios, from On Fasting and Feasting - A Personal Collection of Favourite Writings On Food and Eating, by Alan Davidson, 1988. The Origin of Tapas: Sherry, in fact, is probably responsible for the development of the tapas tradition in Spain. By Penelope Casas, from Tapas - The Little Dishes of Spain, 1985.