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Chemistry PowerPoint Lessons, Handouts, Labs, and Worksheets

Chemistry PowerPoint Lessons, Handouts, Labs, and Worksheets
Chemistry 11 Periodic Table PT – no names polyatomic ions Overview Unit 1: Matter and Chemical Bonding Unit 2: Quantities in Chemical Reactions Unit 3: Solutions and Solubility Unit 4: Gases & Atmospheric Chemistry Unit 5: Hydrocarbons and Energy

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Woodridge High School Chemistry: Chemistry’s three main goals are (1) to provide a deep and broad introduction to chemistry concepts and skills, (2) to prepare students for further study of chemistry, such as a first year college chemistry class or AP class, and (3) to challenge every student, including those not usually challenged by their coursework. Chemistry is appropriate for students with strong math skills, as well as students considering a science or medical major in college.

Chemical & Engineering News: What's That Stuff? You might ask yourself... What's That Stuff? Ever wondered about what's really in hair coloring, Silly Putty, Cheese Wiz, artificial snow, or self-tanners? C&EN presents a collection of articles that gives you a look at the chemistry behind a wide variety of everyday products. Sort: Alphabetically (Text Only) | Most Recent

Tutorial on the Use of Significant Figures All measurements are approximations—no measuring device can give perfect measurements without experimental uncertainty. By convention, a mass measured to 13.2 g is said to have an absolute uncertainty of plus or minus 0.1 g and is said to have been measured to the nearest 0.1 g. In other words, we are somewhat uncertain about that last digit—it could be a "2"; then again, it could be a "1" or a "3". chemistry - dawnwelch7 Introductory Activity Rubric Matter and Its Changes Separating Mixtures Lab Information Packet Results: Sugar Crystals Paper Chromatography Tiny Salt Crystals in Crucible Chemistry Virtual Textbook Acid-base chemistry can be extremely confusing, particularly when dealing with weak acids and bases. This set of lessons presents an updated view of the Brønsted-Lowry theory that makes it easy to understand answers to common questions: What's the fundamental difference between a strong acid and a weak acid? Can acid A neutralize base B? Why are some salts acidic and others alkaline? How do buffers work?

Mrs. J's Physical Science Page - Lecture Notes These lecture presentations were designed for my high school Integrated Physics & Chemistry class. Students of high school physical science and introductory chemistry and physics may find them useful as a supplement to their own class notes or as a review. Teachers, please feel free to use and modify them for your own classes. Classic ChemBalancer - Welcome This is the classic version of Chembalancer that teaches you how to balance equations for the first time. To play it, just press the "Start Game" button above. To play the other versions, click here. Teachers: Classic Chembalancer is for students who are learning to balance equations for the first time.

PBL: Riverside's Dilemma Riverside's DilemmaWritten by Susan E. Groh Part 1. The town of Riverside has a decision to make. Historically a manufacturing center in upstate New York, Riverside has watched its many factories close down over the years, due to changing market interests and other economic factors. Chemistry Now The National Science Foundation (NSF) has joined forces with NBC Learn and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) to celebrate the International Year of Chemistry by creating "Chemistry Now"--a weekly, online video series that uncovers and explains the science of common, physical objects in our world and the changes they undergo every day. The series also looks at the lives and work of scientists on the frontiers of the 21st century... More. This video explains and illustrates the molecular structure of sodium chloride (NaCl) crystals; the structure and symmetry of crystal lattices; and why one crystalline solid, salt, melts another, ice.

Chemistry & Physics Streaming In addition to watching the videos in this site, Georgia teachers and students can stream Chemistry: A Study of Matter and Physics Fundamentals from GPB Education Streaming by plugging in the search term 'GPB Classroom' and select an episode to stream live or download. You may also stream the videos through PBS Learning Media by searching for Chemistry & Physics. Chemistry & Physics consists of two series teaching high school college preparatory chemistry and physics.

Chemistry Review Activities I re-organized the course during the 2014 - 2015 school year. Some review activities were moved to new units. This has resulted in a change to some of the file names, so direct links to the individual activities may need to be changed. These are not graded assignments. Honors General Chemistry 103 How To Do Well in CHEM 103H Links to Neat Chemistry/Science Sites WebElements Periodic Table Martindale's Virtual Chemistry Center RasMol and CHIME Molecular visualization freeware Collection of Periodic tables: lots of infomation about elements here! Chemist's Art Gallery: a collection of visualizations and animations Periodic Puzzle: interactive periodic table of properties *and* jigsaw puzzle! Curiosities related to chemistry IBM's STM Image Gallery "Discover" Magazine Science News online Chemical and Engineering News Scientific American "Science" magazine "Nature" magazine Yahoo! Reuters Science News Classic Chemistry NIST Chemistry Webbook

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