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How to Make Easy Friendship Bracelets Out of String | Le Blog Fashion. How to make easy friendship bracelets that are out string? It is just as simple as you think. The step-by-step of the instructions for the traditional knot pattern can be seen for creating the friendship bracelets that are out of string. Some people get themselves for falling obsession of the distinctive appearance. For the friendship bracelet, you may use the Nylon thread instead. Here come the steps! How to make easy friendship bracelets materials You need these materials for making the friendship bracelet: Scissors Nylon thread Lighter steps how to make easy friendship bracelets Steps for making the friendship bracelet that is out of string: Prepare your necessary components, such as the three kinds of thread (you may choose your own colors). How to make easy friendship bracelets How to make easy friendship bracelets out of string then?

Tutorial. View also: german website) and: view this you need a deviantArt account) Hello People! :) This is a larger tutorial about how to knot a macramee pouch... For this version you need 98 double strings (up to 14 colours - if you want to, but you could also use only 2 - I used 11, some of them twice, some 3 times) - each as long as possible (about 150 cm) - colours are your choice. But don't be affraid, you start with 7 strings only and the other strings will be inserted later At the end of this tutorial I added a picture that shows the string order!

Btw: I used this kind of string: For to get a better view of the pictures click on "full view" below and use the magnifier of your browser, or save them and open them with some graphic software... also on deviantART you'll have to option to magnify the image if you click on it You need scissors and glue... Tutorial. In this tutorial you can learn how to make the Ankara-bracelet from supplemented by beads in the middle. First of all, follow this path and check out the explanations from the website: --> Muster --> Standardmuster 1-130 --> page 9 --> Ankara bracelet --> Knopfanleitung Direct link: Ankara In this case, to change the framing colours, you'll need 12 threads in 6 colours (2 of each colour ). The colours used in the tutorial are: blue, red, orange, light orange, yellow and light yellow Step 1 Make a buckle and order the threads from the left to the right the following way: R, LY, B, LO, O, Y, Y, O, LO, B, LY, R Step 2 First row: bk (B) - bk (O) - fk (Y) - fk (O) - fk (G) Second row: bk (B) - bk (O) - bk (Y) - fk (Y) - fk (O) - fk (B) Third row: bfk (O) - bfk (Y) - fk (LO) - fbk (Y) - fbk (O) Step 3 Step 4 Add a bead over the two blue threads and make a forward knot and a backward knot with the blue threads to close it: Step 5 2.

Tutorial. So Here's the Original Prototype Made By Kamyk (The one at the extreme bottom) : After Experimenting Twice, I finally got it right ;) Halleellujjah ! :P So Here's the Bracelet We're Doing Today :D -Colours:3 different colors according to your preference. -Strings:12 working strings, i.e. 4 strings per colour-Length:Cut approximately 60 to 65 inches or longer depending on your wrist size. To be on the safer side, stick to longer strings because they're much easier to work with. But don't cut them too long, that'd just be a waste of string. For this bracelet I will be using the colours blue, teal, and cream. You can start your bracelet however you want to. Step 1 Set Your strings up like shown below into 3 different groups Step 2 Start off with your middle most colour which is cream for me. Step 3 Pick up your next string in line which is the 2nd string of the cream colour and do the same as the previous step, making 5 forward knots this time.

Tutorial. - 8 strings (embroidery floss usually works best) 2 threads of each colour - 2 pieces of yarn. These two should be thicker than the floss but if you have no yarn, you can use 2 or 3 strings of floss for each piece of yarn. You will not see these 2 strings! - You should make each string approx. 90 cm long. To start off, let's say your colours are red (A1 and A2), blue (B1 and B2) and green (C1 and C2), and the yarn colour is black (D1 and D2). So your string order to start off with should be: Step 1 Take string C2 and make a forward knot over string D1, and another forward knot over D2. Take string C1 and do the same. Repeat this with the rest of the colours until all your threads are on the right side of the yarn. Step 2 Your new string order now should be D1 D2 A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 (there's a picture below to clarify this!). Take A1 and make one backward knot over D2, and one over D1. Then take A2 and make one backward knot over D2, and one over D1.

Video by BeyondBracelets. Tutorial. Cut 28 inches of 4 colors you like. Cut 18 inches long of any random color (16 inches long if you have a small wrist). *Note* The random color will not show. Set up your strings in this order: | A | B | C | D | E | E | D | C | B | A | Step 1 Take your furthest string(A) from the right and go over all the other strings(A B C D)make a backwards knot onto the string in the middle(string E) from the right and then onto the next string(E) from the left. Step 2 Take your furthest string(A) from the opposite side(left) and go over all the other strings(A B C D)make a fowards knot onto the 2 middle strings(first on string E from the left then on string E from the right). Step 3 Repeat steps 1-2 until you have the desired length of your bracelet. (You can also do the box knot down the middle to make it "double-sided") The original author of this tutorial is creativitygirl, but it has also been edited by Foz, Jeckle, RockePloeger, Sareana, ScruffyPup, k_marie, Alicat and Giveagift.

Tutorial. This tutorial shows you how to tie the bracelet buckle of mine. It fastens the bracelet around the wrist using only the bracelet threads. Learn knots In addition to the ordinary bracelet knots, will have to learn the macrame knot (also called square knot). You can also use the ordinary forward knot as in chinese staircases, see the video in the end of the tutorial. Strings The threads should be a bit longer than when you make ordinary bracelets. Start in the middle (as the arrow in the pic below shows) and make some macrame knots.

When you have made some macrame knots from the middle and outward it will look like this: Now, bend the whole thing: When you have bent it it should be around 2cm long total, as the image shows. Make the bracelet pattern length about 4cm less than your wrist circumference. When you are done, you continue like this: Make a makram? Since you have divided all threads into two divisions, continue making macrame knots in two lines. You are done! Making the Buckle. Image Result for. Friendship bracelets. ► Friendship Bracelet Tutorial 14 - Beginner - Alternating Leaves Pattern. How to Make Easy Friendship Bracelets Out of String | Le Blog Fashion.