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Common Compound Library A searchable database of over 800 common compound names, formulas, structures, and properties. Companion Notes Hyperlinked notes and guides for first semester general chemistry. Construction Kits Flash-based kits for building chemical formulas, names, equations, and problem solutions. Articles Featured articles, books, and tutorials. Toolbox Interactive graphing, popup tables, and calculators. Tutorials Index of self-guided tutorials, quizzes, and drills on specific topics.

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Virtual Labs The Virtual Lab is an online simulation of a chemistry lab. It is designed to help students link chemical computations with authentic laboratory chemistry. The lab allows students to select from hundreds of standard reagents (aqueous) and manipulate them in a manner resembling a real lab. Tackling the world’s challenges We are committed to ensuring that the chemical sciences contribute to their full potential to tackling the major global challenges of today and tomorrow. The world’s population is projected to reach 9 billion by 2050. The standard of living around the world has been rising, but socio-economic disparities remain. Individuals, communities, companies and nations all have a role to play in tackling inter-connected global challenges, in order to provide every person in every country with water, food, energy and a home, in an environmentally and economically sustainable way.

Science for Kids Water is an amazing substance! It can form into a beautiful snowflake in its solid state or evaporate into the air as a gas. Experiment with solids, liquids and gases to learn more about these states of matter. How do objects move? Electricity and Magnetism - Interactive Java Tutorials Interactive Java Tutorials Mag Lab U: Learning about Electricity and Magnetism - Visit our sister website for more interactive Java tutorials, a timeline of historical events, a museum of antique devices, and articles on topics related to electricity and magnetism. Russian Abacus - This tutorial explores how the Russian abacus was once used to do simple arithmetic. By moving a set of beads back and forth across a set of framed wires, the visitor can do use this tutorial to do simple addition and subtraction. Atomic Orbitals - Electrons are distributed around an atom according to probability density distributions.

Chemistry — Cooler Than Absolute Zero! Here’s a look at the remarkable properties of ten of the periodic table’s elements. The first on our list was hailed as the philosophers’ stone when it was discovered. 1. Phosphorus Phosphorus was the first element ever isolated scientifically. In 1669 Hennig Brand evaporated water from urine, then allowed the residue to fester for a few months. Intuitor, How to Use Movie Physics in the Classroom How to Use Movie Physicsin the Classroom The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Movie physics can provide a bonanza of enrichment activities for both high school physics students and first year physics students in college. These generally require nothing more than a VCR and stopwatch. Some movie scenes provide examples of good physics and others bad physics but all can be analyzed and used as topics of discussion.

50 Awesome Chemistry Videos For The Busy Science Teacher Though we don’t often recognize it, chemistry defines nearly every element of our everyday lives. From the reactions that fuel the sun to the biology of our bodies to the technology in our gadgets, chemistry is at the heart of everything we do and is the central science that unites biology, physics, geology, astronomy, medicine, and countless other fields. Yet chemistry doesn’t always get the credit and recognition it deserves for playing such an awesome role in, well, everything. If you’ve been slighting chemistry, there’s no better time to give the field the credit it deserves than National Chemistry Week. Founded in 1987, the week-long event has helped bring awareness to the role chemistry plays both in our lives today and in our future. You can get in the spirit of the event by checking out a few (or all) of these amazing chemistry videos online.

Environmental Issues ( This page designed print cleanly without extraneous menus, ads, etc. and may make a great classroom handout. This page may benefit from setting your browser to print background colors. Consumer Health & Food Safety ConcernsADA Recommendation for Fluoride in Infant DietsBased on American Dental Association recommendations, many infants and small children may be getting too much fluoride in their diets, which may pose long term health risks including fluorosis.AsbestosA three part series on its history, chemical and physical properties, uses, health hazards and the legal implications of asbestosis & mesothelioma.Dry-Cleaning ChemicalsLooking Good, Feeling Bad; or, What's the Problem with Perc?

Chemistry Techniques – Titration Click to enlarge Anyone who’s studied chemistry will be overly familiar with titrations. It’s an analytical technique that can be used to find the concentration of a solution (the amount of a solute dissolved in it). Science Experiments: Household Chemistry Experiments Household Chemistry In most homes, you already have the equipment and ingredients you need to perform some really interesting and fun household chemistry experiments! What kind of science experiments and demonstrations can you do at home?

Site intéressant sur la chimie général avec des articles, des tutoriels, FAQ et des quiz. Intéressant à présenter à nos étudiants ou pour simplement s'en inspirer. by anneseguingodin Feb 24

This is a college text, but has some very nice information about Significant Figures. by Jan 18