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Related:  SPWVideo Creation & ToolsHumourVideos for ELTListen 2 - Lesson Plans Helping Students Understand Literature and Writing Lesson Plans for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages For Foreign Language Teachers Helping Children with Autism Improve Life Skills October 2011 About us Courses & workshops Consultancy services Clients & publications Tools & webquests ESL Lounge: Songs for English Teaching. Song Titles A to B Front Page Home Premium conversation topics esl This is a conversation class based on the topic of agony aunts for advanced adult students (C1+) in which students learn some expressions and structures for giving advice. Here is the language handout and the situations for advice: Agony Aunt + Agony Aunt Language Start by trying to elicit what an agony aunt is.

Use Weavly To Remix YouTube and SoundCloud Weavly is a new service for remixing media found on YouTube and SoundCloud, and Loopcam GIFs. Weavly provides a simple drag and drop interface that allows you to search for, trim and combine tracks without ever leaving the Weavly site. To start creating your Weavly video perform a search for video content. When you find a video clip that you like drag it to the Weavly editor where you can adjust the start and end times of the clip. Then move on to adding sounds by search for sounds and draggin them to the Weavly editor where you can again trim the start and end times. Finally, you can add some animated GIFs by searching for them and dragging them into the editor.

Country - Canada - Funky English Canada Listen to the passage and read along! Canada is a country in North America. The capital of Canada is Ottawa. Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world by area - the largest country by area is Russia. Making a presentation: language and phrases - Speakspeak This is a list of phrases to help you make a professional presentation in English. Good presenters always use language (sometimes single words, sometimes phrases) which shows where they are in their presentation. These ‘signposts’ make it easier for the audience to: follow the structure of the presentationunderstand the speaker more easilyget an idea of the length and content of the presentation. 10 Video Projects Every Teacher Should Try Making classroom movies has gotten much easier now that cell phones, tablets and other devices feature video capabilities that are high quality and simple to use. And happily, we’ve found that students love to use video—it’s a format that they understand and that sparks their creativity. Here are ten ideas to try in your classroom today. Make a Book Trailer: Challenge students to design a movie-style trailer that excites their classmates about a must-read novel or nonfiction book.

B1 level English language practice tests B1 is one of the CEFR levels described by the Council of Europe. The ability to express oneself in a limited way in familiar situations and to deal in a general way with nonroutine information. Examples: Can ask to open an account at a bank, provided that the procedure is straightforward. Can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc.

Likes - advanced - Useful Expressions for Learning English menu Menu Learning Overview Available anywhere, any time, across your devices WeVideo makes video creation accessible to everyone, using cloud-based technologies to make it easier, faster and more convenient. Because it's cloud-based, we make social video editing possible, where people come together online to collaborate on a video project. Choose the interface that's best for you WeVideo has three levels of interface, to grow with you as your video editing experience grows. Suitable for novices that have never edited a video before, to experts and old-hands alike, WeVideo has a mode suited to you.

Still life: Bent objects » Article », Digital Journalism UPDATE: The Return of Bent Objects Wires transform these objects from inanimate to hilarious works of art. Little polish girl ESL Beginner and Elementary Online Games and Activities ESL Powerpoint (PPT) Games If you are the type of person who prefers to have games on powerpoint or as printable handouts, we have been thinking of you. We offer board games, powerpoint games and more for the classroom and one to one teaching. They have made my lessons fun and I have no doubt yours will be fun too. Bristol Pound - Our City. Our Money -- DOWNLOAD THE DESIGN BRIEF (194KB pdf) -- Enter the Bristol Pound Artwork Competition to see your artwork on the new Bristol Pound notes! The competition opens on Monday 16th February and will run for a month. Enter by emailing your orginal artwork to or post it to the Bristol Pound offices before Monday 16th March.

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