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Very Funny Pepsi Commercial

Very Funny Pepsi Commercial

Un agent de sécurité défie un enfant dans une battle à la Dance Cam Mardi dernier, les spectateurs d'un match de la NBA ont assisté à une battle improvisée entre un enfant et un agent de sécurité à la Dance Cam. Après le show du jeune garçon, c'est un agent de sécurité qui a fait monter la pression en le défiant dans une battle. Avez-vous déjà partagé cet article? Partager sur Facebook

Debates on Persuasive Language That Extend Outside of Class The New York TimesFrom left, The Times’s columnists Maureen Dowd, David Brooks and Gail Collins. A teacher in Georgia, Randy Fair, uses their columns in class to discuss the art of persuasive language.Go to the Opinion section » Here is another in our Great Ideas From Readers series. If you’ve used The Times for teaching and learning and would like to see your idea featured on our blog, write in and tell us what you’ve done. Teacher: Randy Fair Poetry Pairing In our weekly “Poetry Pairing” series, we collaborate with the Poetry Foundation to feature a work from its American Life in Poetry project alongside content from The Times that somehow echoes, extends or challenges the poem’s themes. Each poem is introduced briefly by Ted Kooser, a former United States poet laureate. This week’s pairing: the poem “Uniforms” and an article from 2010, “You Made Me Wear This.”

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