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Top 15 Most Popular Funny Websites

Top 15 Most Popular Funny Websites
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QC: New Comics Every Monday Through Friday Bobagento - Besteira pouca é bobagem... 5 Terrifyingly Advanced Ways Animals Know How to Kill #2. Tarantula Hawk Paul Nylander, via Tucson Citizen Allow me to set your mind at ease for once: A tarantula hawk is not a flying tarantula. But let's go back to that stinger: It's roughly a third of an inch long, which is a bigger blade than you're allowed to bring on an airplane these days. San Dieguito River ParkWhen the guy whose job it is to take the worst pain ever starts describing his feelings like the tagline to a horror movie, that shit has as astronomically high likelihood of being real. And while it is noted that the tarantula hawk is "relatively docile" and "rarely stings without provocation," don't you dare take any of that premature comfort. The tarantula hawk is one of the few insects that get drunk recreationally. So even if they're not actively out to kill you, just remember: Somewhere out there in nature, somebody's drunk driving a tiny helicopter with a 1/3-inch blade instead of a bumper, coated in the most painful thing on the planet. #1. Tree of Life Web Project

The Top 25 Most Entertaining Sites On The Net Banged Up:: This page is full of hilarious and raunchy pictures. While this isn’t a porn site, it’s not safe for work. BBspot:: This is one of the net’s better humor sites. They’re best known for their top 11 lists. Bruno the Bandit:: Man I love this comic. This may be my favorite net comic but it just doesn’t get the attention it deserves for some reason. Darwin Awards:: Stupid people dying in ridiculous ways. Ernie’s House of Whoopass:: Ernie mixes in rabid Pro-American commentary with lots of funny pics and a few nudes. Fark:: This is possibly the most influential site on the net today. F*cked Company:: This huge site is a game/news source about web pages going out of business. Hacker Network:: This site is best known for their incredibly cool movie hacks. Herd of Sheep:: This may be the best humor site you’ve never heard of. How Stuff Works:: Although education and entertainment usually don’t go that well together, How Stuff Works is the exception. Also see...

Sobre No primeiro dia de novembro de 2008, d.C. nasceu o .Com o objetivo de selecionar tudo do bom e do melhor (e do pior) da internet em apenas um lugar. Apesar do tema um tanto quanto blasfêmico diferente, tanto no visual quanto no estrutural, o site não quer ofender a crença de ninguém, (looooooonge de mim) mesmo porque se isso acontecer sugiro que você vá ao canto superior direito e clique no X, tal botão te levará ao paraíso imediatamente. E porque esse tema foi escolhido? Tudo começou com uma visão de Mauricio Cid, (Cid para os leitores íntimos) que no seu caminho diário até a padaria para comprar um sanduíche de presunto, fora atropelado e, em um breve momento desacordado, viu anjos, arcanjos e querubins (seja lá a diferença entre eles) pedindo que criasse algo divino e espirituoso. O autor do blog aqui presente nada mais é que um mero mortal, nem mesmo sabe fazer mágicas, nem aquela clássica do dedo… nada! Uma rodada de hóstia pra galera!

7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly) Biting is a Terrible Way to Spread a Disease Hey, remember that time when that dog got rabies, and then a day later, every single other dog on the continent had it, except for a small band of survivors huddled in a basement? No? That never happened? Nearly all of the zombie movies agree on one thing: They reproduce like a disease, one that spreads via a bite from the infected (like they have a virus carried by zombie saliva or whatever). But this also means their spread should be subject to the same rules of a normal epidemic, and biting is a shitty way to get an epidemic going. The successful diseases have some really clever way to invisibly spread from victim to victim. Though Google Image Search does turn up a large volume of zombie porn But let's say there is an outbreak, like if one zombie was able to bite 30 people in the crowd at an Insane Clown Posse concert before they figured out it wasn't part of the show. Remember the SARS outbreak? No one was overlooked.

10 Great Time-Wasting Entertaining Websites | Correr Es Mi Destino The World Wide Web, Graf­fiti in Nantes, August 2012 As a free­lancer, I’m online a lot. Granted, I spent most of my on not-so-exacting web­sites like French-English dic­tio­nar­ies and language-related web­sites (and actu­ally work­ing!), but some­times I need a break and I click on “Time-Wasting Web­sites” in my bookmarks. Yes, I have a ded­i­cated cat­e­gory to these fun web­sites where you can spend hours of your pre­cious time. We all need some fun, right? I hope you will enjoy this list of ten great time-wasting websites! Not Always Right — Self-described as “funny and stu­pid cus­tomer sto­ries”, Not Always Right is an out­let for any­one work­ing in the cus­tomer ser­vice indus­try… and most of us did, at one point in our life. Buz­zfeed — Viral news, silly con­tent, weird jokes… yes, this is the “web 2.0″, what­ever that means. You Suck at Craigslist — Every­body knows Craiglist, the local clas­si­fieds for jobs, hous­ing, for sale, per­son­als, ser­vices, etc.

Neymar Cover, Pão Torrado e Mestre Drácula. Conheça candidatos com nomes bizarros dessas eleições - Fotos - R7 Eleições 2014 Termo de Uso Específico – R7 Pontos O respectivo Termo de Uso Específico (doravante, “Termo de Uso”) tem como objetivo regrar a participação e utilização pelos usuários devidamente cadastrados no Portal R7 e possuidores de um serviço de e-mail @R7 (doravante, “Usuário(s) R7”) no R7 Pontos (doravante, “R7 Pontos”), consistente em um programa de incentivo de navegação e interatividade aos Usuários R7 no Portal R7, de participação inteiramente facultativa pelo Usuário R7, com benefícios descritos neste instrumento, disponibilizada através da internet mediante o acesso do Usuário R7 à respectiva área do Portal, localizada pelo endereço eletrônico pela Rádio e Televisão Record S.A. (doravante, “Record” ou simplesmente “R7”). 1. 1.1. 1.2. 1.3. 1.4. 2. 2.1. 2.2. 3. 3.1. 3.2. 3.3. 3.4. 3.4.1. 3.5. 3.5.1. 3.5.2. 3.6. 3.6.1. 3.7. 3.8. 3.9. 3.10. 3.11. 3.12. 3.13. 3.14. 3.15. 3.16. 3.17. 3.18. 3.19. 3.20. 4. 4.1. 4.2. 4.3. 4.4. 4.5. 4.6. 5. 5.1. 5.2. 5.3. 5.4. 5.5.

Astrological Personality Traits - Cancer Cancer is a Cardinal water sign, ruled by the moon. As the fourth sign of the zodiac, the Cancer individual is a deeply emotional person inside, but is smooth and confident on the outside. Their first love is of home and family and they are nurturing and caring in the family setting, creating a cozy, comfortable, safe existence behind the doors of their own home. Famous and historical characters sharing this sign include Princess Diana (July 1), Nelson Mandela (July 18), and O.J. Simpson (July 9). Although many Cancer personalities make a real mark on the world, they are emotionally never far from home and hearth. For those with a cancer child, you have a loving kid with a long memory, who never forgets an emotional event. Adults under the Cancer sign will be dedicated workers, and will do well at keeping their work and home lives separated. If you have found a romantic partner in a Cancer, you have a caring, insightful, and sentimental partner indeed. Custom Search Message Board

Cool and Interesting Websites to Visit When You're Bored 30 Jan 2014 Here are some cool and interesting websites that will make you smile and also help beat that afternoon energy slump. couch mode print story I have added these non-tech related websites in my “weekly” bookmarks folder. Dear Photograph – The website features photographs of people holding up old pictures that were taken at the exact spot several years ago. Also see: The Most Useful Websites Lamebook – Weird and hilarious stuff that people post on Facebook.