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Ebook Friendly - ebooks made simple and cool

Ebook Friendly - ebooks made simple and cool

Area Libro - la community degli autori Ecosystème du livre numérique A Kindle World blog EHI BOOK! untitled << Activités : Avril 2014 >> Lettres numériques Les lettres numériques sont une newsletter et un site, initiative de la FWB, proposant semaine après semaine de détailler l'actualité et toutes les informations relatives au secteur du livre numérique. Elle regroupe à la fois les ressources proposées par les auteurs, éditeurs ou libraires en matière de numérisation ou d'initiatives sur Internet (sites, blogs, etc.) mais aussi des informations sur la politique de numérisation en Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. Lien :

How much should an ebook cost? Subscribe to our free email newsletter. We'll update you once or twice a week, and we'll never rent or sell your email address to anyone. Thanks. This is the wrong question. The right question is: How much will an ebook cost? Because the answer isn’t up to one author or one publisher or even a price-fixing cartel. On one hand, the marginal cost of delivering a single ebook is close to zero. (People who disagree with that statement don’t understand the concept of marginal cost and should look it up before participating in this discussion. In a market where the marginal cost is close to zero, prices tend to race to zero as well. Except when there are no substitutes. So our analysis begins with the notion that there will be at least two price points for ebooks. But what about books where there is no obvious substitute. Here, we need to take a moment and think about the nature of a substitute. That means that pricing of the future looks like: Zero: promo titles $15: current bestsellers

Ebook Vanilla Aldus - depuis 2006 What makes a good-looking eBook: Tips on eBook design for standard titles While I was pleased to read about FutureBook’s first Digital Innovation Awards last year, I was disappointed not to see a category for ‘Best eBook’ alongside 'Best app/enhanced eBook/interactive book'. It would have been nice to have had a shout-out for perfectly normal ebooks, with no bells and whistles but intelligently produced and sensitively designed, in recognition of the difficulties of achieving the latter in the standard reflowable EPUB format. Of course, if FutureBook did create this category, it would probably have to take it down even by the next round of awards, as technology and standards are constantly improving and hopefully we will soon reach the point where there is no need to celebrate ebooks that have the functionality and design that we would expect from an HTML-based medium. So, what are the challenges of standard reflowable ebook design? Given the number of limitations, the concept of the ‘good-looking ebook’ might seem oxymoronic. Paragraph indentation. Styling.

Ebook Mania Veille numérique La lettre d'information L'Arald effectue une veille quotidienne sur le numérique dans le domaine du livre. La lettre d'information est hebdomadaire, elle propose les points les plus importants de la semaine. Archives Les dernières éditions de la lettre d'information : 27 mars 2014 14 mars 2014 7 mars 2014 21 février 2014 14 février 2014 3 février 2014 3 février 2014 24 janvier 2014 17 janvier 2014 10 janvier 2014 20 décembre 2013 20 décembre 2013 13 décembre 2013 6 décembre 2013 29 novembre 2013 22 novembre 2013 15 novembre 2013 8 novembre 2013 31 octobre 2013 25 octobre 2013 21 octobre 2013 11 octobre 2013 4 octobre 2013 27 septembre 2013 20 septembre 2013 13 septembre 2013 6 septembre 2013 23 août 2013 2 août 2013 19 juillet 2013 12 juillet 2013 5 juillet 2013 21 juin 2013 13 juin 2013 3 juin 2013 24 mai 2013 17 mai 2013 03 mai 2013 26 avril 2013 19 avril 2013 ... Plus de veille ? Si vous souhaitez suivre la totalité de la veille numérique de l'Arald, plusieurs solutions :

Do E-Books Make It Harder to Remember What You Just Read? I received a Kindle for my birthday, and enjoying “light reading,” in addition to the dense science I read for work, I immediately loaded it with mysteries by my favorite authors. But I soon found that I had difficulty recalling the names of characters from chapter to chapter. At first, I attributed the lapses to a scary reality of getting older — but then I discovered that I didn’t have this problem when I read paperbacks. When I discussed my quirky recall with friends and colleagues, I found out I wasn’t the only one who suffered from “e-book moments.” Online, I discovered that Google’s Larry Page himself had concerns about research showing that on-screen reading is measurably slower than reading on paper. This seems like a particularly troubling trend for academia, where digital books are slowly overtaking the heavy tomes I used to lug around. VIDEO: Trippy Video: Inside the World Series of Memorization Second, the book readers seemed to digest the material more fully.