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What About Me?

What About Me?

Wild Apricot Infographics are to data what storytelling is to an annual report: a more engaging way to help bring attention and understanding to your nonprofit’s cause. Yesterday we looked at an interesting infographic that suggested a new way to view your volunteers. Today, let’s look at infographics in general – and resources to help your nonprofit get started on making your own. As Wikipedia explains, “Information graphics are visual devices intended to communicate complex information quickly and clearly”: Information graphics or infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge.

Infographics and Best Practices This may seem a little meta to have an infographic about infographics, but the best practices that it shares are sound. The most reliable source of infographics that I’ve found is from press releases or direct pitches. I’m curious to know your thoughts on this one. Is there anything you would add or take away? Photo by Hannibal (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons Infographic by Lean Labs Coffee drinks illustrated - Lokesh Dhakar I’m new to the world of fancy coffee drinks. With the vast number of ordering options and new words with accented characters to pronounce the coffee shop ordering experience can be intimidating. I’ve created a few small illustrations to help myself and others wrap their head around some of the small differences. Build HTML5 and Flash Charts & Graphs for Web Applications Build interactive HTML5 charts using our JavaScript charting library and feature-rich API set. Render them in any browser and on any device. Export them quickly and easily. Conquer your data visualization challenges. ZingChart offers the flexibility and resources to create stunning visualizations.

Gordon Bell's Home Page Email: GBell At is the most reliable communication linkMobile phone & answering machine: (415) 640 8255 best voice linkOffice & Computer LYNC Phone: (415) 972-6542; this rings on my PCFAX only if you must: MS fax gateway(425) 936-7329 address to "gbell" Microsoft Office: 835 Market Street, Suite 700, San Francisco, CA, 94103 (c) Dan Tuffs, Photographer Gordon Bell is a researcher emeritus in the Microsoft Research Silicon Valley Laboratory, working in the San Francisco Laboratory. His interests include extreme lifelogging, digital lives, preserving everything in cyberspace, and cloud computing as a new computer class and platform. He proselytizes Jim Gray’s Fourth Paradigm of Science.

6 Reasons Most Infographics Don't Cut It You might have noticed that there's been an explosion of infographics over the last year or two. Unfortunately, they seem to have jumped the shark a bit lately with companies cranking out any old thing and sticking the "infographic" title on it. We get tons of pitches from companies about their latest infographics, but only a small fraction actually make the cut. While we love infographics at ReadWriteWeb, we want them to be high quality. 8 Types of Infographics Teachers should Know about Is the human brain wired to easily receive, digest, and process visual content quicker than it is the case with content coded textually? Stats from 3M Corporation and Zabisco indicate that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and that visuals are processed 60,000X faster than text. No wonder we all crave infographics and tend to retain information and data learned from them much more longer than when you read a text. There are also a host of excellent web-based tools that you can use to create and share infographics and this list outlines some of the most popular ones out there. I have also recently come across a wonderful post from Diana Adams in which she featured 8 types of inforgahics . I invite you to check them below and share with us what you think of them

Track - Olympic Track & Field Official website of the Olympic Movement English | Français Follow us The Olympic Games Olympics Showcase of Free Infographic PSD Templates  Mostly designers and companies keep trends to be exist as all-rounder in this designing world and now hundred thousands word report split into an complete infographics image that is relationship of new design techniques, most of the time creative and professional presentation win Olympic meddle then a physically better athlete, only using my own words as reference because I recently have so many jobs for design infographics and now I would like to share to others why we should get control on infographic design techniques because modern world always adopt better way of representations. Advanced Infographic Charts Infographic Vector Kit

The Orwell Project: Hasan Elahi’s Anti-Terrorism Art Nearly a decade after Mohammad Gulab and his fellow villagers rescued and protected wounded Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, they remain Taliban targets—but they’ve never regretted their kindness. Nearly eight-and-a-half years after Mohammad Gulab and his fellow villagers harbored and saved the life of a gravely wounded U.S. Navy SEAL, they say they are still proud of their courageous action and would do it again in spite of the disappointments and troubles that have followed. In the face of point-blank Taliban threats to overrun the small village of Sabray in remote Kunar Province, along the porous and mountainous frontier with Pakistan, the villagers bravely protected, gave first aid to, fed, and clothed Marcus Luttrell, the wounded Special Warfare Operator, the only survivor of a four-man SEAL patrol.

A Few Rules for Making Homemade Infographics Like many other fans of infographics, we were excited about today's launch of, a site that helps normal folk create infographics. The program just requires users to upload data, and it generates a pretty JPG with charts, graphs, and icons -- no PhotoShop skills required. Given the service's ease and availability -- it's free to join -- it will probably mean the proliferation of more infographics.

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