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Smitten kitchen

Smitten kitchen

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contact Feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or anything else you have to say. I am also open to sponsorship and product reviews. Let's chat! I love meeting new people. My email is How Government Cover-Up on Fish Farming Affects Your Health For related articles and more information, please visit OCA's Health Issues page and our Food Safety Research Center page. Many environmental experts have warned about the unsustainability of fish farms for a decade now, and we have documented those objections in many previous articles. Unfortunately nothing has yet been done to improve the system. As usual, government agencies and environmental organizations around the world turned a blind eye to what was predicted to become an absolute disaster, and now the ramifications can be seen across the globe, including in British Columbia, Canada. Salmon Confidential is a fascinating documentary that draws back the curtain to reveal how the Canadian government is covering up the cause behind British Columbia's rapidly dwindling wild salmon population.

Playing Favorites with Bônet Bônet alla Piemontese Chocolate, caramel, nuts, custard. I sometimes joke that my heart is torn between these four great loves of my life, at least when it comes to dessert. While other people are happy never deviating from their one favorite flavor (my dad, for example used to ignore the rest of the menu if there was anything containing lemon on it), I can spend hours weighing the relative merits of a dessert menu that forces me to choose between a pot de crème and an almond tart. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think I am entirely to blame for this; I suspect there may be a touch of astrology muddying the waters as well. Yotam Ottolenghi's recipes for lockdown After the first few minutes of boiling, spaghetti are just stringy strands that you really wouldn’t want to eat. But at about the seven-minute mark, things start to change: the strands begin to yield and soften, before, eventually, they give in and give way, ready to be sauced up and spruced up. The past few months have felt a bit like this, too, as the world was thrown into hot water and told to change its form. We may not have reached that seven-minute mark quite just yet, but our ability to adapt and acclimatise gives me hope that we soon will. For now, though, the kitchen is our safe space, even if the question “What do I want for dinner?”

» Recettes de soupes chaudes Discover « Sweet Macarons » by Mercotte! Tame the macaron in 21 recipes! Tips and tricks, failure analysis, product selection and equipment, all steps are explained here simply to optimize your success. Buy the book:Amazon US - Amazon CA - Amazon UK - Amazon IT - Amazon DE - Amazon ES - Amazon FR edible perspective - About Welcome friends! However you happened upon my blog I am thrilled to have you. This is my little space. My nook. My spot. How to Preserve 100+ lbs. of Tomatoes With Almost No Work Tomatoes are one of the main crops that I preserve. Jam is all well and good, but face it: there’s a ton of sugar in those jars. Tomatoes, on the other hand, are incredibly good for you can go in just about anything. Whole Wheat Brioche Burger Buns - Completely Delicious Soft and flavorful homemade burger buns made with 100% whole wheat and Red Star Yeast. I’ve already confessed my love for burgers, but in my opinion a burger is only as good as its bun. The bun matters, folks! So don’t just pick the cheapest bag off the grocery store shelf. Look for something artisan, something made with good ingredients. They’ll taste so much better and so will your burgers.

Lockdown larder: a feast of quick and easy cake and cookie recipes Anna Jones’ vegan chocolate fudge cake – and a butter-free chocolate loaf This plant-based chocolate fudge cake uses coconut oil as an alternative to butter, for a decadent moist crumb and gooey icing. It needs no creaming or sifting and defies vegan cakes’ reputation for being complicated and/or inferior. A collection of vegan recipes A collection of vegan recipes Vegan Recipe Collection Hi there, my name is Paula. I post vegan recipes here for inspiration... Home Archive Random Ask me anything Theme One Green Planet vegan vegetarian recipe palak spinach pakora Dec 25 2015 - 46 notes - Source:

The Bitten Word: About The Bitten Word Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! We're Zach and Clay, and we cook recipes from monthly food magazines. Cheesy Cauliflower Biscuits Think back on the days of the restaurant bread basket—endless amounts of bread with butter or olive oil delivered to your table as soon as you sat down. I have to admit; I miss the days of free biscuits, bread sticks, hushpuppies, and all other carb-heavy appetizers. Luckily for our health though, many restaurants have nixed the basket of bread entirely, or have it as an option. In a quest to create a healthier biscuit for my pre-dinner snack, I found a perfectly portioned bite that is entirely gluten-free and less than 25 calories per biscuit. They might be small, but these little cheesy cauliflower biscuits bring a burst of garlicky-cheddar flavor every time you pop them in your mouth. You can serve them as your “bread basket” before dinner or on a platter for a fun appetizer.

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