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Key Chains & Wine Charms

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Wine charms

A Pair & a Spare. Alice and Lois. Be Crafty. It is always a good day when paint is involved.

Be Crafty

And it’s a really good day when it’s pink paint. I had left over supplies from our wood bead necklace project from our last workshop. Cafe Craftea. I've got quite a thing for tassels lately...

Cafe Craftea

A couple weeks ago, I made this phone tassel phone charm for my friend Debbie for Day 3 of her Advent Calendar. When I was younger and cellphones were still relatively novel, I had so much fun picking out phone charms for my parents' phones (to their indifference). Many smartphones, in particular iPhones now, don't have that little hole/notch for hooking a cellphone charm through anymore.

Canary Street Crafts. Today’s project is part of our Monthly DIY Challenge series.

Canary Street Crafts

Cleverly Inspired. Clones & Clowns. Remember that leather belt I found in my local RSPCA shop ?

Clones & Clowns

And remember I decided to cut into it when I made my rainbow necklace ? Well its come in useful once again ! Vous vous souvenez ma ceinture en cuir trouvée dans une boutique d’occasion ? Celle que j’avais découpée pour créer mon collier arc-en-ciel ?! Encore une fois, elle se rend utile ! Craftiness is not optional. Crazy Little Projects. Who likes quick and easy projects?

Crazy Little Projects

I bought one of these a while back from an internet site and just loved it and knew that they would be easy to make and now I’ve done it. They’re easy. Believe me, they’re really easy. Very fast, very easy, inexpensive and could make a really cute gift. Darice. Am I the only one that thinks finding little gifts for guys is incredibly difficult?


Sure, they love big technology gifts or the latest power tool but what are you suppose to do if you don’t want (or can’t!) Drop hundreds of dollars? This sentimental but minimal True North DIY compass keychain is the perfect answer. Made with rustic looking metals, this keychain is perfect for any man or woman who may not want to wear tons of sparkles and glitter in their pocket. DIYs. Try your hand at these modern keychains made of polymer clay.


They make a great gift for a group of friends and are super easy to create! With a simple monogram addition, you can personalize them for that special someone. For this DIY, you will need: Polymer or Sculpting clayA letter embossing set used with clayCraft Knife or small cookie cuttersWax PaperJump RingsKey chain rings I like to use the brand Sculptey for the polymer clay. Use the craft knife to cut a geometric shape. Use the clay embossing tool to add your monogram.

Enthralling gumption. The title maybe misleading but I didn’t know what to name this creation of mine.

Enthralling gumption

This is one of those DIYs wherein the idea just popped into my mind in the most random moment of my life ( why can’t my brain answer me quick when I brainstorm for ideas rather than while I am sleeping or where unexpected ). Anyways, this DIY embroidered keychain needed some experimentation prior to presenting its tutorial to you all and this is what you can take away from my experience. Materials: + Air-dry clay / polymer clay + Cutter + Embroidery thread + Jump ring + Keychain + Bails + Dowel Steps: 1.From the chunk of your clay, roll out a piece such that it is half an inch thick 2.Cut out a triangle about 1 1/2 inch all sides.

Fashionrolla. Wooden Bead Keychains [Easy level tutorial] 3 weeks until Christmas.


If you are a good planner then you already have all the presents for your loved ones. But what about all the other great people who make your life easier every day. Your colleagues, your babysitter or your neighbour, who waters your plants every time you are on vacation. You will need: wooden beadsdifferent key rings or lobster claspdifferent types of leathermatching thread and sewing needlepunch pliers, cutter, metal ruler and cutting mat Step 1: You can keep the ball as it is or spray paint the surface with the color of your choice. Step 2: Cut thin leather strap, thin enough to get through the opening in the wooden bead. Step 3: Put the straps through the beads. Step 4: Wrap the ends around the ring or lobster clasp and stitch them together with the thread.

For the Makers. Francois Et Moi. It’s always so exciting when “Spring Ahead” Daylight Savings rolls around.

Francois Et Moi

Not only is Spring so imminently close you can feel it, but our days become noticeably longer. That means more daylight for blogging and less of a race against the clock to get everything done before the sun sets. Happy Hour Projects. Homey Oh My. Inspiration Realisation. When we got our new home, I made a "his" and "hers" keychain. ...And later, because of several guests coming and going, I made a couple of spares. Instructables. Instructables. This instructable will show how to make a paracord lanyard using the cross knot and snake knot. The lanyard can be used as a wallet chain, to secure a key chain, keyring, knife, multitool, flashlight, cell phone, camera, binoculars, compass, and other assorted pocketable gadgets, gear, and gizmos...

More projects, links, knot references can be seen in my blog, Stormdrane's Blog. The cross knot can also be found under different names from other online and book references, as: The Chinese Crown Knot, Chinese Cross, Japanese Crown Knot, Japanese Success Knot, Rustler's Knot, Friendship Knot, and knot #808 in 'The Ashley Book of Knots'. Lia Griffith. Michael ann made. Michael ann made. Oh Oh. We use them all day long, so let's try to add a little fun to our key chain. I love these DIY key rings, they are stylish and quite easy to make. Passion Shake. Happy New week all. How are you doing?

Shelterness. Wooden beads key chain (via craftandcreativity) Shelterness. This simple leather key ring from will help you to find your keys in the morning. Prepare some leather – faux or natural, scissors, pliers, two eyelets. Cut a piece of leather of the size 4 cm x 10 cm. Make two holes at one end using scissors and folding the leather in two for the holes to be symmetrical. Put into each hole an eye and press it firmly with your pliers. Cut a 0.5 cm wide and 10 cm long piece of leather for a handle and put it through the eyelets. Shrimp Salad Circus. Simply Designing. Thanks I Made It. The Merry Thought.