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Madria Sangria - Sweetheart Strawberry Punch. Nothing accentuates the crisp refreshment of white sangria like the vivid color and sweetness of fresh, red summer strawberries.

Madria Sangria - Sweetheart Strawberry Punch

The tastes of strawberry, wine and sunshine over ice mingle as easily as old friends reunited. Essential Ingredients 1 (750 mL) bottle of Madria Sangria Moscato 2 cups of sliced strawberries Club soda Ice cubes Fruits to Add You’ve already got the strawberries. Experiment With Strawberry schnapps (2 or 3 shots should do it) A fistful of sugar Directions Pour the Madria Sangria Moscato into your favorite pitcher. Total prep time: Negligible. Classic Spanish Sangria Recipe. The best spanish sangria recipe! As is the case with so many Spanish specialties, there is no fixed sangria recipe.

The best spanish sangria recipe!

It consists of 'a little bit of this, a little bit of that', and whatever fruits happen to be in the kitchen. That said, at we're offering some blueprints for exciting variations on this drink. Feel free to add other ingredients to taste. Because the success of any mixture will depend on the quality of these ingredients, it is crucial always to use good red wine, fresh fruit and flavorful juice.

Sangría must always be served ice-cold. If you want to enjoy the real spanish fiesta spirit, don't miss our selection! Basic Sangria: A very simple, basic sangria recipe. Strong Sangria: For those who like their liquor strong, this powerful sangria recipe aims to please. DRINKSMIXER.COM: 22400+ mixed drink recipes, cocktails and drinks. Cocktail Recipes Archive. Cocktails & Mixed Drink Recipes. 200+ Drink Recipes - Best Cocktails and Drinks. Type to Search Best Ideas for Popular Drinks and Cocktails 5 Twisted Negronis You'll Want to Drink All Summer Long If you've never had a negroni, you should.

200+ Drink Recipes - Best Cocktails and Drinks

If you have, you need one of these—now.By Jill Krasny Beverage Share Cucumber-Honeydew Cooler Level: Easy With a mellow flavor and perfumy aroma, this duo of supreme hydrators is rich in vitamin C and potassium. Madria Sangria - Home. Moscato D'asti - Zonin USA. Bella Bolle' Wine-Searcher. Find and Price Wines. Wine Enthusiast - Wine Accessories, Wine Storage and Wine Gifts. Cabernet Sauvignon. Wine Spectator Home. Wine - Red Wine, White Wine, Champagne. Every Bottle Makes an Impact. Learn About Wine. Tasting Wine There’s no right way or wrong way to taste wine.

Learn About Wine

It’s this simple — do you like what you’re drinking or do you not like what you’re drinking? That said, there’s a formal way to taste wine that reveals more about the wine in your glass, even before you start drinking. Here at VinePair, we understand that this method of tasting can be intimidating, so we’re going to break it down for you, leaving you feeling comfortable and confident if you wish to use this method. Wine Basics - Learn About Wine. WineAndLeisure from The Wine Baron All about wine and how to enjoy it. Scotch tastings and whisky introduction at The Briars resort Among my many other roles in a wide variety of places, I am the in-house wine and scotch tasting host for The Briars resort in Jackson’s Point, Ontario, on the south end of Lake Simcoe.

WineAndLeisure from The Wine Baron All about wine and how to enjoy it.

Here’s the basic outline of what I cover. You are most welcome to book your own corporate or personal event through the resort, or contact me and I’ll help set it up. The Basics WHISKY - is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from grain mash. SCOTCH - there are five kinds; the most common are blended and single malt. SINGLE MALT - whisky from one distillery and a single malted grain (usually barley). We go over how whisky is made and single malts in particular. I invite attendees to visit my Whisky 101 blog which goes into these glorious matters in more detail: Examples of the Single Malt Scotches We Taste Glenkinchie (lowland) Dalwhinnie (highland) Talisker 10 yr (Skye) Lagavulin 16 yr (Islay) Whisky Regions of Scotland 1. Wine 101: An Introduction to Wine. Here it is, Wine 101, an introduction to wine for beginners!

Wine 101: An Introduction to Wine

Getting into a new hobby is fun and if you are like us then you want to gather as much information about your new love as possible. Well the world of wine and wine tasting doesn't have to be intimidating. With a little experience you can start down the road to being a true wine aficionado. Some of the things that can be scary when first trying to decipher wine is understanding a lot of the terminology used with wine. News, Pairings, Recipes, Cocktails & More. Wine and Exercise: A Promising Combination. The European Society of Cardiology is currently convened in Barcelona for its annual congress, where an abundance of promising heart-disease research has been unveiled.

Wine and Exercise: A Promising Combination

Envious American eyes are on a study of regular wine consumption and its apparent health benefits. Many studies in the past have found that wine drinkers have healthier hearts than abstainers, but the current trial—called In Vino Veritas (In Wine, Truth)—is one of the first studies to actually introduce wine into people’s lives and track its effects on their bodies. Lead researcher Miloš Táborský, head of cardiology at the Palacký University Hospital in Olomouc in the Czech Republic, revealed the study's results in a presentation over the weekend, saying, “We found that moderate wine drinking was only protective in people who exercised. Learn about wine. Wine news, tastings and reviews from the Wine Library.

The top 100 wine blogs - Recipes, Menus, Chefs, Wine, Cooking, Holidays, Entertaining. Get Food Network's tips for pairing wine with food cooking with wine wines to serve at parties and more. WineLoversPage - Straight talk in plain English about fine wine.