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The Top 20 Wine Influencers (according to Klout). (and their top 3 influences) 83 Gary Vaynerchuk Notes: 1) Everyone is this list has “wine” as one of their top influences with the exception of Gary Vaynerchuk . 2) Jancis Robinson , Wine Spectator , Jamie Goode , Tim Atkin , Snooth , Decanter magazine , Alder Yarrow , Luiz Alberto , Emmanuel Delmas , Wine Harlots , Ed Thralls Jr , Nicolas de Rouyn , Dusan Jelic , Ilkka Sirén , Paul Mabray , Ryan Opaz , and Lisa Mattson have “wine” as their top influnce (17 out of 23) 3) “Food” and “Social Media” are tied for second place in number of influences (10 people have it as one of their top 3 influences). 5) However, from 11th to 20th, there are 7 different countries: Emmanuel Delmas (France), Meg Maker (USA), Wine Harlots (USA), Dusan Jelic (Serbia), Nicolas de Rouyn (France), Ed Thralls Jr (USA), Nicolette Waterford (South Africa), Chris Nishiwaki (USA), Andre Ribeirinho (Portugal), Paul Mabray (USA), Ilkka Sirén (Finland), Ryan Opaz (Spain), and Lisa Mattson (USA).

The Top 20 Wine Influencers (according to Klout).

Cheers, Luiz Alberto, #winelover. China’s top wine influencer. What is Influencer Marketing? Explore the Strategy of Influencer Marketing Many people have grown cynical toward advertising.

What is Influencer Marketing?

The say it shows up in every conceivable place, makes ridiculous claims, plays to our most base instincts, and crowds out things that are more interesting and essential. In a world that is saturated by advertising, it is hard for them to trust any of the claims that marketers make. This cynicism is often eroded when recommendations for products come from friends or family members. A trusted recommendation comes with more credibility than an advertisement. Advertisers realize that they can use the power of social media and other Internet tools to market to their customers indirectly.

What is Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing involves marketing products and services to those who have a sway over the things other people buy. Influence can come from a wide range of places. Bloggers have become important influencers because they are seen as authentic and have loyal followings. Brand Manager. 30 Social Media & Blogging Influencers you should follow. The 9 Most Important Wine Bloggers in the US. The 9 Most Important Wine Bloggers in the US In the world of wine, these are the best of the best who run their craft and work hardest to improve the entire wine industry.

The 9 Most Important Wine Bloggers in the US

They are the most influential to both the trade and consumers. Their voices influence thousands of other wine personalities and tens of thousands of wine professionals. They are listed below (not in any particular order): Alder Yarrow - - Alder has been the king of wine bloggers for as long as I can remember wine blogging. One to watch – Jameson Fink - - Like David White last year, we expect Jameson to come bursting into the scene and he is already demonstrating not only his unique writing style but his ability to get other digital publications to feature his content. Who did we miss? Social Media Wine Influencers and #Winelover-s. Picture: Christian G.E.

Social Media Wine Influencers and #Winelover-s

Schiller with Hendrik Thoma in Frankfurt am Main, both on the Top 10 “German” Social Media Wine Influencers List of Mario Scheuermann 2 Klout lists have attracted particular attention in the wine world: the Klout list of social media wine influencers compiled by the Germany-based wine journalist Mario Scheuermann and the Klout list of #winelover-s compiled by USA-based Luiz Alberto. Klout Klout attempts to measure social media participants’ influence across social networks. The Klout score, a number between 1 and 100, is a representation of one’s overall social media influence, with higher scores corresponding to a higher assessment. Klout was founded in 2009 in San Francisco by Joe Fernandez and Binh Tran. Mario Scheuermann’s List of Social Media Wine Influencers The German wine journalist Mario Scheuermann has compiled a list of global social media wine influencers on Klout. I feel honored to be on Mario Scheuermann's list.

Here is the link for the list: Gillespie. Social Media Wine Influencers and #Winelover-s.