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11 Red Summer Wines You've Never Heard Of. The Star of Twin Peaks Makes the Best Celebrity Wine We've Ever Tasted. We were about 30 seconds into our call when Kyle MacLachlan said he had to ring me back; the 2016 vintage of his rosé, Blushing Bear, was at his door and he needed to bring in the delivery.

The Star of Twin Peaks Makes the Best Celebrity Wine We've Ever Tasted

Having just landed in LAX shortly before our chat, and with the imminent release of the new Twin Peaks series, one would imagine rosé would be the last thing on the actor’s mind. However, it soon became apparent that “winemaker” is an important facet of MacLachlan’s identity. MacLachlan’s Walla Walla-based winery is called Pursued by Bear. A Reporter at Large: The Jefferson Bottles. The most expensive bottle of wine ever sold at auction was offered at Christie’s in London, on December 5, 1985. The bottle was handblown dark-green glass and capped with a nubby seal of thick black wax.

It had no label, but etched into the glass in a spindly hand was the year 1787, the word “Lafitte,” and the letters “Th.J.” The bottle came from a collection of wine that had reportedly been discovered behind a bricked-up cellar wall in an old building in Paris. The wines bore the names of top vineyards—along with Lafitte (which is now spelled “Lafite”), there were bottles from Châteaux d’Yquem, Mouton, and Margaux—and those initials, “Th.J.” According to the catalogue, evidence suggested that the wine had belonged to Thomas Jefferson, and that the bottle at auction could “rightly be considered one of the world’s greatest rarities.”

In addition to surveying the relevant historical material, Broadbent had sampled two other bottles from the collection. Rodenstock shook Koch’s hand. Time to Try 'GSM': The Côtes du Rhône Blend. Some of the best wines in the world are blends of several grape varieties.

Time to Try 'GSM': The Côtes du Rhône Blend

This is because winemakers have more control over the taste profile of a wine when they use wine grapes as ingredients. The practice of blending is very common even with single varietal wines. For instance, a Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa may have up to 25% Merlot or Petit Verdot to round out the flavor. The ‘GSM’ red blend is made from Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre and it’s a classic from the Côtes du Rhône region.

The “New” California. California, the land of sunshine, free spirits, and big wines.

The “New” California

Right? Yes, of course, all that is true but today we are seeing that free spirited attitude change the paradigm for wine production. Some might say that we are witnessing a return to a different style of wine. Fresher, lower in alcohol and having more in common with wines produced several decades ago or, gasp, with the wines of Europe. The truth is that the style of wines is indeed changing, though not exactly returning to its previous state. This mentality, one that does return to an earlier time when wine was made from grapes and didn’t include additions of color, tannins, acids, and the like, is driving a renaissance in California and the results are unlike anything that we have recently experienced from their sunbaked vineyards.

While all of these developments are exciting, they are not in fact new, though their blossoming in the industry is a new occurrence. Beginners Guide to Decanting Wine. All you really needed to know about decanting wine in 2 minutes flat.

Beginners Guide to Decanting Wine

How Long Should I Be Decanting Wine Decant wine for 5 minutes to about 2 hours. A Guide to 10 Different Styles of Rosé Wine. Someone told you somewhere that rosé wine is both manly and sophisticated.

A Guide to 10 Different Styles of Rosé Wine

You may not have believed them at the time —because of the pink hue—, but now at least you’re curious. So what are these gentleman-friendly rosé wines and which ones should you try? This simple guide outlines some of the most popular styles of rosé from around the world. There’s a new Chianti in Town. Many of us think of Chianti as an expensive, everyday wine but of course the truth of the matter is much more complex than that, and it just got even more complex.

There’s a new Chianti in Town

Adding complexity where it is not necessary seems to be something the Italians excel at, and with the introduction of Chianti Classico Gran Selezione they may have just done just that. We already have a hierarchy with Chianti that includes Chianti, Chianti Classico, additional Chianti appellations, Chianti Riservas and, as of this year, Chianti Classico Gran Selezione. I was fortunate to be able to have tasted a line-up of these wie earlier this year at Prowein, the trade only wine fair held annually in Dusseldorf, Germany. For more information on this amazing event please check out: Why You Should be Going to Prowein. Amazing Pinot Noir Wine Facts. Pinot Noir grape clusters are usually small and difficult to ripen evenly.

Amazing Pinot Noir Wine Facts

The Guide to Pinot Noir Wine Pinot Noir is the most highly prized wine in the world. Best Malbec Guide- The Top-Rated & Top-Value Malbec Wines. Diverse, rich and perfect for savoring slowly, Argentinean Malbec is America's current go-to red.

Best Malbec Guide- The Top-Rated & Top-Value Malbec Wines

By Michael Schachner Published: Argentinian Malbec Remember five years ago, when Pinot Noir was all the rage? And prior to that, when Shiraz from Australia logged time as America’s darling red wine? 5 Awesome Regions for Wines Under $15. Let’s play a game.

5 Awesome Regions for Wines Under $15

If you were an importer on the search for the next amazing wine or region, where would you start looking? Everyone wants in on Burgundy and Tuscany, but we forget there are some terrific regions that are much less represented even if their wines are just as good. It’s time to tread off-the-beaten trail and explore wine regions with raw potential. A few of these value wine regions use grapes that no one has ever heard of, but don’t let that deter you! Back in the 1950′s, ‘Cabernet Sauvignon’ used to be considered an exotic word. Here are 5 Regions that show great potential to become classics. The Best Red Wine For Beginners. There are 6 red wines and most fly under the radar, but as it happens they are some of the best red wines for beginners.

Learn what Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Shiraz, Carménère, Monastrell and Garnacha have in common as examples of excellent wines to start your adventure into wine. It’s true, wine is an acquired taste and everyone’s taste is different. On top of this fact, wine gives off hundreds of aroma compounds that deliver hundreds of unique smells: from cherry sauce to old saddle leather. So what are the best red wines to start your adventure into wine?

The following wines are great to use as benchmarks for basic understanding. Wp-content/uploads/2014/03/2014-wine-buying-cheat-sheet-final.pdf. Esoteric Wines Add Notches To Your Belt. The excitement over esoteric wines is equivalent to the special feeling when you find a four-leaf clover or see a rare bird.

Esoteric Wines Add Notches To Your Belt

It’s not that they’re pricey. In fact, many of these bizarre grape wines are comparatively cheaper because they fly under the radar. Learn Rioja Wine: Crianza to Gran Reserva. If you love the structure of Cabernet Sauvignon but the fruitiness of Grenache then you’ll love Tempranillo. It’s big wine with high tannin that will buddy up to any piece of rich meat. Tempranillo is a popular grape that grows everywhere, but its homeland is Spain.

New World vs. Old World Wine. What does Old World Wine mean? Vinum Cellars Paso Robles Zinfandel 2011 - An Easy Drinker. Learn About Zinfandel Wine. Don’t turn your back on Zinfandel just yet. Once you learn its rich history in the United States and find out the nuances–and the good ones on the market, you’ll stock up for fall. 100 year-old head-trained Zinfandel–a method not common today. Getting to Know Washington Syrah. 8 Delicious Alternatives to Cabernet Sauvignon. Nearly every red wine lover has a special place in their heart for classic Cabernet Sauvignon. In fact, it’s so well-loved, it just recently became the world’s most planted wine grape variety. Free Horse Heaven Hills Wine Course. The New York Times Wine Club. Great Cabernet $50 to $75. On Tuesday I wrote with great pleasure about a group of Cabernets that were right about $25 a bottle, some less.

They represented much of what I look for in Cabernet, and at an affordable price. Today I turn my sights to wines that promise much more. At least they are priced in such a way as to promise much more, not that they always deliver. To a certain extent wines in this price range, $50 to $75 a bottle often under-deliver. Great Cabernet $50 to $75. Wine List: Top Cabernet $20-$25 Tasted 12/13. Wine by the Glass Problems and Solutions. Madeline Puckette Over the years since I first started working as a wine server, wine by the glass (known in the biz as WBTG) programs have grown in size and popularity. But there are a few things to watch out for in ‘by the glass’ wines, particularly at large corporate chains.

The Mourvedre Wine Guide. You try Cabernet Sauvignon and love it. The Top 5 Articles of 2013. Experts Pick The Best Oregon Pinot Noir. Cranberries and Dirt: Guide to Oregon Pinot Noir. If you’re wondering what Oregon wine is really like and want to understand the region a little better, this guide will help you understand the grape varieties, the sub-regions and the taste that makes Oregon wine so unique. Cahors = Côt = Malbec. Over Christmas, my office does something called "Christmas Angel". The idea is to decorate your designated person's office space, and give them small gifts, with clues to who they are. My Christmas Angel gave me only one clue. Best Wines under 20 Dollars - Best Wines under $20. While it's easy to just follow the crowd and go for the $16,000 bottle of Henri Jayer Richebourg Grand Cru with your grilled cheese, sometimes your budget may call for something a little more on the affordable side.

Wines Under 5 Dollars at Trader Joe's - Cheap Wine. 2001 Rioja is Perfect. Wine Gifts: Italy. Top 50 Portuguese Wines – According to Julia Harding of The Chenin Blanc Wine Guide. The Six Wines You Should Have on Hand Right Now. Stop buying expensive wine! Merlot from $15 and Under. Where Do the Plums Come From? Jon Rimmerman, the Garagiste Founder and Wild Raconteur of Wine. Garagiste Wine. Top 25 Value Wines. Old Wine. Top Super Premium Wines. Top Pinot Noir Picks.

Luxury PVA Winners. David White's Splurge Wines. Top Ten Cabernet Sauvignons: Spotlight on Washington State. Top 10 Cabernets That You Can Find Almost Anywhere. Top 10 Chardonnays You Can Find Tonight. Top 10 Red Blends Under $20. Red Blends $20 to $55. Cheap Wine vs. Expensive Wine: Can You Really Tell The Difference? Guide to Rhone Blends. Syrah - Has Its Time Come? A Value Leader Among Wines. Napa Merlots. Top 15 Chardonnays for Grilling. Blind Tasting: 2009 California Cabernet. Red or White?: A GQ Blind Test.

Is Australia Back? Super Premium PVA winners. Kermit Lynch Knows the Terroir. The Best of Zinfandel. The Giant Killers? In search of Excitement. Review: 2012 Lily's Cuvée Chardonnay. 2009 Chateau Petrus vs 2011 Leonetti Merlot. 10 Most Important Things To Know About Wine. 40 Wine Descriptions and What They Really Mean. Last Minute Wines. Alsace Riesling. What is Moscato Wine? Learn to identify Moscato and create food pairings. Party Reds. Gewürztraminer Wine Guide. Time to Try 'GSM': The Côtes du Rhône Blend. Confessions of a Wine Hater. How Does The Most Expensive Wine Taste? Famous Winemakers In California. Cabernet Sauvignon.