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L'OCCASION – a reason for wine. Wine doesn't have to be expensive to be good. L'OCCASION – a reason for wine. Summer of Swirling: V.I.P. Table Favorites. Article & Reviews by: Eric Guido It has been a summer full of fine foods, good friends and some absolutely beautiful bottles of wine.

Summer of Swirling: V.I.P. Table Favorites

It has also been one of my busiest summers to date. My workload has been tremendous, hence the lack of updates here on the blog, but that doesn’t mean my focus and dedication have waivered. I feel it’s time to do a little summer recap and introduce my readers to some of the great bottles I’ve enjoyed—before they are all gone. What’s more, autumn is right around the corner, and there are some red wines here that simply need to be retasted for optimal enjoyment as the weather cools.

Best Values. Wine Berserkers - international wine social media, online community, and forums. TN: CellarTracker Texas Offline - Part Two Post #1 by Joe Dulworth » May 26th 2010, 6:26am Some CellarTracker forum members decided to gather for a few days in San Antonio, TX to share some wine and good times.

Wine Berserkers - international wine social media, online community, and forums

The second evening started at TexasWineGeeks (Billy & Teddy) place before heading out to a local restaurant. Now onto the show...Round one was at Billy and Teddy's place. Merlot. Freakonomics and Where All These New Wines Come From - Aftertaste by Lot18Aftertaste by Lot18. We are asked all the time about the new wine brands that appear in Tasting Room shipments and on Lot18.

Freakonomics and Where All These New Wines Come From - Aftertaste by Lot18Aftertaste by Lot18

Neptune’s Trident? The Stub? The Tender? Mythmaker? I’ve never heard of ANY of these wineries! That’s a great question. First things first: We encourage you to listen to this recent Freakonomics podcast. Pharmacists prefer the cheaper generic to Bayer aspirin. So why spend the money on a famous wine brand if it’s just going to be more expensive? To give an example, one of the companies we work with to create many of the wine brands featured on our sites is called Plata Wine Partners. Now, let’s say you work at one of these wineries – we’ll call it Sonoma Toast. Fortunately for you, Plata owns and operates several top-quality vineyards in Sonoma’s Alexander Valley, Russian River and Sonoma Coast. At this point, Plata still has 18,000 cases of Sonoma Pinot Noir left. Lot18 provides access to high-quality, hard-to-find wines at attractive prices. Blend « Anti Wine Snob.

JackaRoo Big Red 2003, SE Australia, $7.35 for 750 ml(49% Cab, 44% Shiraz, 7% Merlot)(Red Wine) According to my Google search, “Jackaroo” is an Australian term for an apprentice on a cattle station or ranch….

Blend « Anti Wine Snob

Well, that makes me want to say something cutesy involving Australian slang and barbecue, but I shall refrain from doing so. You’re welcome. In short, “Big Red” is a good description for this JackaRoo wine. While it doesn’t have a lot of depth, it is full of easygoing, juicy, round flavors, and it also has a good dose of tannins that save the wine from simply tasting like a fat, fermented grape.

The tasting notes cite flavors of blackberry, spicy aromas and a hint of vanilla oak. Cheap Wine Review Blog. Wine Library TV: Gary Vaynerchuk's daily wine video blog. Aftertaste by Lot18. - Reviews of wines found at Costco. The Verbose Vine. Wine & Spirit Education Trust. Wine Blogging Wednesday #36: Unoaked Chardonnay.

Cameron Hughes Wine. What’s the difference between Tannins and Acidity? « Anti Wine Snob. What’s the difference between Tannins and Acidity?

What’s the difference between Tannins and Acidity? « Anti Wine Snob

This one stumped me for a while. When you read about wine-especially red wine–you invariable hear some mention tannins and acid. What’s the difference? I wondered. I thought tannins were acid. 1. “Tannin: 1. “Tannic Acid. Okay, so we have a definition. The answer, come to find out, is yes and no. A. I Know The Winemaker. Enjoy Wine By The Glass Without Pulling The Cork. Wine Aroma Wheel from UC Davis. Wines of France - A guide to French wines.

Because we tell it like it is. Wines. Shiraz. In the Vineyard: The vineyards are planted on the floor of what was, many millions of years ago, a great inland lake.


Evidence of this lake can be seen in the massive water washed boulders. As the rainfall declined the lake dried up leaving a deposit of calcareous silt many meters thick. The drying of the soil and the effect of the elements cured the top layer of this calcareous silt into rock hard calcium carbonate. At first it was thought that these soils were only suitable for pastures as the roots of orchards and vineyards could not penetrate the calcium carbonate. Wine Review: 2013 Arabella Shiraz. I have previously reviewed an Arabella wine not that long ago and thought it was very good.

Wine Review: 2013 Arabella Shiraz

In that same shipment from Naked Wines, I picked out the 2013 Arabella Shiraz because when you think of South African wine, you think Shiraz. I will spare some bashing of Naked Wines, like I normally do, and I will spare some of the description of the winery since I have reviewed them before. Global Discovery Club > JOIN OUR WINE CLUB. 6 bottles delivered every 3 months $90 per shipment First shipment includes a lushly textured Riesling from Washington's Yakima Valley, a buttery, oak-aged Chardonnay from Chile, a powerful Cabernet Sauvignon from Médoc, France, a warm and rich Touriga Nacional from the California's Sierra Foothills, a juicy and exuberant French Beaujolais Villages and a Reserva Malbec from Argentina.

Global Discovery Club > JOIN OUR WINE CLUB

High-quality, boutique wines from around the world, curated by a team of experts, including one of the world’s few Masters of WineA 6-bottle wine collection, (4 reds and 2 whites), delivered every 3 months‘The Cellar Review’ featuring tasting notes, stories behind the producers and multiple pairing suggestions in every shipment10% Member Discount on any wine in the Wine ShopDelivery to your home or office, guaranteed satisfaction and no membership fees. Wine of the Month Club® - The Original Wine Club Since 1972. Tasting packs. Wine and Good Food. The Infinite Monkey Theorem. A reason for bliss. Thank You - Sip NZ Wine. Contents. Home Page. Search Wine Ratings, Wine Reviews & More - Wine Enthusiast Buying Guide. Search our database of 175,505 wine reviews using the search box above.

Search Wine Ratings, Wine Reviews & More - Wine Enthusiast Buying Guide

Enter any term and click “search”, or use the “advanced” selector for additional filtering techniques. Popular Searches How to Search Please sign in above or create a profile to save wines to a list or add your own reviews. Our robust, searchable guide offers two different ways to search: Simple Use the search bar above to search any term such as a varietal, producer, region or designation. Advanced When you use the advanced selector you will be able to search multiple options at once such as rating, price and varietal. The buying guide has many other useful features such as: Rate/Review Wines Add your own reviews and your score will appear in the search results just below our editors’! Mirassou Pinot Noir Wine Review - Honest Wine Reviews. From Modesto, California, Mirassou Pinot Noir is a popular wine that you can find in many stores and restaurants.

Mirassou Pinot Noir Wine Review - Honest Wine Reviews

The Mirassou brand has been owned by Gallo since 2003. However, David Mirassou was kind enough to contact me via Twitter. In his message he said “I am still involved in every part of the Mirassou wines. Dirty and Rowdy Family Wines. Find the right wine at the right price, right now.