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We've had some interesting conversations on Twitter lately about pursuing passion. The idea of doing what you love for a living is one of endless fascination because we all want to love what we do. Of course that doesn't mean it won't be difficult. It means that you are inspired enough by your daily activities to overcome obstacles and solve problems because it makes you happy to do it. That's a pretty lofty goal and sometimes the hard part is defining what you want to do and, more commonly, the hardest part is making it a reality. Truthfully it often comes down to your ability to sell.

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33 International Women Writers Who Are Bold for Change - Words Without Borders By Jessie Chaffee In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re reading work by women whose writing and lives epitomize this year’s theme: “be bold for change.” Here’s our recommended reading list: Double Dipped Apple Doughnuts Given the choice between being home and not being home… I’m the girl that always chooses home. Brooklyn is amazing. San Francisco is delicious. Baltimore is bonkers. Home is my heart. Home is where I keep my jar of Sharpie markers, my clean white sheets with the familiar smell, and my giant mankitten.

Vegetarian Indian Foods, india's vegetarian cuisine, indian vegetarian food, Vegetarian Food - Vegan Recipes - Vegetarian Cooking - Vegetarian Recipes - Easy Vegetarian Recipes - Vegetarian Diets - Vegan Meals - Vegetable Dishes Cooking Healthy Vegetarian, Vegan Meals at Home and Stocking A Pantry Indian Vegetarian cusine is sophisticated, ancient and perfected over the years. It is based on sound nutritional principles. It is more than gourmet cooking as it incorporates fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs and small amounts of organic dairy. It is a huge success as it incorporated spices that add color, taste, intrigue and health as they are full of antioxidants. The Thaili meal is the crowning jewel of India's vegetarian cuisine. NSAC – Farming Opportunities The future health and vitality of agriculture, the food system, and rural communities depends on the successful entry of all who want to pursue a sustainable farming livelihood. Over the next two decades an estimated 400 million acres of U.S. agricultural land will be passed on to heirs or sold as farmers 65 and older retire (currently one-third of all farmland owners are retirement age). While there is a growing number of young people, new immigrants, and second-career professionals who want to enter into farming, they face a myriad of challenges such as the rising cost of farmland, a critical shortage of training, and lack of financing. Fortunately, the 2008 Farm Bill makes a greater investment in beginning farmers and ranchers than ever before, making it more likely that aspiring farmers will have the tools and financial resources they need to get a start on the land.

Baking 21 Apr Lemon Blackberry Mini Tarts Baking | Russell van Kraayenburg Fresh, sweet, and tangy. Blackberry season is approaching as farmers’ markets emerge from hibernation across the country. Tarts are a simple, sweet showcase for these juicy berries. The crisp crust, delicate fruit, and creamy lemon curd give your palate everything it wants from spring Pretty Purple Picnic Wraps You want to know a funny thing about Swedish people? We always talk about the weather. Always. Come rain or come shine, we will talk about it. Several times each day. It’s one of the first things we mention when arriving at work, buying lunch, taking a cab or meeting a friend in the subway. Landis Valley Museum - Pennsylvania German Heritage - Lancaster County Tourism, PA Heirloom Seed Project & Farm Program Landis Valley Museum is home to the Heirloom Seed Project. Established in the mid 1980s, the Heirloom Seed Project's focus is on seed preservation, seeds from heirloom varieties of vegetable herbs and ornamentals that have historical significance for Pennsylvania Germans from 1750 to 1940. Heirloom or open pollinated fruit brings our history into the present with flavors and beauty from the past. Unlike hybrid plants, gardeners can save seeds from heirloom varieties with the assurance that the fruit from each new generation of plants will bear fruit that is similar to the fruit from the past seasons.

How to Improve Your Handwriting – A Refresher by Kristin Nohe A refresher by Kristin Nohe Kristin Nohe spent her childhood obsessively filling sketchbooks in Bel Air, Maryland. Her first job after graduatingwith aBFA in Illustration was designing seasonal products for Target for 4 years. She is now a freelancer designer. Baba au rhum I can't actually remember the first time my mom made Baba au rhum. But somewhere in my teenage years, it became a yearly tradition and she wowed family and friends (and got them tipsy too!) with this recipe. A Baba - you may be wondering - is a yeasted brioche bun that is soaked in rum syrup. My mom would make this dessert only once a year at Christmas, so it was a cherished and much-anticipated holiday treat. At this time of year, I miss my mom so much.

The Recipe Blog Today is Bengali New Year. A new beginning. Wishing everyone a wonderful year ahead, filled with happiness, calm and peace. Processing Clay the Easy Way (As featured in the January 2008 issue of Practically Seeking) Today we usually think of clay as being used for pottery but in truth the uses are almost endless. For thousands of years man has used this substance for a whole host of things, from pigments to medicines. One of the most abundant materials on earth, clay can be found almost anywhere — just look for areas where the ground has broken into a bark like pattern (as on a tree) or areas where water tends sit longer after a heavy rain.