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Wine Library TV: Gary Vaynerchuk's daily wine video blog

Wine Library TV: Gary Vaynerchuk's daily wine video blog

$20 Dollar Wine Blog Loic Le Meur Blog: How Do Geeks Get In Shape & 13 Tips To Ge I like to share my runs on Twitter and some of my friends reply often. This morning Mike Butcher said "Got any tips on getting in shape? You seem pretty good at it" so I thought I could share more and would love to hear how you get in shape. Here are some tips, very obvious ones of course. 1. start with friends. 2. start slowly even if you hate it, you will feel good fast, you can even start (or only) walk 3. do it regularly and do not aim at a performance, often is more important. 4. you are geeks, get gadgets to measure and share. 5. change the type of exercise each time. 6. practice interval training once a week they help pick up speed. 7. feed your brain with audio podcasts as you run. 8. if you feel like (or can only do) inside training on trademills the (paying but cheap) podcasts from make the experience much less boring 10. read blogs, books and the monthly press about running, it helped me a lot get tips and advice. I am exactly at this point. How do YOU get in shape?

vinomaniac TV QR codes Le code QR, cette variante du code-barre qui peut être lu par la plupart des smartphones sera sans aucun l’un des outils de marketing mobile le plus utilisé en 2011. Maintenant, qu’est-ce que vous pouvez faire avec ces codes et comment pouvez-vous les créer? Photo Scott Blake Il existe de nombreux services gratuits qui vous permettent de générer des codes QR. À quoi me servira le code QR? Voici quelques actions que vous pouvez associer à un code QR: Envoyer vos clients vers votre site Web. Les services Les services qui permettent de créer des codes QR sont nombreux. Si vous désirez uniquement créer une URL courte accompagnée d’un code QR, par exemple, créer un code qui réfère vers l’une des pages de votre site ou une vidéo, je vous suggère: est sans doute la référence en terme d’URL courtes. est moins connue, c’est le service d’URL courtes de Google. ZXing Project est sans doute l’un des services de création de code QR le plus connu.

Vinography: A Wine Blog Why I Got Kicked Out of a Restaurant on Saturday Night - Diner's On Saturday night, for the first time in my life, I was kicked out of a restaurant — Restaurant Marc Forgione in TriBeCa. It’s a good restaurant, with a great cocktail and a clever bread operation. But that’s as far as I got into the meal. About ten minutes after my party of four sat down, we heard yelling — loud, sustained, top-of-lungs yelling — coming from the kitchen. No one said a thing though. A few minutes later, the chef was at it again. I don’t remember exactly what I said, though I did not raise my voice to the point beyond where people in the kitchen could hear it. Maybe 20 seconds after I had returned to my seat, he approached the table. “I think it’s time for you to go,” he said. “Are you kicking me out?” “Yes,” he replied. I’m not naive about restaurants. In this particular instance, however, something didn’t feel right. When I called him on Monday to tell him I was writing this post about the evening, Mr. That wasn’t what got us kicked out though, according to Mr.

Nine Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts | You’re writing and podcasting and videoblogging your face off and it’s starting to feel like no one’s paying attention. You want to get the right comments, and meaningful conversations started, or you want your peers to come and start a lively discourse. How do you get your best posts out there in such a way that people will come by and add to the body of work? Nine Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts Bookmark your best posts on Delicious. **Update: Here’s what people on Twitter said you should do: Perhaps you have some other ways to promote? Photo credit, KungPaoCajun runs on the Genesis Framework The Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress. With automatic theme updates and world-class support included, Genesis is the smart choice for your WordPress website or blog. Find out more about the framework features Check out the Genesis demo and the wide variety of child themes See example designs in the Genesis design showcase

Académie du vin redistributeurs Dr Vino's wine blog My Jewish Learning - Culture: Israeli Breakfast Recipes Bold, fresh ingredients make for a delicious start (or middle, or end) to any day. By Rivka Friedman There are few things as wonderful as Israeli breakfast. Unlike the cheerios-and-milk American routine (or, even worse, the ubiquitous but tasteless nutrition bar), Israeli breakfasts are adventures in flavor, texture, and spice. Like the people themselves, Israelis’ breakfast foods are bold, with assertively tangy flavors, and comprise the freshest ingredients. Think stacks of fresh pita to be dunked in hummus, labane (a thick yogurt-based cheese), fruity olive oil, and za’atar--the essential Israeli herb. Here are recipes for three Israeli breakfast spreads: a nutty hummus, homemade labane, and Muhamarra -- a Syrian red pepper and walnut spread with a kiss of pomegranate syrup. Walnut Hummus Labane Muhammara Pickled Cauliflower Walnut HummusInspired by 101 Cookbooks Grind the walnuts in a food processor, so they are a sandy texture. Makes roughly 2 1/2 cups. Stir salt into yogurt.

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