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Best Chardonnay Wines - Top Chardonnay frpm Around the World. Popularity can ruin a good thing. It’s probably fair to say it was the demise of Chardonnay. However, the distaste for the poorly crafted Chardonnays that flooded the market in recent years didn’t stop great winemakers from bottling this noble grape. As a result, now that Chardonnay is returning to favor, there are an incredible number of great wines from which to choose. Here’s our guide to finding the best Chardonnay wines from around the world. 1. 2016 William Fèvre Chablis Les Clos Grand Cru Origin: Chablis, Burgundy, FranceVarietal: 100% ChardonnayPrice: $110ABV: 13% Burgundy is the clear king of Chardonnay-producing regions, and this Chablis would easily make anyone’s list of the most opulent and unforgettable wines from this land of Chardonnay royalty.

On the nose it offers orange blossom and orchid with candied citrus and a hint of spice. For more information, visit the William Fèvre official website. 2. 2016 Shafer Red Shoulder Ranch Chardonnay 4. 2015 Ramey Woolsey Rd. R. López de Heredia ‘Viña Cubillo’ 2009, Rioja, Spain. The wines of the great R. López de Heredia in Spain’s Rioja region are made to last. For me, an unforgettable reminder of this came a few years ago in Spain when I tasted a bottle of López de Heredia’s “Viña Tondonia” from 1913. After more than a century, it still had life. It’s understandable, therefore, that the most famous and most traditional winery in Rioja (and one of the most storied in all of Spain) has never been in any rush to release its wines. López de Heredia’s 2009 “Viña Cubillo” — named after one of four vineyard sites, with the above-mentioned Tondonia the biggest and most celebrated — is the current release available in the United States.

While López de Heredia calls it a “crianza”-level Rioja for which only a couple of years of aging is required, the 2009 Viña Cubillo has spent the better part of a decade in the bottle after initial barrel aging. The blend is 65 percent Tempranillo, 25 percent Garnacha, and smaller amounts of Mazuelo and Graciano. Buy This Wine Online. Drink These 25 Wines to Be a Chardonnay Expert. Kirkland Signature Carneros Pinot Noir - Classic Value. Trivento Amado Sur Malbec Blend - An Excellent Choice.

J. Bouchon Canto Sur - A Savory One • Reverse Wine Snob® The Best Wines From Argentina Under $20 • Reverse Wine Snob® Substance Cabernet Sauvignon - A Stunner • Reverse Wine Snob® Paolo Scavino Barolo 2014. This Barolo represents the history and tradition of blending different crus of Nebbiolo in order to create a house style. Sourced from the top performing plots of 7 single vineyards in the village of Castiglione Falletto (Rocche Moriondino, Vignolo and Pernanno vineyards), Barolo (Albarella, Terlo and Vignane vineyards) and Serralunga d’Alba (San Bernardo vineyard).

This wine is an opportunity for many clients to enjoy a great Barolo with an exceptional price quality ratio. Wine Spectator: Designated Top 100 Wine of 2018, #88 Rank. "This starts out with plenty of cherry, plum and orange peel flavors, offset by iron, eucalyptus and tobacco accents. The finish is rustic, with the tannins flexing their muscles, yet this comes together in the end.

James Suckling: "A full and juicy red with a solid center palate of ripe fruit and chewy tannins. Wine Enthusiast: "Aromas of dark-skinned berry, French oak and a balsamic note emerge from the glass. Bodega Norton Coleccion Cabernet Sauvignon - Simply Good. Che Fico's Francesca Maniace Thinks Hungarian Wines Are 'Outstanding' Wine. Punchdrink. For a generation or more, wines lived in a system guided by numbers—a rigid fortress built out of 100 points.

The “how” of these wines—their creation stories—were secondary, if they got any sunlight at all. And often, well, those stories were kind of snoozy: Visionary Pursues Greatness, An Obsession With Quality, Modern Man Rescues Old Appellation. For a variety of reasons, that fortress has been crumbling. Because of generational shifts, sure, but also because wine storytelling has come of age, as the industry always hoped it would. Today’s wine lover expects to discover an affinity with the people making the wine they drink. They’re less concerned with the throw-money-at-it tales of the past, and would rather spend their money on human-scale endeavors. But a tale well-spun is only part of the equation. What I mean is that quality still matters—maybe more than ever—and that more than anything it is what unifies the wines in the 2018 edition of our Hot 25. Sparkling White Damijan "Kaplja" Lopez de Haro Rioja Reserva - A First-Rate Rioja • Reverse Wine Snob® Another Rioja Reserva that delivers a lot more taste than its $12 price tag.

The Lopez de Haro Rioja Reserva is 90% Tempranillo, 5% Graciano and 5% Garnacha from Rioja, Spain. The wine spends 20 months in a combination of French and American oak barrels. The wine has an SRP of $15 and is available for as low as $12. Ready to buy? Check your local retailers. From the bottle: Situated on a picturesque hillside of the historic village of San Vicente de La Sonsierra, the winery “Bodega Classica” rises above a veritable sea of vineyards, flanked by the winding course of the River Ebro and the slopes of the mountain range of Sierra de Tolono.13.5% Alcohol The 2013 Lopez de Haro Rioja Reserva begins with pleasing and inviting aromas of ripe black cherry, nice vanilla notes and a touch of balsamic.

Rioja Reservas are a wonderful category for wine drinkers looking to find value. Ready to buy the Lopez de Haro Rioja Reserva? Highly Recommended. Outfit Your Holiday Table With German Wines – L'OCCASION. The 50 Best Wines of 2018. As 2018 comes to a close, it’s nearly time to stress about holiday plans and devise a list of short-lived New Year’s resolutions. But before we look forward, let’s reflect on the year that’s passed. Red, white, rosé, orange, and sparkling — we’ve had the privilege of tasting some amazing wines this year. And we thought it would only be fair if we share 50 of our favorites with you. Some highlights from this year’s list include the triumphant return of Cabernet Sauvignons from the Napa Valley. After years of hard-hitting, heavily oaked iterations, next-generation Napa Cabs have less alcohol and a lighter, fresher fruit character. Additionally, Greece and Chile emerged from our tasting as countries to keep on your radar, with both producing some of the best wines we tried all year.

Sparkling wines stood out, too. All bottles had to be readily available in the U.S. This year, for the first time ever, we’re partnering with to offer readers easy access to the bottles recommended here. 20 Fantastic Thanksgiving Wines (2018 Edition) Canoe Ridge The Explorer Red Blend - Quite The Discovery. A big, full-bodied, voluptuous delight! The Canoe Ridge The Explorer Red Blend. 44% Cabernet Sauvignon, 26% Syrah, 20% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc from the Alder Ridge (40%), Canoe Ridge Vineyard (30%) and The Beches Vineyard at Wallula Gap (30%) in Horse Heaven Hills, Columbia Valley, Washington.

The wine was aged in French oak barrels (50% new, 50% second and third use) for 20 months. Sample submitted for review. The Canoe Ridge The Explorer Red Blend has an SRP of $22 and is available for as low as $17. Ready to buy? Check your local retailers. From the bottle: For the wine enthusiast with a true Northwest taste for adventure, The Explorer by Canoe Ridge Vineyard refelcts the natural beauty and terroir of our Horse Heaven Hills vineyard overlooking the Columbia River. The 2015 Canoe Ridge The Explorer Red Blend opens with a wonderfully intoxicating aroma of blackberry and vanilla in addition to secondary notes of plum, tobacco, chocolate, licorice and even a hint of smoked meat. Food & Wine. Food & Wine.

Now Is the Time to Start Drinking English Wine. “They make wine in England?” This is the reaction I get when I’m in wine-producing countries and I mention my love of English wine. The locals look baffled: Why don’t you just buy our delicious vinho verde or sherry or Saint-Chinian? The next question they ask is, "Is the wine any good?

" English wine does not have a glorious recent history (though apparently some great wines were made in the 13th century), but in the last ten years, the wines have improved exponentially. That’s starting from a very low point, admittedly. The problem with England is not just that it’s cold—it is—but that it’s also gray and wet. Thankfully, the standard has improved hugely in the last 20 years. So just how good are these wines? With sparkling wine, however, it’s a different story. They age, too. These bottles aren’t cheap, but they are worth it. Here, six English wine producers to look out for: Camel Valley: This long-established estate in Cornwall produces excellent sparkling wines.

Wine Phrases And What They Mean In Plain English. One of the most difficult aspects of being a casual wine consumer is that it can often seem like the enthusiasts are speaking a completely different language, and while that language may also be in English, to most people it’s anything but. The problem with this is that usually it’s the enthusiasts who are selling us the wine we so desperately want to enjoy, but because of the language disconnect, we’re left wondering what that phrase they just used actually means while standing there nodding our heads. For those of us lost in translation, just as we explained the meaning of 20 wine words most people don’t know, here are 16 wine phrases translated to plain English, so we’re all speaking the same language. “Pop and Pour” The wine is ready to drink right out of the bottle. No need to decant, it drinks incredibly well the minute you pop the cork.

This bottle is a true “pop and pour,” perfect for a party. “Lay It Down” “Let It Breathe” We should let the bottle breathe before drinking it. Wine around the world [infographic] It’s a multi-million dollar global industry. It’s been with us since the dawn of civilization. And it’s constantly developing. The wine business is an intriguing marker of human activity – economic changes, consumer fashions, globalization, social and technological developments. What are the oldest wines still in production? Do Italy or China consume more wine each year? Download the infographic as an interactive pdf or jpg. You can discover more facts about wine by following #OxCompWine across social media over the next few months. Featured image credit: “Red, red wine”, by Faisal Akram. 3 Urban Vineyards Show That Anything is Possible. There are plenty of local city breweries, but urban wineries seem to be only just catching on. For example, you can find 90 craft breweries in Portland that offer fresh growlers to city dwellers on a person-to-person basis.

If you think about it, this is a local business dream come true. There are city wineries in places like Austin, Seattle, Brooklyn, Indianapolis, Chicago and even Chattanooga. Of course, an urban winery isn’t what most of us imagine, because there are no rolling hills of vineyards. Don’t let this deter you, many of these wineries make amazing wines. Neighborhood Vineyard – San Francisco Neighborhood Vineyards sits on vacant parkland in Bernal Heights. photo by California Uncorked Founded: 2013Acres: 0.5Wines produced: Pinot Noir To start a vineyard in San Francisco not only seems highly unlikely but also extremely expensive. If you think it’s impossible to start a vineyard in your city, just remember, Elly did it!

Wien – Vienna Clos Monmartre – Paris Do it. Video: We Like When Band Au Revoir Simone Reviews Wines After Drinking Lots Of It. Inside New York Wine Country. New York has a long history of wine production, boasting both America’s first bonded winery, Pleasant Valley, in the Finger Lakes, as well as its oldest continually operating winery, Brotherhood, located in the Hudson River Valley. “New York is poised to become known as a world-class producer of Riesling wines.” New York’s Native-American Grapes There are 3 primary species of wine grapes in New York: European varieties (v. Vinifera), American varieties (v. Labrusca and v. New York may be America’s third largest wine-producing state by volume, but over 80% of vineyard land is planted to vitis Labrusca–a grape variety primarily used for juice! Vitis Labrusca is a species of grape native to North America that includes grape varieties like Concord and Catawba.

As a consequence, v. “the wines possess undeniable individual character” For this reason, this article will be focusing on the vitis Vinifera varieties of New York within its four top wine grape growing regions. New York AVAs Long Island. 15 Great Supermarket Wines For Under $15. If you’re looking for a great wine that you’re sure to be pleased with, we always say your best bet is to stick to a price of $20 or more. From our experience, we’ve found that $20 is really the pivot point where, statistically speaking, spending at this price or above delivers a very high probability that the wine will be enjoyable.

However, while spending $20 on a bottle for a dinner party or a date night is the way to go, we don’t really want to do that for the wine we drink on normal weeknights. And we shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality and taste in exchange for spending a little less. The good news is that purchasing wines below the $20 threshold doesn’t cause the probabilities to absolutely plummet, you just run more of a risk of being underwhelmed. But this risk shouldn’t stop you from grabbing a few bottles of wine at the grocery store while doing your weekly shopping, to be drunk alongside whatever Wednesday night meal you’ve got planned – or even alone with a bit of TV.

Cheap Wine - 14 Absolute Best Value Wines For Your Money. Buying A Bottle Of Wine: As Told By Desperate Housewives GIFS. Despite what some people may say, wine is a grocery, thus it is acceptable to grab a bottle or four when stocking the rest of your pantry. A lot can happen when shopping for that perfect bottle of wine, and we decided there was only one group of people to properly grasp the battlefield we know as the supermarket.

The Desperate Housewives themselves. It’s been a horribly long day. And by long, we mean it’s 10:30 in the morning. You check your wine stockpile and realize it’s completely empty However, you refuse to wallow in your sorrow. It’s time to go to the store. You’re shopping, going down the aisles grabbing the usual stuff. But there is one aisle you can’t skip. You stroll by the boxes you slapped in college. You look up at the shelf and see the really pricey stuff, but let’s be real, it’s Tuesday and we don’t really need to spend more than $30. You walk past two suburban moms and grab your favorite bottle of Rosé. Then you realize, THEY AREN’T JUST GOSSIPING ABOUT ANY WINE. An Overview of French White Wines. France is the origin place of many of the world’s most popular white wines including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier.

However, due to the way the French label their wines, it’s often hard to identify what exactly what wine is in the bottle. In this article we’ll identify the primary white wines of France, how they taste (because they taste different than their American counterparts), and provide you with common ways French white wines are labeled. Chardonnay French Chardonnay Tastes & Styles There are two primary styles of Chardonnay that produce very different tasting wines.

One of them was made famous by a region called Chablis (“sha-blee”) in Burgundy and is traditionally unoaked. Expect these French Chardonnays to be very dry, light-bodied, and minerally with flavors of lime, lemon, starfruit, and subtle notes of spring blossoms and chalk. Regional Notes Chardonnay originated in the region of Burgundy, where it’s the primary white grape of Bourgogne Blanc and Chablis. Aligote. The Jaw-Dropping Wines of Stellenbosch, South Africa. Here's How Long Wine Really Lasts Once It's Been Opened. For the Love of Friuli Wine. Considering the Wines of Serbia. Barolo vs. Brunello di Montalicino. Why The American Wine World Freaks Out About In Pursuit Of Balance. 7 Wines That Every Red Wine Lover Should Know. Napa vs Sonoma: Wine Country Travel. 14 Charts That'll Help You Look Like A Bona Fide Wine Expert. Underrated Wine Travel: North Carolina. Engineered yeast could increase nutritional value of wine while reducing hangovers.

Tips on Finding the Perfect Dry Gewürztraminer. The Yellow Tail Story: How Two Families Turned Australia Into America's Biggest Wine Brand. 7 Regions Define New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. White Burgundy: The Ultimate French Chardonnay. Best Malbec Wines - Ratings & Reviews from Wine Enthusiast. A Chemist Explains Why Corks Matter When Storing Wine. Connecting Site... The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of Wine Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc. How Cheap Wine is Lying To You. Breaking Into The Box - The Best Boxed Wines. Chianti Wine: The Pride of Tuscany. Year in Review: My Top Wines of 2014 | Morrell Wine Bar. Dare to be Different: Portuguese Sparkling Wine for New Year’s. 10 Best Red Wines Under $20. Wine Collecting: Five Wines Worth Storing Under $25. Ten Things You Should Know About Chianti Classico (Part 2)

The next BIG red wine? Review: 2012 Lily's Cuvée Chardonnay. Royal Tokaji - Furmint Dry White Wine. How Climate Change Will End Wine As We Know It. Maroon Wines | Boutique, Handcrafted Wines from Napa Valley. Your Ticket to First-Class Chardonnay: Chablis. 5 Steps in Deciding How Long to Age a Wine. After you taste 150+ wines, how do you choose your favorites? | Bliss Wine Imports Blog. The Meeker Vineyard | Big Reds. 5 Dry Portuguese Wines That Will Blow Your Mind. What is Moscato Wine? Learn to identify Moscato and create food pairings. The Best Wines to Avoid a Wine Hangover. 6 Intriguing Wines To Drink This Fall. The Big Secret About Pinot Noir. The Wines of Brasil Overview. Portuguese Values Abound. Wines You’ll Probably never Try. Pinot in Oregon? Ukrainian Wine - A Guide to the Wines of Ukraine. The Secret to Finding Good Cheap Red Wine. Pinot Gris(gio): Yea or nay? 4 Tips to Buying Anniversary Wines. 4 Traits of Wines That Age Well.

The 3 Types of Pinot Grigio. The Secret to the Best Sangria Recipe Ever. 6 Foods That Don't Pair With Wine. The Real Difference Between Flavor vs Taste. Malbec's Aging Qualities. The Family of Gallo Wine Brands (Infographic) A Case for Montepulciano. The Tonging Hour. Wine Flashcards | The Bubbly Professor. The Real Frontier of Chilean Wine. See What's Inside Famous Wine Blends. A Flow Chart to Selecting Italian Red Wines. Give Pinotage Wine a Taste. Discover The Languedoc Roussillon Wine Region. Top 10 White Wines Under $20 - Summer 2014 Edition. 10 Best Rosé Wines.