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Wine/Port Pairing

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12 Styles of Fries Paired With Wine. We’ve all been there before: It’s nearly midnight and you’ve been drinking for the past few hours, and, as expected, those drunchies are starting to kick in.

12 Styles of Fries Paired With Wine

Deep down you know you’ll regret it, but in this moment, you absolutely need the breadiest, greasiest thing you can get your hands. Your mind zeroes in on one thing and one thing only: a basket of deliciously crisp, crunchy French fries. Whether you swing for truffle, cheese, or curly, there’s a wine-and-fry pairing out there for you. Disclaimer: Read within the vicinity of a French fry-serving establishment — you’re gonna want start snacking immediately. Standard Fries – Champagne The most classic (and arguably, most delicious) wine-and-fry pairing of them all. Belgian Fries – Sauvignon Blanc Basically your standard fries slathered in mayo. Cheese Fries – Verdejo Poutine – Pinot Noir This classic Quebecois dish is everything you could possibly want after a night of drinking.

Chili Cheese Fries – Cotes du Rhone Truffle Fries – Barolo. 5 Food and Wine Pairings That Break the Rules. There’s a simple rule when pairing wine and food: Pick a wine that is from the same place as the food is from.

5 Food and Wine Pairings That Break the Rules

It’s easy to see why people would adhere to this received wisdom. What grows together goes together, and chefs and winemakers are intimately knowledgable with each others’ local products. But what about when that’s not the case? Burger and Wine Pairings Done Right. Hamburgers are the headlining feature in American comfort food and wine has been collecting fans for thousands of years all over the globe – but can the two really stand side by side on a menu?

Burger and Wine Pairings Done Right

Can a dainty glass of grape juice really edge out beer to sit beside a juicy burger? We think so. Some would argue that these two culinary classics are simply not in the same class: street food vs. sophistication. But if you believe that, you’re really not paying attention to how versatile these two products really are, so consider this: a.) 10 Dishes to Help You Appreciate German Riesling.

If we could only pair one grape varietal with food for eternity, we’d choose Riesling.

10 Dishes to Help You Appreciate German Riesling

For some strange reason, Riesling has acquired a reputation in America for producing “sugary” or “sweet” wines, when in reality, most bottles of Riesling are actually bone dry. Regions all over the world are producing stellar Rieslings, such as the Finger Lakes in New York and the Clare Valley in Australia. But today, we’re focusing on the motherland of the varietal: Germany. 10 Wine Pairings That Break the Rules. Even vino virgins know you serve red wine with steak and white wine with fish, right?

10 Wine Pairings That Break the Rules

Perhaps traditionally, but not anymore. “Conventionality can sometimes be destructive to creativity,” says Charles Ford, sommelier and general manager at Daisies Chicago. “Creativity opens doors to what can work, and that’s what inspires so many sommeliers and wine drinkers in the first place.” And, it turns out, some white wine can stand up to a T-bone and red doesn’t always overpower grilled tilapia. Some pros have been experimenting with these swaps for a long time, Ford says, and they’ve discovered what works, as well as a few blunders along the way. 15 Rules for Great Wine and Food Pairings. 7 Great Choices for Thanksgiving Wines (2016) This year there’s lots to be thankful for, particularly for the exceptional recent vintages that offer a spectacular selection of wines to pair with your Thanksgiving feast.

7 Great Choices for Thanksgiving Wines (2016)

We’d like to introduce you to some classic wine choices for Thanksgiving as well as a few new intriguing options that you might not have considered. Why these pairings work: If you’re wondering why the following wines were chosen as ideal Thanksgiving matches, let’s take into account what these wines share in common. Each of the following red wines were chosen for their bold, red fruit flavors, subtle earthiness, light tannin, and moderate acidity. Why? Adam Vourvoulis Is Disrupting the Wine World. All month long, we are paying homage to the mighty grape.

Adam Vourvoulis Is Disrupting the Wine World

How to Pair Cigars with Spirits, Wine and Beer — Gentleman's Gazette. The Wine And Cheese Pairing App. The Definitive Guide To Pairing Charcuterie and Wine. Not every charcuterie board is created equal.

The Definitive Guide To Pairing Charcuterie and Wine

They all are, generally, created awesome. If you haven’t experienced the meat plate-gone-fancy otherwise known as charcuterie, you should pencil it into your calendar. If regular, tasty deli meats and sausages are casual players in the carnivore’s game of life, charcuterie is what they become after Beyonce upgrades them. And it’s easy enough to bring all that luxe home. A charcuterie plate is one of the easiest ways to satisfy even the most hedonistic and greedy palate: you go from fatty, rich pâté to nutty, spicy cured meats back to cheeses, pass out briefly, and resurface to eat straight up fat.

The easiest way to offer a pairing guide is to list some usual charcuterie suspects and the pairing recommendations, which, again, are nice and loose, just stuff to get you started. Prosciutto or Jamon Iberico No, we’re not trying to compare the two. Dry-Cured Salumi. Getting Started With Food and Wine Pairing. Learn the fundamentals behind food and wine pairing to create your own great pairings.

Getting Started With Food and Wine Pairing

This guide will show you the steps and what to look for in your recipe to find the perfect wine. A great food and wine pairing creates a balance between the components of a dish and the characteristics of a wine. As much as it seems complex, it’s actually pretty easy to make great pairings. The New Rules of Pairing Wine with Sushi. When Garrett Smith, beverage director of NYC’s acclaimed omakase den Sushi Nakazawa, serves red wine alongside chef Daisuke’s artful nigiri, he still sees diners recoil in surprise.

The New Rules of Pairing Wine with Sushi

“A common phrase I hear is, ‘I don’t want to break any rules,’” says Smith. So, in addition to the challenge of pairing with a range of light/delicate to earthy/umami flavors, he has the added task of quelling certain preconceptions. Champagne and Riesling—uncontested sushi-pairing champions—take up a solid portion of his wine list’s real estate, but Smith loves opening up Burgundy and even richer reds from California. “The idea is to follow the progression of flavors that the chef is plating,” he says, “and red wine really fits in by the time we get to the third or fourth plate, which is generally the silver fish, like mackerel, yellowtail, crab or different kinds of shrimp.”

Fish texture, he argues, is often more significant to its pairing possibilities than flavor alone. Coastal White Wines Are The Perfect Pairing For Seafood. There’s nothing particularly new about the idea of pairing white wine with seafood. In fact, it’s such common knowledge that you’re probably wondering why I would bother to write about it. Well, here’s a new approach: coastal white wines, in which the grapes enjoy cooling maritime breezes along with a sunny growing season. These wines could not be more ideal for pairing with the fruits of the sea.

Some of the most exciting white wines can be found all along Italy’s Amalfi coast, which includes the region of Campania, where wine has been made for many centuries; the Greek island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea also delivers some amazing white wines; and then there are the bright, full-bodied white wines of Sardinia, the Italian island in the Mediterranean.

These wines are perfect with seafood because they benefit from the strong sun and cool sea breezes, lending them flavor and ripeness along with mouthwatering acidity. Assyrtiko from Santorini, Greece. Wines To Pair With Steak When You’re Tired of Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s not that you’re tired of steak. It’s not even that you’re tired of wine. (When that day comes, get into an isolation tank and do a lot of reflecting.) It’s that you’re tired of the … obviousness of the typical steak and wine pairings. Cabernet and steak, Malbec and steak, all manner of big, bold, in-your-face wines with the heft to supposedly square up to that cowboy-sized piece of cow on your plate. Ho hum. How to Choose a Cooking Wine. There are several types of cooking wines including Marsala, Sherry, Sauternes and Rice Wine. This guide is designed to quickly identify the types of cooking wines and in what dishes they’re used.

Just so you know, the major difference between wines sold as cooking wines vs. regular drinking wines is quality. If anything, cooking with a regular drinking wine will give you a better tasting dish because the quality is much higher. Dunk Into National Doughnut Day With These Doughnut And Wine Pairings. National Doughnut Day is finally upon us and you bet your bottom dollar we’re going to be celebrating at the VinePair office. While it is generally expected that you should pair a good cup of coffee with a doughnut, expectations are for people who don’t like Thai food and think that Times New Roman is the ONLY font acceptable for use. TAKE IT FROM US, 🍩 BE LIKE THEM. Throw the expectations out the freaking window (literally throw your cup of coffee out the damn window) and get your corkscrew instead. Wine Pairings For 14 Of The Most Popular Seafood Dishes [Infographic] The Best Ribera and Rueda Wine Pairings in the World. On Pairing Wine With Pasta.

The best tip on pairing wine with pasta is to ignore the pasta and pay attention to the sauce. Pasta is simply a canvas to deliver the accompanying ingredients. For example, the Apulian specialty rigatoni ragu barese is a rustic, meaty tomato-based dish. Pairing Burger King Hot Dogs With An Orin Swift Red Blend [Video] The Expert Guide To Pairing Goat Cheese And Wine. Of all the delights in the wide world of artisanal cheese, goat cheese is perhaps the most versatile for two reasons: one, it comes in an array of styles and flavors, and two, it is suitable for the lactose-intolerant. While France is known to be the home of some of the world’s most interesting goat’s milk cheeses, there is a burgeoning domestic scene here in the U.S. that’s devoted to producing the finest artisanal goat’s cheese.

The Ultimate Guide To Pairing Girl Scout Cookies & Wine [INFOGRAPHIC] Asian Food and Wine Pairings. The Lunar New Year is here, and what better way to ring in the Year of the Monkey, than with some recipes to bring good luck, fortune and prosperity? Tradition says that dishes incorporating citrus fruits like tangerines, oranges and pomelos to green leafy vegetables, whole fish and pork, may bring good fortune that will last the whole year. So invite everyone over as it is also said that the more visitors you receive for a New Year’s celebration, the greater the good fortune headed your way! For Asian Salads: A Juicy Spanish White. Yes to pairing Champagne with the main course. Champagne didn’t used to be the elite drink it is today. During the art-deco era and the industrial revolution, Champagne was cheap so the maisons (Champagne houses) commissioned poster artists to give the drink a needed boost.

Painted Champagne ad by Pierre Bonnard in 1891. Perfect Wine Pairings For 11 Hearty Stews [INFOGRAPHIC] Huffingtonpost. Best Wine and Cookie Pairings. For many of us, the holiday season means cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. Herb and Spice Pairings with Wine. More often than not, it’s the herbs and spices in a dish that makes a wine pairing taste so good.

Deconstructing a Wine Dinner From Starters to Dessert. Formal dining is something that doesn’t happen too often and when it does, most of us approach the task with stilted awkwardness. This makes perfect sense because dinner (on average) only requires one dish and one utensil. So, when the time comes for a multi-course wine dinner (like Thanksgiving!) Wine Enthusiast Wine and Food Pairing Series 2015. Best - Top 10 Seafood Wines. Pairing Wine with Salmon. Full-Bodied White Wines – As a general rule, rich oily fish like salmon pair wonderfully with full-bodied white wines like oak-aged Chardonnay, Viognier, Marsanne, White Rioja, White Burgundy and White Pinot Noir. However, depending on the preparation method and sauce, you can easily pair salmon with rosé or light-bodied, low-tannin red wines. Salmon is a rich, oily and flaky fish.

The best wine with salmon greatly depends on how the salmon is prepared or what dressing (sauce or seasoning) is used in the dish. We Paired The Land, Air And Sea From McDonald's Secret Menu With A 3rd Growth Bordeaux. An Illustrated Guide To Pairing Wine & Seafood. The perfect seafood dinner can only be improved by adding a stunning ocean view in the background, and a glass of wine on the side. The Absolute, All-Time, Best Wine for Lobster. An Illustrated Guide To Pairing Wine And Cheese.

20 Amazingly Simple Food and Wine Pairing Ideas. The Reserve Wine List: An Artifact From a Different Era? Try This Food and Wine Pairing Lesson at Home. Advanced Food & Wine Pairing. Tips on Pairing Wine with Ham. Unpretentious Wine Pairings: Cheese Product. Pairing Grilled Cheese & Wine. Pairing Taco Bell Crunchwraps With Chateau Montelena. Unlikely Wine Pairings: Ethiopian Food. Casual and Junk Food Wine Pairings with Richard Breitkreutz. Connecting Site... TV Dinner and Wine Pairing Guide. Drink like a True Roman: The Wine of Lazio. Holiday Dessert Pairings.

Nonconformist Oyster & Wine Pairings. 10 Delicious Ways to Use Up Leftover Wine — Tips from The Kitchn. Unpredictable Food & Wine Pairings. Wine and Cheese Pairing Ideas. 10 Outstanding Wines With Turkey. 5 Wines to Pair with Indian Food Classics. 6 Food Trends Call For Off-The-Wall Wine Pairings. How to Pair with Great Wines! What Wines to Pair with Take-out Food - Chinese Take-out. How easy is it to Pair Cabernet? A Guide to Rioja [Infographic]

10 Outrageous Champagne Food Pairings. Pairing Wine with Secret Menu Items. 6 Foods That Don't Pair With Wine. Great Advice on Pairing Wine with Pizza. Pairing Wine with Steak, Lamb and Red Meat. Great Advice on Pairing Wine with Pizza. How to Pair Wine to Your Late Night Meals. Guide to Zinfandel Wine. How to Order Wine Like a Sommelier. How to Host a Wine Tasting Party (ideas) 15 Frustrating Things About Being a Wine Lover. What Wine with Mexican Food? Pairing Northern Italian Reds. 5 Basic Pairing Concepts. Pairing Wine with Spicy Food. Holiday Wine Guide (Christmas & Thanksgiving) LOT18 Tasting Room Is The First Wine Club To Get It Right. Beef Recipes & Simple Pairing Guides. A Rule Just Waiting to Be Broken. Wine Pairings Made Simple. Chicken Recipes & Simple Pairing Guides. Pairing with Spanish Classics. Chinese Food: Which wines go best with Chinese food. Pairing with Wild Mushroom Lasagna.

Pairing Sparkling Wine. Wine to Pair with the Feast of the Seven Fishes.