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Wine Tastings

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Blue Lifestyle - Curating what's best in your life. Home - The SOMM Journal. The Next Big Names in American Wine. If the word sommelier makes you think of an ascot-sporting, tuxedo-clad man looking down his nose at anyone daring to mispronounce Viognier, that image is about to change.

The Next Big Names in American Wine

A new generation of American wine experts is coming to the fore, making the world of wine a more inviting space for drinkers of all races, genders and ages (older than 21, of course). They may hail from all corners of the country, their hands in all sectors of the industry, but they all have one thing in common: a dedication to putting the fun back into vino. Meet the new wave of experts shaking up American wine. Belinda ChangJames Beard Award-Winning Sommelier at Large Chicago, IL Photo: Jason Little In the late 1990s, Belinda Chang made a name for herself at Charlie Trotter's as one of the era's few female wine directors.

Bertony FaustinWinemaker, Abbey Creek VineyardNorth Plains, OR Photo: Carly Diaz. Weird Wine Flavors and the Science Behind Them. If we loved wine just for the fruit, we’d just drink juice.

Weird Wine Flavors and the Science Behind Them

And if that were the case, there would be magazines, books, films, collector’s guides, and ratings all around the topic of juice (and this site would be called “juice folly”). No, we love wine, partly for the alcohol, but also partly for wild diversity of flavors–many of which are bizarre and require an acquired taste. The first flavors we learn to identify in wine are fruit flavors, perhaps because these are the most gratifying.

The Wine Tasting Method (Video) The wine tasting method is a simple process that will help you identify specific characteristics of a wine while tasting it.

The Wine Tasting Method (Video)

The tasting method splits a wine tasting up into 4 sections based on four of the five physical senses we use to experience wine. Look. We Aged Two Buck Chuck; Here's What it Tasted Like. Photo credit: Flickr jadepalmer Two Buck Chuck doesn’t exactly have a reputation for aging.

We Aged Two Buck Chuck; Here's What it Tasted Like

While arguably the most well-known wine in America, Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw wine is more often the target of lampoons than accolades among the wine-drinking set. To be honest, I think they overdo it. The fact is, millions of drinkers enjoy Charles Shaw wines, and for that reason alone it deserves more street cred than it gets. The Prosecco Wine Guide. Cheap Wine Sucks: A Manifesto. The Secret to Blind Tasting? Know "The Grid" This Advanced article will show you how to improve your palate with the tasting grid, a tool used by professional sommeliers.

The Secret to Blind Tasting? Know "The Grid"

Learn the exact technique that Sommeliers use to blind taste wine. If you’re just getting started with wine tasting, this article is pretty advanced so you may prefer to read How to Taste Wine and Develop Your Palate as a primer. No singular secret masters the art of blind tasting. Anyone can learn, and practice makes perfect.

The Best Wines to Try From Chile. Reality of Wine Prices (What You Get For What You Spend) The cost of a bottle of wine is a lot more pre-thought-out than you might think.

Reality of Wine Prices (What You Get For What You Spend)

There are different pricing segments for wine which include words like “ultra premium,” “popular premium,” and “super value.” Let’s take a look at these categories of wine prices (and how they’ve increased) and understand what to expect based on what you spend. How much should we expect to spend on decent wine? After researching wine pricing segmentation and observing pricing from major retailers online, we’ve come to the tentative conclusion that wines with typicity are much closer to $15 a bottle (in the United States). Forget the 2nd Cheapest…Get The Cheapest Wine. I enjoy going to fancy restaurants.

Forget the 2nd Cheapest…Get The Cheapest Wine

I also used to work in them and one of the things I’ve learned about the business of wine is that the cheapest wine is often one of the most special wines on the menu, especially in nice places with a proper sommelier. On a fancy night out, dressed in your best (or, next-best) outfit, surrounded by elegant ambiance, your meal begins with a glance through the wine menu. As you scan through the selections, you take note of those hefty price tags, find the cheapest bottle on the menu and opt for the one that’s $0.50 more.

Late Harvest Wines and Why They're Awesome. What are late harvest wines?

Late Harvest Wines and Why They're Awesome

Late harvest wines are made from grapes that are left on the vine even after they’ve reached their peak ripeness. When grapes are (quite literally) left hanging, they become sweeter over time as each individual grape dehydrates and the sugar content becomes more concentrated. Late harvest grapes (typically picked 1-2 months after the regular harvest time) are used to make a wine that contains both higher residual sugar and higher potential alcohol than standard table wines. Secrets a Wine Sommelier Will Never Tell You. All month long, we are paying homage to the mighty grape.

Secrets a Wine Sommelier Will Never Tell You

Grab a glass and join us as we Wine Down. The wine world can feel pretentious and inaccessible to the uninitiated, which is why we asked the experts to uncork the mystery of the wine cellar and spill their juicy, insider intel along the way. Sure, they may have passed the most challenging wine exam in the world and know more about Nebbiolo than you ever will, but somms are more down to earth than you might think, and they’re pretty damn fun, too—especially when they’re spilling the goods.

Is There a Wine for Guys Who Don't Like Wine? Dear Decantress, I'm dating a new guy and he doesn't drink wine.

Is There a Wine for Guys Who Don't Like Wine?

Let's assume that breaking up with him on the spot isn't my first choice. He's willing to try for me, though. Are there good "starter" wines for people? –Training Wheels. 4 Wines To Try from Provence. There’s nothing not to love about deliciously lean, antique pink-colored rosé from Provence. However, if you dig a little, you’ll find the region has some seriously respectable wines that are well worth drinking (and even collecting). Let’s take a look at four wine styles that truly express the regional terroir of Provence. Côtes de Provence Rosé Perfect for: Summer wedding anniversaries, hot dates, runway showsPairs with: Salmon, Strawberry and Spinach Salad, Lobster Bisque, Crab cakes, StilettosTaste Profile: Strawberry, Lemon Zest, Sweet Cherry, White Peach, Plum, Brioche, White Flowers About Côtes de Provence: Serious appreciators of rosé look to Côtes de Provence for some of the best wines from the entire region.

Drink Your Way Through Austrian Wine. The next time you strap on your lederhosen (or dirndl), don’t feel out of place if you prefer a glass of wine to a mug of beer (as if that would make you feel awkward). Austrian wine may be something of a rarity stateside, but its history is as old as the country itself. In fact, Vienna has more urban vineyards than any metropolitan city in the world (with 1,600 acres of vineyards). Austrian wine has that certain je ne sais quoi. Austria wine map–available in the Wine Folly store Austrian wines are mostly made in the eastern side of the country (where the major population areas are) and the cooler continental climate produces racy, dry white wines and elegant, fruity reds.

What cool climate winemaking means Austrian wine regions are primarily around the 47th and 48th parallel. Wines grown in cooler areas tend to produce lighter styles with a focus on pure tart fruit flavors, higher acidity, and *usually* lower alcohol. Understanding Aglianico Wine: Italy's Next Red. Aglianico “alli-yawn-nico” is a full-bodied red wine which is found almost exclusively in Southern Italy in the regions of Campania and Basilicata. Young Aglianico wines are known for strikingly savory flavors of leather, white pepper, black fruits and cured meat that when aged, develop soft dusty aromas of dried figs and sun-tanned leather. Differences Between Chardonnay and Viognier. Chardonnay and Viognier are both full-bodied white wines but they have subtle textural differences and aromatically are quite distinct.

The Secret to Blind Tasting? Know "The Grid" Reality of Wine Prices (What You Get For What You Spend) In Search of the Best Wines from Priorat. Priorat is a small but renowned red winemaking region located just south of Barcelona, Spain. How Wines Age. Chablis Wine Guide. Chablis (“Shah-blee”) is a Chardonnnay making wine region in the northwest corner of Burgundy, France.

Unlike other Chardonnay wines, Chablis rarely uses oak-aging, resulting in a very different style and taste profile. It’s because of Chablis’ renown, that the unoaked Chardonnay style is popular worldwide. Is Expensive Wine Worth It? Red Wines From Lightest to Boldest (Chart) Identify similar tasting red wines based on their intensity from lightest to boldest.

Gewürztraminer Wine Guide. Gewürztraminer pronunciation. Tempranillo: Wine Profile. Tempranillo is a wildly diverse food-pairing wine that is easy to find and has a great flavor for the value. If you’ve never had Tempranillo, or have only tried it in isolated circumstances, this guide will quickly bring you up to speed and reveal a few tips that most people don’t know. Do You Have a 'Common Palate' for Wine? Many scientists believe that our sense of taste could be hard-wired into DNA. Not only has science proven that some of us have higher taste sensitivity, but it has also shown that even differences in our saliva can alter the way we perceive certain tastes, such as bitterness. Updated Wine Aroma Wheel with 100+ Flavors. Easy to Embed Copy/Paste the code. Top Wine Tasting Terms To Know And How to Use Them.

The Art of Blind Tasting. How to Host a Wine Tasting Party. How to Taste Wine (video guide) Ruby Port vs Tawny Port. Live Wine Tasting #1.