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Manga Fox: Read Manga Online for Free!

Manga Fox: Read Manga Online for Free!

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Student Employment You are browsing the text-only version of this page. The text-only version contains the complete content and navigation of this page, without purely cosmetic visual styling. NOTE: Older browsers, or those with poor support for web standards, may not be able to display the graphical version of our website. A list of standards-friendly browsers capable of displaying the graphic version is available.

My bad... still got some twitter and fb jitters... no flaming or harm intended though... :D by larrenemesa Feb 10

Hey guys, could we keep the flamewars off of here please? This is supposed to be a way of sharing information and interests, not debating the morals of free internet sites. by tvtyrant Feb 10

Manga Fox has always been the pain in the ass of scanlation groups... they steal other peoples work and makes money out of them and if it isn't enough insult they downgrade the quality of their work... sure they are great for speed and volume of titles... but their killing the guys that do the work... haha.. they are pirates who pirate pirates... wew... if you want to keep the manga translation coming read at the groups site that is doing the translation or at batoto(the ads that they post are the ads of the groups site and of course the money goes to the guys that did the work) plus they dont add additional compression to the work.. so they got better quality... support scanlation... and more power to all the groups that bring us our manga fix... (especially the company) by larrenemesa Feb 10

this is a good site though since the time of the manga sweep - they lost a lot of manga. :( by jamzkie143 Nov 12

lol, that was me just having a day of being brutally honest. Noez didn't do anything to mangafox, they bought zomganime a long time ago. The site infected most users computers with viruses shortly afterward. by tyranid5 Mar 8

im sorry do you flame my favs with evil intentions? ^^ i dont have a deal with them but it doensnt matter cuz mangafox ist great to read manga and no buts. by sourou Mar 8

you can always download mangas that aren't there or visit someones blog. but out of other manga sites i like mangafox the most :) by kiizuke3 Feb 17

The site owners are absolutely terrible. by tyranid5 Feb 17

My favorite site.. Ive had problems with virus' in the ads before.. But that was solved after using firefox with the Adblock plus and Noscript to block the ads.. No issues since then. And some of their most popular stuff has been taken down ;( Still a large vairety of manga/manwha tho by goghgirl Feb 16

I still miss one manga though; more for the community than anything else. by tvtyrant Feb 16

One of the fastest posting scanlation sites. by lostlove2011 Feb 16

one of the few good Animereading-Portals by sourou Sep 3

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