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Cartoonist - online comic tool - Creaza Creaza Cartoonist Do you have a good idea or a good story you want to get out? Do you have an assignment to create a story based on something you learned at school? When you have chosen a theme or an exercise, you get access to characters, backgrounds, props, as well as your own uploaded images and audio files in the menu on the right. Above the main frame, you will find all available functions for your cartoon. Clipboard Here, you can cut, paste, and copy elements from a frame. Frames Here, you will find functions for the frame.You can give the frame a name or a descriptive text under Properties. Drawing Formatting Here, you can work with the appearance of your text, lines, and bubbles. Expression You can either click on the button for expression or click on the arrow to get an overview of alternative expressions you can choose from.All characters have several moods to choose from. When you work with a frame, you can zoom in and out with the control at the bottom right. Good luck!

9 tools for creating great animations | Animation Creating animations has always been considered as one of the most complex aspects of graphic design that requires specific software and technological expertise. It is a time-intensive activity that requires heavy software and high speed computers. However, over the past few years, the emergence of different online presentation and animation tools have simplified the process of creating animations. Read all our animation-related posts here 01. The EWC Presenter is not just an animation and multimedia presentation tool. You can start off with a blank slide and design it from the scratch or choose from a wide range of templates tailor-made for different industries and users. The EWC Presenter is an HTML5 based application that runs smoothly on all major mobile and desktop platforms, so you don't have to worry about any device compatibility issues for your animations. 02. 03. Combine HD images, sound clips and videos to create stunningly beautiful presentations and animations through Vcasmo.

Create Your Own Comic | Marvel Super Hero Squad | The Official Web Site Stamplay: An Easy, IFTTT-like Way to Create Web apps While growing numbers of children learn to code in school, if not in kindergarten, there’s still a lot of we grown-ups whose skills are rudimentary at best and don’t go much farther than basic HTML editing. Although creating sophisticated software and understanding encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism will most probably remain unreachable for many of us, there are still some easier things that non-developers can do. One of the products that can significantly ease creation of simple web applications is Stamplay, a recent Seedcamp alumni that is working on what the company calls “IFTTT for apps.” Living up to this comparison, the service allows anyone to near-instantly build an application in the cloud using Lego-like modules with all the complicated back-end stuff being taken care of automatically. Working remarkably like IFTTT, Stamplay lets users to first choose the modules they want to work with — for example, “User,” “Email,” and “Form.” ➤ Stamplay - cree ton blog et des bandes dessinees 15+ Ways of Teaching Every Student to Code (Even Without a Computer) According to, 90 percent of parents in the U.S. want their children to learn computer science—it will be crucial for many jobs in the near future—but only 40 percent of schools teach it. Critics claim that it is mainly the more affluent schools that offer computer science courses, thus denying those who attend poorer schools the chance to learn necessary skills. A focus on STEM is not enough: also reports that while 70 percent of new STEM jobs are in computing, only 7 percent of STEM graduates are in computer science. It is imperative that savvy schools begin to focus some STEM resources on computer science and programming. In my opinion, parents of every student in every school at every level should demand that all students be taught how to code. They need this skill not because they’ll all go into it as a career—that isn’t realistic—but because it impacts every career in the 21st-century world. Teaching Coding to the Youngest Students Teaching Coding to Kids 8 and Up

MashON - Personalize, Merchandize & Socialize your brand. - Free Online Video Editor Comiker, the comic maker - Newest Little Bird Tales - Home Comic Tools Foreword I like using comics in education. I use comic creation tools in a wide range of classes and year groups. As a learning tool and medium comics appeal to all but in particular the visual and kinesthetic learner. Comic creator This is a comic creation tool hosted on the Read, Write & think website - a useful and simple tool for students to create their own comics Comiker A free site allows you to craete a comic with out registration. Pixton This is a good online comic development tool. Makebeliefscomix This is a great and easy to use flash based resource. Kerpoof Gnomz Not brilliant and a little daunting to start as its in french, but toggle the language switch and you are away ToonDoo They explain it all below.... BitStrip Chogger beta Creaza

Present.Me web 2.0 tool