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CIRUELO / Gallery. VLADIMIR KUSH - Surrealist Art (Russia) Looking at these surrealist paintings, you get the impression that Vladimir Kush of Russia must have been highly influenced by artist Salvador Dalí.

VLADIMIR KUSH - Surrealist Art (Russia)

Vladimir states, "Art school was a world of a new inspiration. The class I attended allowed total artistic freedom. I learned much about the famous Renaissance painters, impressionists, post-impressionists, and contemporary artists. DONATO GIANCOLA - Realist Painter. Meats's deviantART gallery. Yu Cheng Hong. Sakimichan's deviantART gallery.

MARTA DAHLIG / deviantART. ANNE STOKES / Collection. CGPortfolio - Soa Lee. ADRIAN SMITH. Matte Painter & concept artist online Portfolio. MICHAEL C. HAYES / Art. Jean-Baptiste Monge - Illustrateur. KARL BANG - Visionary Art. Karl Bang Karl Bang's collection of art masterpieces could easily be called Goddess Central.

KARL BANG - Visionary Art

Karl was born as Bong Ka in Shanghai in 1935. He was formally trained by the master artists of Chinese painting and he also formally trained in the European painting tradition in France and Belgium. These multiple styles led to Karl Bang's multi-cultural blending of the traditional Chinese artistic discipline with the more personally expressive European style, and later also included traditions from around the entire globe. This cross-cultural fusion of styles has earned him the title of "Master of Contemporary Eclecticism". Psyche's Dream - Josephine Wall. Arthur Rackham. ANDREW FEREZ - illustrateur. Mélanie Delon. LUIS ROYO / Official Website. JULIE BELL & BORIS VALLEJO.