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FM School Database Design

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Downloads for Mac OS X. Moodle packages for OS X These packages contain Moodle plus all the other software needed to make it run: Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Interested in seeing this Moodle package but worried about running on my Mac. Need to show it to Lee and see what he says. – dwryu72

The downloads were built by Ralf Krause using the distributions of XAMPP and MAMP.

Downloads for Mac OS X

It is almost trivial to install with a nice little control application. Also, they include a special git update script, so it's very easy to update your Moodle without needing to download the whole package again and without reinstalling all your courses. XAMPP and MAMP work with Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9. Moodle4Mac is designed for developing and testing locally on an Apple computer. If you're looking for a Mac Server installation then you should read the step by step installation on a Mac OS X Server. Moodle4Mac and XAMPP - More information for XAMPP could be found on the web site of Apache Friends. Mac OS X Moodle Distribution. Education Software / School Management Software.

Open source projects list. Might be useful if i had more programming knowledge. I could download programs and try them out. – dwryu72

About school management system ??

The only interesting thing is db programming code for php. Might be interesting for Lee – dwryu72

Web applications - Help on designing a database for a school management system.

Part of an overall forum thread. not much info that i haven't seen already. will delete soon. – dwryu72

The advantages of MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin Student module. MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin Student Module helps Schools to manage all the details associated with the student such has student admission details, student's academic details such as Attendance, Marks Grades, Fee's Details etc., It provides unified view of Students Academic and Financial information to the Class Teacher or the Principal to have clear understanding of the students progress in a given academic year.

Helpful for seeing another db design to think about how to layout and present info in our db – dwryu72

Student Module helps Class Teacher, Principal to have a students progress or improvement discussion with the parent without involving too many people.

The advantages of MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin Student module

He/She will be equipped with all the details about the student in a single windows for them to have a effective discussion with Parents.Transfer Certificate (TC) can be issued from the student module. Database Management System - Classroom.

General overall directions on how to design a db solution. Best parts for me had to do with review of entity, attribute. – dwryu72

Project Report.doc.

Creation of an attendance database system. Useful info: some layouts they used. And overall how they conceptualized taking attendance. – dwryu72


Describes the overall structure of an Albania HS School Managment System. The diagrams are helpful to see how they decided to connect info as well as how they created hierarchies. Trouble - how to not get bogged down in the exceptional cases?? – dwryu72

School management system.

PDF paper on creating a time table database for a school in Ethiopia – dwryu72

Designing database for simple school management system. Your current design is extremely simplistic.

Forum asking for help designing a database. Query begins to simplistically: Teacher, student, course. Response adds info to take into account: Semester, Class times, students repeating, courses dependent on previous courses, etc. Good things to think about but little help in actual design of ER. – dwryu72

If this is a simple academic exercise and you don't really need to handle the real-life complications, you should state so.

designing database for simple school management system

In expend on Brian's comments, I will point out that you have forgotten a critical element to your design. Namely - time ... and in 2 dimensions. A course is scheduled to be taught for a specific calendar period. School Management System Data Model.

An ER Type diagram. This seems to have the separation of tables that Lee suggested, but I'm not sure if FM works the same way. – dwryu72

School Management System Software. School RecordKeeper Database Software Overview. School RecordKeeper Quicktime Training Videos. CJM Software.