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Marketing Your Fiction Book

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5 Keys to Promoting Your Book With a Blog By Julie Isaac. I t’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for another guest author who is excited to share her knowledge and expertise with you.

5 Keys to Promoting Your Book With a Blog By Julie Isaac

Today, Julie Isaac will spend some time with us talking about how to use a blog to promote your book. Before you read Julie’s post, make sure you sign up for my free video tips newsletter. You get how-to videos created to help you with some of the more technical aspects of marketing your book on the Internet. Also, make sure you check out my newest marketing training product, Conducting Effective Twitter Contests. Internet Marketing Blog.

14 fantastic things we found on the internet this week This round-up covers a whole two weeks’ worth of brilliant entertainments, distractions and hijinks that we found on the internet.

Internet Marketing Blog

Yes the round-up took the extended Easter weekend off. It gorged itself on roasted meats, truffle chocolates and port before swearing at its family and waddling off back home to watch the entire first series of Hannibal in bed. Promoting Your Book Online. Julien Smith and I are hard at work writing our first book, Trust Agents, about how the social web helps turn relationships into serious business (or some such).

Promoting Your Book Online

We’re still several months off from that book seeing the light of day, but we’re already thinking about how to promote the book. Seth Godin just launched Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, and as part of the mad rush, he set up some bloggers with free copies to give away. He also put out an audiobook version on iTunes for .99 cents (I bought it). He built a social community ahead of the release of the book. Promoting Your Writing. Writing a Book – Marketing And Promotion. Earlier posts in this series:Writing a Book – Finding TimeWriting a Book – DisciplineWriting a Book – Structure Writing a book doesn’t stop when you’ve handed in the last of your edits.

Writing a Book – Marketing And Promotion

Oddly, most authors think that it’s the role of the publisher to market their book, but this is fairly far from the truth. Can We Create The Future Of Indie Marketing & Distribution—Or Is It Already Dead? > Hope for Film. We speak of the need to utilize PMDs (aka Producers of Marketing & Distribution) on Indie/TFF movies these days, but how do these people get trained (not to mention, paid for)?

Can We Create The Future Of Indie Marketing & Distribution—Or Is It Already Dead? > Hope for Film

Where do they learn their skill sets? Two or three years into this DIY Indie Movement of sorts, can you name more than three or four people (at best) who do this? Isn't this the missing piece? How come we all aren't doing more to train these folks? Two or so years ago, Jon Reiss and I developed a pretty extensive proposal for a Marketing/Distribution Lab.

On the agency level, I hear the problem amplified. 17 Digital Marketing Experts Share Their Top Tips, Tricks, and Tools. With the breadth and depth of social media services out there, it’s no wonder that we often find ourselves lost in the vast array of services.

17 Digital Marketing Experts Share Their Top Tips, Tricks, and Tools

Further, those who are seasoned may seem at a loss in the apparent “simplicity” of it all. I took the opportunity to contact some of my esteemed friends and colleagues who are experts in their field and asked for their advice on their favorite little known social media secret and social media tools, including their own if they had them. Here’s what they told me: Shannon Paul.

The Smartest Strategy For Selling Your Ebook - A Product Launch. 10 Ways to Market Your Book. The list below briefly describes 10 effective ways to promote - and sell more of - your books.

10 Ways to Market Your Book

You'll find that these are not one-time activities, but instead require regular engagement and effort. Because of this, it's important to not expect immediate results, since long-term success is the result of creative and persistent promotion. 1. Social Networking A social network facilitates regular communication between individuals who are connected by friendship or common interest.

There are also networks designed to connect business professionals such as LinkedIn, Plaxo, Ryze, and most recently, BranchOut (a Facebook/LinkedIn hybrid). 2. Networking is an organized method of creating links from the people you know to the people they know, allowing you to gain and use an ever-expanding base of contacts. Your author biography may give you ideas of people to contact based on your networks, achievements, and interests. 3.

Doing business in today's internet society requires a website. 4. 5. 6. 10 Tips for Building an Engaged Facebook Community. While Facebook is a great platform for connecting with your audience and potential consumers, the social media site is not going to do the job of engaging them for you.

10 Tips for Building an Engaged Facebook Community

The audience is definitely there, but even if you have developed a Facebook dream team, actually engaging with it is a nonstop process that demands continuous testing, listening and tweaking. What you shouldn't do is drown your community in a sea of posts and content. Inundating your "likes" with a barrage of status updates and content doesn't mean they're going to jump into the conversation by default. In fact, it might alienate them. With that in mind, Monte Lutz, SVP/group head for Edelman Digital, provides 10 tips for building an engaged community on Facebook.

Tip 1: Don’t talk about yourself. Tip 2: Be honest and respectful. Tip 3: Always be asking. Basics of Book Marketing. What lies behind the fantastic success of some of the most high-profile independent authors?

Basics of Book Marketing

You know, the people like J.A. Konrath and Amanda Hocking, who we read about on the blogs and news sites? The answer is marketing. That is, communicating the message about their books to a wide audience, in many channels, and over a period of time. Sure, these authors have a lot of other things going for them, but you can't discount all the time and effort they put into spreading the word, growing their brands, and converting readers into raving fans. If that's what you want to do, too, it's time to get up to speed on the basics of book marketing. Generally speaking, there are two ways to approach independent publishing: You write the book, perhaps spending years doing it. Best Book Marketing Tools for Authors.