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Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Sugar: The Bitter Truth


Artificial Sweeteners Confound the Brain; May Lead to Diet Disaster Splenda is not satisfying—at least according to the brain. A new study found that even when the palate cannot distinguish between the artificial sweetener and sugar, our brain knows the difference. At the University of California, San Diego, 12 women underwent functional MRI while sipping water sweetened with either real sugar (sucrose) or Splenda (sucralose). Sweeteners, real or artificial, bind to and stimulate receptors on the taste buds, which then signal the brain via the cranial nerve. Herbal Medicine from Your Garden or Windowsill The teasel, Dipsacus fullonum, is also known as fuller's teasel or Venuscup teasle. It's not a plant one would normally associate with herbal medicine, but is surprisingly useful. It is not related to thoroughwort (also sometimes called teasel). Normally, you would expect to see teasel used as an ornamental and everlasting.

Fake sweeteners may mess with the way our bodies metabolize sugar Diet sodas and those packets of artificial sweetener you put in your coffee may not be as benign as we thought, a new study suggests. High doses of artificial sweeteners like saccharin, sucralose and aspartame can change the population of healthy gut bacteria in mice and in some humans. And those changes can affect how well their bodies metabolize sugar, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature. "We are by no means prepared to make recommendations about the use and dose of sweeteners, but these results should prompt additional study and debate on the massive use of artificial sweeteners," said Eran Segal a computational biologist at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel and a senior author of the paper. Artificial sweeteners are not digested by the human body, which is why they have no calories. However, they still must pass through our gastrointestinal tract, where they encounter the vast ecosystem of bacteria that thrive in our guts.

12 Herbs to Curb Heart Palpitations - NaturalON Photo credit: Although some people experience rapid heartbeats, missed heartbeats, and even irregular heartbeats, these are not signs of true heart trouble, but rather a symptom from another underlying problem such as hormone fluctuations, certain prescription drugs, anxiety or panic attacks, excessive caffeine consumption, menopause, or even an overactive thyroid gland. If you are experiencing irregular heartbeats, be certain that you check with your doctor or cardiologist first to be sure that you do not have heart disease or any other type of heart issue. Once your doctor has given you the OK, check out this list of the top 12 herbs that are known to help calm those heart palpitations that are caused by things other than heart disease or heart malfunctions. 1. Lavender

Controlling Type 2 Diabetes Without Medication A diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes can feel like a prescription for a reduced quality of life. Often medical advice is conflicting and nearly impossible to follow. The amount of medications prescribed can seem to increase monthly as seemingly inevitable complications such as high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure set in. Future - The air that makes you fat Take a deep breath, and exhale. Depending on where you live, that life-giving lungful of air might just be pushing you towards diabetes and obesity. Two people can eat the same foods, and do the same exercise, but one may put on more weight thanks to the air around their home Top 7 Surprising Reasons Why Coriander was so Popular in All Ancient and Modern Civilizations - Tiptop Home Remedies Mostly people use coriander for cooking, but also many of them don’t know other ways how to use it for improving their health. When it comes to the health benefits of coriander (also known as cilantro), it also includes various treatments for high cholesterol levels, inflammation of the skin and other disorders, anemia, menstrual cycle disorders, smallpox, blood sugar disorders, as well as certain benefits in eye care. This herb is full of Magnesium, Vitamins B, A and C and also Iron. Also very important essential oils are present in it. Almost all parts of this plant are used, the seeds, leaves, stems, essential oil, and roots, they can help with some digestive problems, coughs, bronchitis, also joint pain and rheumatism. 1) Coriander is a great source of powerful antioxidants, so it can fight successfully certain oxidative damage.

Is there way to maintain diabetes without medication? Many people with diabetes are able to control their blood sugar for a period of time without medication by following some proven steps. But the truth is that diabetes is considered a chronic and progressive disease. Meaning that the longer you have it, the more likely it is that your treatment plan may have to change. Eating a healthy diet, staying physically active, maintaining a healthy weight and monitoring your blood sugar levels on a regular basis are some of the things that you can do to help keep your blood sugar in an acceptable target range. Eating healthy means choosing a variety of foods including colorful vegetables and fruits, lean meats, and low-fat dairy and paying special attention to portions sizes, especially of the carbohydrates, which have the biggest effect on blood sugar levels.

Kicking Sugar Is as Tough as Beating a Cocaine Habit Last fall Sacha Harland, a member of the Netherlands-based web video team Lifehunters, decided to record what happened when he gave up alcohol, junk food, and sugar for a month. Four days into the stunt, Harland reported intense cravings for candy and other sugary items—the same symptoms experienced by plenty of folks who have tried to give up sweets. Well, it turns out those cravings aren’t merely the result of people being weak-willed or looking for an excuse to roll through a Krispy Kreme drive-through. According to a pair of studies released late last week by the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation at the University of Queensland, quitting sugar can be as tough for people as giving up another powdery white substance: cocaine. As a result, the Australian researchers believe treating sugar addicts the same way as people hooked on drugs could be the key to getting folks to kick their sweets habit for good. RELATED: Can an App Stop Kids From Eating Their Body Weight in Sugar?

'Miracle Grass' Encourages Longevity While Dispelling Disease By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World More potent than ginseng, jiaogulan is a powerful antidote to aging, cancer, cardiovascular disease, stress and fatigue. It even helps to maintain proper weight. Known as an immortality elixir, this herb has been used for centuries throughout Asia. Jiaogulan is a top notch tonic for modern life too — a true herbal champion for healthy and dynamic living. Gluco-Sure: Natural Blood Sugar Support with Chromium, Agaricus, and Gencinia - NorthStar Nutritionals - Official Site Ace your next blood sugar exam with the secret you'll be dying to brag to your doctor about! If you've been worried, nervous...absolutely dreading your next doctor's appointment, relax. Stress-free blood sugar support is finally here. And you can try it now satisfaction guaranteed.

What happens to your brain when you eat sugar Why your brain really craves sugar. Picture: iStock. YOU MAY want to stop blaming your sweet tooth for all those failed dieting attempts and lolly cravings, because it turns out your brain is simply after a raw calorie hit, and not necessarily of the ‘sweet tasting’ kind. Build Strong Immune System and Kill All Kinds of Bacteria Using Live-Forever Plant - Tiptop Home Remedies Latin name: Sempervivum tectorum The plant which is called Houseleek and also live-forever plant is known amongst some people and cultures in the world, mostly as a cure for ear infections, but its usage is much bigger and diverse. Houseleek Many Uses and Benefits Freshly squeezed juice from this plant is helping in the treatment for stomach ulcer (Peptic ulcer), it calms the inflamed mucous membranes, it helps with headaches, asthma, bone aches, it strengths the organism, it helps with the regulations of the blood pressure, normalizes the heart work and bloodstream. It is also used in a treatment of high temperature and fever, nose bleeds and many other disorders. If you mix the juice with honey, it can be very useful for some wounds inside the mouth and the nipples.

An interesting lecture explaining how we are getting poisoned through our addiction(socially and economically) to fructose. by hapkido690 Jun 7

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