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Campaign for School Gardening

Campaign for School Gardening

Kids only Ice Station Antarctica New recruits wanted for an online expedition to Antarctica. Are you up for the challenge? Dinosaurs Find out how dinosaurs lived, what they ate, and whether they really died out 65 million years ago. Star attractions Check out some of our most amazing exhibits, including the blue whale and this komodo dragon. Make a volcano erupt See how many different types of volcano you can build in this explosive game. Fun spring activity Create a 5-star hotel for bees and watch them in action. I want to be an 'ologist Want to find out how to become a scientist? Fantastic fossils Explore fascinating fossils found around Britain.

The Botanist in the Kitchen | where botany meets the cutting board Home / RHS Gardening woodland garden Interactive Whiteboard Resources: Science, Key Stage 1 & 2- Topmarks Education Our BodiesFlash An excellent lesson on naming the parts of the human body. Ourselves Science ClipsFlash For 5 - 6 year olds, this site looks at differences between living and non-living things, the names of the main body parts of humans and animals and how animals move in different ways. Healthy EatingFlash A series of superb interactive screens which introduce children to healthy eating. Make a Balanced PlateFlash Sort the foods on the plate to see which food groups they belong to. Unmuddle the MealsFlash A drag and drop activity where meals are divided into their ingredients. A Healthy LunchboxFlash Select items for a healthy lunchbox by dragging and dropping the various foods. Farm to Fork ChallengeFlash A game where children see if they know the stages that food goes through from the farm to their plate. Listen and MatchFlash A matching sounds game. Sound and Hearing Science ClipsFlash The Hand Washing ChallengeFlash

FUNGI FOR THE PEOPLE | Mushroom Cultivation Research and Education Magazines for Headteachers | The Head teacher Magazine gardening club