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Vandalized Vandalism

Vandalized Vandalism

The 10 Commandments From a Dog's Perspective 1. My life is likely to last 10 to 15 years; any separation from you will be painful for me. Remember that before you adopt me. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Author Stan Rawlinson1993 Penguin-Whale

Meet the quokka, the happiest animal around Jan 7, 2013 Do you guys know about the quokka? It’s a cat-sized marsupial that lives almost exclusively on the Rottnest Island, a little seven by three mile speck off West Australia. Quokkas look like tiny kangaroos, except a bit rattier and with pleasant facial expressions. Here are nine quokkas just chillin’. (Images via Cute Overload, RedBubble, Panoramio) The 8 happiest dogs on YouTube There are few things in life happier than a happy dog. It doesn't matter if it's because they hear you pull into the driveway after work or if they find something particularly smelly to roll around on in the backyard; if a dog is happy you are going to know about it. You can see them just vibrate with pure unfiltered joy, as if they can't believe that life can be this good. Thanks to the ubiquity of cameras and YouTube, there are scores of videos of supremely happy canines just waiting to be found. To save you a little time, I spent my day wading through the river of adorable and picked out eight of the happiest dogs on YouTube. Enjoy! National Guardsman comes home There is an entire subset of happy dog videos showing happy pups greeting their soldier-owners back from tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Whines and cuddles for Air Force captain home from Afghanistan This is another dog-welcomes-soldier-home video, this time starring Molly the golden retriever. Soldier surprises shepherd

Caught 1-1/2 miles offshore while Fishing! What is that?! Can it be, really!!! It ‘s a DEER!!! Not too much of a struggle? He was very glad to be on board. He was sooo tired and was glad to get into our boat and rest! And yes, we turned him loose when we got back to shore.