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Jheronimus Bosch - the Garden of Earthly Delights

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Free games and Flash games KabeyokeRun between moving walls to save the girl. BOXINGA simple punching-based boxing game.Controlled with the keyboard. DICEWARSDice-based strategy game. How quickly can you conquer your foes? I Turn Paper Into Wedding Dresses Based On Different Nationalities I am an artist and my material is an ordinary paper. Once I was approached by a brand of underwear in order to make image-shooting for wedding clothes. Wedding suit should hide the bride from the groom in almost all the cultures. In some countries it closes not only the body but also the face completely.

Meet the man behind a third of what's on Wikipedia Steven Pruitt has made nearly 3 million edits on Wikipedia and written 35,000 original articles. It's earned him not only accolades but almost legendary status on the internet. The online encyclopedia now boasts more than 5.7 million articles in English and millions more translated into other languages – all written by online volunteers. Pruitt was named one of the most influential people on the internet by Time magazine in part because one-third of all English language articles on Wikipedia have been edited by Steven. An incredible feat, ignited by a fascination with his own history. Pruitt is deeply obsessed with history, and his love of opera inspired his Wikipedia username: Ser Amantio Di Nicolao, his favorite opera character.

untitled The Art Story Movements Artists Timelines Ideas Frontier of Physics: Interactive Map “Ever since the dawn of civilization,” Stephen Hawking wrote in his international bestseller A Brief History of Time, “people have not been content to see events as unconnected and inexplicable. They have craved an understanding of the underlying order in the world.” In the quest for a unified, coherent description of all of nature — a “theory of everything” — physicists have unearthed the taproots linking ever more disparate phenomena. With the law of universal gravitation, Isaac Newton wedded the fall of an apple to the orbits of the planets. Albert Einstein, in his theory of relativity, wove space and time into a single fabric, and showed how apples and planets fall along the fabric’s curves.

Land Art Germany based artist Walter Mason has an affinity for pulling things apart and then putting them back in to place – but in a subtly changed way. Chunks of ice can become upended, forming a chilly henge, elm leaves are stitched together then allowed to float away on the stream. Beech leaves, torn asunder, find a new home on a lily leaf. Yet the result is something quite extraordinary – intriguing but temporary, organic art which is recorded for posterity only on camera. Following very much in the land art tradition, you can see more examples of Mason’s ingenious art at his Flickr photostream and on his tumblr page.

Arts + Culture – Views & Research – The Conversation Founded on Christmas Day 1119 and disbanded in 1307, this religious order has been misunderstood ever since. The latest version of the Gothic vampire chiller is brought to you with the trademark humour of writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. A religion of conspicuous consumption has replaced Christianity at the centre of Christmas – and it’s big business which will be most pleased of all. We have an innate desire to be reminded of darkness and mortality during the festive season. For so many people, Christmas movies are a link with a happy and safe childhood home.

untitled As the global health crisis continues to heighten, we may be all be looking at spending quite a bit of time at home and indoors in the coming days—or maybe longer. With New York City instituting a ban on gatherings of more than 500 people and many offices enacting work-from- home policies, that reality is already here for many in the Metropolitan area. If the idea of not being able to leave the house makes you stir crazy, we’ve put together a selection of artworks to set your mind at ease. Each of these works—some historical, some contemporary—serves as a reminder of the quietly enjoyable ways of passing time of home, such as reading a book, playing board games, and indulging in a midnight snack. Although it may feel isolating, staying in is at least a sure-fire way to keep from getting sick, or passing the illness on to those who are most vulnerable.

Fun Brain Games - Crosswords This is a collection of links to websites offering crosswords for educational quizzes and brain teasers. Educational Quizzes section brings educational crossword puzzles for English learners, while Brain Teasers section is a place for people who enjoy playing with words. Educational Quizzes Crossword Puzzles for ESL students offers over 1,000 activities to help students study English as a Second Language. Culture - The great women artists that history forgot “Why have there been no great women artists?” the feminist art historian Linda Nochlin famously asked in her landmark 1971 essay. The point was of course that there had been, but centuries of misogyny in the art world meant if you looked at museum collections and exhibition programmes you really wouldn’t know it. Things are still far from perfect but a number of recent exhibitions have been giving some truly great artists their long overdue public recognition.

Jean Dubuffet Jean Philippe Arthur Dubuffet (31 July 1901 – 12 May 1985) was a French painter and sculptor. His idealistic approach to aesthetics embraced so called "low art" and eschewed traditional standards of beauty in favor of what he believed to be a more authentic and humanistic approach to image-making. He is perhaps best known for founding the art movement Art Brut, and for the collection of works—Collection de l'art brut—that this movement spawned. Dubuffet enjoyed a prolific art career, both in France and in America, and was featured in many exhibitions throughout his lifetime. Early life[edit] Dubuffet was born in Le Havre to a family of wholesale wine merchants who were part of the wealthy bourgeoisie.[1] His childhood friends included the writers Raymond Queneau and Georges Limbour.[2] He moved to Paris in 1918 to study painting at the Académie Julian,[3] becoming close friends with the artists Juan Gris, André Masson, and Fernand Léger.

untitled The paintings of animals are an integral part of art history. There is even a genre named equine painting, describing portraiture of horses. On our planet, animals are present much longer than humans and it is no wonder that the animal world fascinated artists from the earliest of times. The first cave paintings in Southern France and Spain depicted hunting scenes. The meaning of predators and large animals hunted for food is still the subject of many debates. Charcoal pictures of horses, bison (Altamira) or reindeers (La Pasiega), rhinos and lions (Chauvet) or even mammoths (Rouffignac) were maybe part of shamanistic and similar magic rituals.